Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Are you better off now than 4 years ago?" - Rush Limbaugh IS STILL the GOP/RNC

Now that Rush Limbaugh's CHICK FIL A marching orders are over, the MASTER of the DITTOHEAD PARROTS has them repeating ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW THAN 4 YEARS AGO?

Yesterday on our local rightwing radio channel WILK I heard the phrase from host to host, show to show, local and nationally syndicated: ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW THAN 4 YEARS AGO? I know rightwing radio and Republicans (NOT LIBERTARIANS BTW) well enough to know they are all PARROTS (they even call themselves the derogatory term DITTOHEADS) and their talking points are set in the morning by Rush Limbaugh. How well do I know this? After hearing the phrase all day ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW THAN YOU WERE 4 YEARS AGO?, I figured RUSH LIMBAUGH started that. Just like DEATH PANELS, GROUND ZERO MOSQUE, CHICK FIL A, and all the other PARROT DITTOHEAD phrases that are repeated all day every day on rightwing talk radio and Republicans. Knowing these PARROT DITTOHEADS never had an independent thought, I KNEW if I went to Rush Limbaugh's site, I'd find that he posted ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW THAN 4 YEARS AGO? And sure as shit, here we have it: the latest DEATH PANELS, GROUND ZERO MOSQUE, CHICK FIL A, etc...Rush Limbaugh talking point phrase that the PARROT DITTOHEADS repeat until Rush Limbaugh changes the phrase to something new:

Rush Limbaugh: Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?

Rush Limbaugh's audience is now down to single/divorced white male LOSERS who hate women and have no children American Taliban Come Out With Platform

Exclusive: Limbaugh’s parent company still using actors to fake radio call-ins, exec tells Raw

FAKE black caller to Rush Limbaugh: RUSH, I'M A BLACK GUY, AND I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAY! WE BIN BAMBOOOOZLED BY OBAMA!!! SORRY SIR! (if it's a RADIO SHOW, how do they have a PICTURE of a black guy on this video? who says, "HI, I'M A BLACK GUY"? who titles a video, "angry BLACK caller"?):

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