Sunday, September 16, 2012

Check out all the Pentagon/CIA/Zionist/Israel "terror" BULLSHIT articles in our local "news" papers (PLUS: let's examine the Libya & Muslim "mob" protests beyond what the corporate mainstream media is telling us)

BREAKING......18TH FAKE FBI "TERROR PLOT" FOILED BY THE FBI: they're 18-for18 in foiling "terror plots" they created -

NOTE: when my wife and I were watching this just now, on ABC """news""", we were saying WAIT FOR IT...WAIT FOR IT...WAIT FOR IT...(that they would say the FBI thought of the plot, approached the dupe, supplied the money, supplied the bomb/weapon, etc...)...and SURE AS SHIT.....

Here's my TIME TESTED FAKE TERRORISM PLAYLIST, which EXACTLY addresses the above FBI FAKE TERROR PLOT "foiling"...I'm prepared to expose GOVERNMENT/MEDIA FAKE TERRORISM 24x7: to the regular post which was so rudely interrupted by that breaking news of FAKE TERRORISM by the NETWORK NEWS TERRORISTS and our own FBI TERRORISTS...with, actually, MORE fake terrorism (I just realized my ORIGINAL post was about a bunch of FAKE TERRORISM stories by the REAL TERRORISTS: our "news" and government).......


These stories were in all or some of our 3 local newpapers in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area.

Let's start out with SALMAN RUSHDIE as BULLSHIT story #1: 

 You may or may not know that there has been a BAJILLION dollar bounty on author Salman Rushdie for writing a book denigrating Islam (in the 1980's! mind you!) titled "Satanic Verses". This supposed bounty has been going on for 25 years. Now stop and think a minute: for 25 years Salman Rushdie has been a regular on all the talk shows - Bill Maher, Jay Leno, etc... - , has been at numerous book signings around the world, speaking engagements around the world (and right here in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton btw!), has gone on vacations, etc...etc...and "THE TERRORISTS" just can't seem to get him!!! Right! I believe that! We're supposed to believe that "THE TERRORISTS" on 911 penetrated the most expensive, sophisticated security in the history of the world, crashed into the most secure and guarded building in the history of the world - the Pentagon - etc...etc...BUT THEY JUST CAN'T SEEM TO GET THAT SALMAN RUSHDIE FOR 25 YEARS EVEN THOUGH THEY CAN DO ALL THIS TERROR 24x7!!! Note to "the terrorists": if you wanna get him, buy a ticket to the Bill Maher show! Duh! One thing for sure: the 25 year and counting "bounty" by "the terrorists" (lol) sure has created a MASSIVE amount more book sales for him!!!

Report: Reward for Rushdie’s death boosted in Iran

It's 25 years now, and "THE TERRORISTS" just can't seem to get this guy! Makes you think this whole "War On Terror" is Pentagon/CIA/Israel/Zionist propaganda and 911 was an inside job! Doesn't it? At what point does the Salman Rushdie/bounty story enter the realm of RIDICULOUS??? 30 years? 40? 50? Salamn Rushdie will DIE OF OLD AGE before "THE TERRORISTS" get him! Note to "THE TERRORISTS": Salman Rushdie will probably be at Wilkes University here soon, in case you want to get him. Or having a coffee at Starbucks somewhere. Or he'll be on the Jay Leno Show. Right! I believe all this nonsense!

Bullshit story #2: AL QAIDA CALLS FOR MORE TERROR!!!

Al-Qaida calls for increased attacks

What…no FAKE BIN LADEN TAPE??? OH YEAH! I FORGOT: we shot him in the head while he was watching himself on TV, and "threw him in the sea"..."according to Islamic Law"! And there's video of it, but the government won't show us! Just like the tons of video of what hit the Pentagon on 911 that they won't show us!

Yep! That's it, folks! Just pure 100% bullshit propaganda by the Pentagon/CIA/Israel/Zionists! No names, no sources, no video, no phone call, no proof whatsoever that "Al-Qaida calls for increased attacks"...just merely SAY IT!!! That's what our "news" has come to in the U.S. Pure, unadulterated, grade A, 100%, FACT-FREE BULLSHIT! Just: AL QAIDA IS GONNA GET CHA!!!!!!!! They're not even trying anymore! If I worked for the CIA, I'd make up a name: "MUHAMMED ALI MUHAMMED DELIVERED A TAPE WHERE HE CALLS FOR MORE TERROR"...or something like that. I mean, give a NAME or something! Or say, "MUHAMMED ALI MUHAMMED JABBAR IN A PHONE CALL, CALLED FOR MORE TERROR". I mean, at least TRY to make it NOT look like pure 100% bullshit war propaganda, would ya??? The GREATEST Pentagon bullshit story of all-time, though, has to be - wait for it: IRAQI WOMEN WITH DOWNS SYNDROME SUICIDE BOMBERS!!!!

...and here comes AGENT KRAUTHAMMER of the MOSSAD & Times Leader with bullshit story #3:

Now we have AGENT KRAUTHAMMER's weekly column in the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader. I've said on FaceBook recently, that ISRAEL AGENT KRAUTHAMMER, who also works for FOX "news", cannot write a story without the words "ISRAEL" & "IRAN" in it and a call to bomb Iran. I've been posting his Sunday column on FaceBook pointing this out. AND...SURE AS SHIT: HERE COMES AGENT KRAUTHAMMER's column today -

Obama’s incoherence puts us at risk of war Commentary CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER

OH, you DON'T BELIEVE ME that AGENT KRAUTHAMMER always writes about how "our friend" Israel and U.S. need to bomb Iran???

Here's the two other recent columns by AGENT KRAUTHAMMER:

Aug 26 AGENT KRAUTHAMMER: An imperiled Israel has got to take action Commentary Charles Krauthammer

Sep 2 AGENT KRAUTHAMMER: It’s a fantasy to think that deterrence works COMMENTARY CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER

...and there's MORE by AGENT KRAUTHAMMER, I just went back a month in his columns. He's been doing it for YEARS!!!!!!

ADL (Israel foreign lobby) Honors their AGENT Charles Krauthammer for Contributions to Field of Journalism (and pro-Israel propaganda in the U.S. "news")

FOREIGN leader (the MADMAN Netanyahu) tells U.S. citizens who to vote for??? WTF?

THE ISLAMOPHOBE PROPAGANDA GANG: All of these anti-Muslim Islamophobe stories are designed to riff off of the "MOBS" protesting the U.S. government murdering them daily with DRONES. The Norweigan mass murderer actually CITED Pam Geller & the gang as an inspiration!!!

Above: The Ground Zero Mosque/Chick Fil A/Islamophobe Gang featuring Pam Geller sans Daniel Pipes. If Islamophobe Andrew Breitbart didn't CROAK, he'd be in the picture.

The Ground Zero Mosque "usual suspects" are behind the Islamophobia surrounding the Arab/Muslim "protests" against a possibly non-existent anti-Muslim "film": Pam Geller, Daniel Pipies, FRANK GAFFNEY, Zionist U.S. mainstream media, the RIGHTWING radio shows Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage, etc...rightwing neo-cons (Karl Rove, etc...), only the stakes are higher this time: to get Mitt Romney "elected". The dust is settling and the truth is slowly coming out. They play the U.S. media LIKE A FIDDLE!!! I have an idea: let's get the RIGHTWING CHICK FIL A "MOB" to protest the ANTI-U.S. MUSLIM "MOBS"!!! BATTLE OF THE "MOBS"!!

 Who is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula? Enigmatic Egyptian-American fraudster fingered as main producer behind anti-Islam video is currently on probation.

Strange details about ‘Innocence of Muslims’ filmmaker emerge as more questions arise

Media for Christ, Led By Anti-Muslim Agitator Joseph Nasralla, Produced Incendiary Film

Libya: ‘You reap what you sow’

Embassy Killings in Libya, the Stench of CIA/Mossad “False Flag” (Updated)

The Christian Science Monitor is reporting that aside from the 14 minute clip shown on YouTube, this anti-Islam movie does not appear to actually exist.

Massive Censorship As Media Pushes False Narrative On Mid East Riots

Neocon False Flag in North Africa - Part of Election Strategy

U.S. and Israeli Right Wing Factions Are Using Middle East Chaos To Bring Down Obama

Anti-Islam movie work of CIA Mormons, Zionists: Analyst

Tarpley - an even NEWER/BETTER/LONGER video of what's going on:

Tarpley again: trail of embassy murders in Libya leads to the NEO-CONS -

Foreign Cash Disqualifies Romney from Presidential Bid

Mind Control and the “Left – Right” Paradigm: No Difference? Carry a Scorpion in Your Pocket in Place of Car Keys

Rogue Army Propaganda Mob Bans Veterans Today

Exclusive: Adelson's Pro-Romney Donations Will Be 'Limitless,' Could Top $100M

Romney backer Adelson 'unfortunately' served in the American military

Here's an interesting important story NOT in the "news" (this should go viral): did you ever notice how "the elites, especially Republicans, are connected to child sex rings? Look up the Reagan/Bush White House "THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL", think Penn St/Sandusky/Paterno, too:

Prescott Bush had big secrets

Obama Appeals NDAA, Indefinite Detention Ban. Media Ignores it.

Gerald Celente: Criminal Banksters Launching New World War, the ANTI-HUMAN RACE GANG


WILK (FOX "news" Jr) is one big, huge REPUBLICAN CIRCLE JERK with: Sue Henry, "webster", LA Tarone, Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage, Mike Smerconish, Joe Thomas, & Rusty Fender!!! You WILL BE CUT OFF or BANNED, if you call and don't tow the ESTABLISHMENT GOP LINE!!! Liberals, Democrats, & Libertarians NOT WELCOME!!!

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