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Democrats Hate Israel & God (AGENT Rush Limbaugh says) + Are electronic voting machines in U.S. elections rigged by Israel?

Democrats, Republicans, media figures put on a display for their MASTERS - not US - ISRAEL!!! Why would Rush Limbaugh say the Democrats hate Israel, if HE, the Democrats, AND the Republicans didn't think it's a death knell to be perceived as not being 100% under control of Israel? If we WEREN'T under control of Israel, the answer to Rush's accusation would be: "SO???" But it's SACRILEGIOUS to not be 100% behind ONE - AND ONLY ONE - other country: ISRAEL. It borders on a RELIGION to not question Israel and it definitely trumps being nationalistic to our OWN country. A U.S. politician can say they hate China, Russia, Iran - ANY OTHER COUNTRY - except Israel. They can question our OWN country, but not Israel. Anyone from EITHER party who questions Israel will be drummed out of politics, and that goes for anyone in the mainstream media, too. Israeli AGENT LIMBAUGH should've just said:  DEMOCRATS ARE ANTI-SEMITES, for his masters.

Yep: Democrats hate Israel & God, that's what AGENT Rush Limbaugh's latest "promo" for his show is today. You know, those short, minute-long promos early in the morning on rightwing radio channels that syndicate Rush Limbaugh. The promos that there's no record of, other than you hearing them on the radio. They're not archived or recorded anywhere, just like the propaganda "RADIO NEWS BRIEFS" you hear while you're driving somewhere in your car, telling you to BE AFRAID of "the terrorists" that are everywhere. Wouldn't you love to find an archive of those propaganda Radio News Briefs somewhere? They're the propaganda talking points of the day, of which there is no record of them except you hearing them...much like Rush Limbaugh's daily early morning promos of his show.

Today, Rush Limbaugh said in his propaganda promo: THE DEMOCRATS BOO'D ISRAEL & GOD. That's paraphrased, because there is no record of his promos, you just have to remember it when you hear it.

I was going to vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party or Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party...frankly ANYONE but Democrats or Republicans anymore. But if the Democrats hate Israel & God, well I just might vote DEMOCRAT! Thanks Rush!

The way both Democratic and Republican politicians have a 24x7/365 days a year contest to see who can kiss the foreign country of Israel's ass the most and the best, I'm convinced that members of both parties are being BLACKMAILED and/or PAID OFF by Israel. What other reason would there be for them to act so TREASONOUS towards their own American constituents and act like they work for Israel? Do they not know that we can plainly see this? Are they that far removed from reality or just that scared from BLACKMAIL or so well paid-off by Israel that they just don't give a shit?

I am of the opinion that THE UNITED STATES IS CONTROLLED BY ISRAEL VIA ISRAEL BLACKMAILING AND PAYING OF BOTH THE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS AND ALSO RIGGING ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES AND A FALSE REALITY IS BEING PUSHED BY THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA THAT THEY ALSO CONTROL AND THE "BLAME THE MUSLIMS", ISRAEL'S ENEMIES, IS ALSO BEING PUSHED BY THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA THEY CONTROL."BLAME THE MUSLIMS" IS GENIUS, TO DISTRACT FROM "BLAME THE ISRAELI ZIONISTS", WHICH IS REALITY. Look at the story below in this post about California making it ILLEGAL TO CRITICIZE ISRAEL!!! Do you think the California legislature, BOTH PARTIES, are being BLACKMAILED AND PAID OFF by Israel? Why on earth would U.S.OFFICIALS make such a law? Look at the post below "Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11: Are Members of the U.S. Govt Being Blackmailed by Israel and Others via Wiretaps?" is THAT how they're blackmailing our government? Does Israel know our nuclear launch codes? Is that how? We KNOW they spy on us, they spy on us THE MOST of any other country! Google "ISRAELI SPYING IN THE U.S.". The TRICKS they use to smear anyone who points this out are, they call you one or multiple of these things: ANTI-SEMITE, HOLOCAUST DENIER, CONSPIRACY THEORIST, WHITE SUPREMACIST, NAZI, HITLER LOVER...among other smears. Yes, there ARE people like that, they DO exist. That's why the trick of calling anyone who questions Israel one of the smears WORKS!!! Why do you think it works!!! Another trick is to label anyone who questions the "official" (lol) 911 story an "ANTI-SEMITE". I have posted things about 911 and people have said to me "THAT'S ANTI-SEMETIC". WHAT??? Actually, that tells me ISRAEL DID HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH 911!!!

At the DNC (Democratic National Convention), former Ohio governor Strickland brought up to the Democratic delegates a proposal to recognize Jerusalem (WHY???) as the UNDIVIDED CAPITAL OF ISRAEL, here's what happened (video below): the HEROIC DEMOCRATIC DELEGATES SHOUTED IT DOWN, but like the RNC RIGGED ELECTIONS, the "judge" said the "AYES HAVE IT" (they CLEARLY didn't, see what happens when PEOPLE are involved in an actual vote? and see what happens when THE BOSSES RAM SOMETHING DOWN THEIR THROATS?):

(Israel Firsters, and Zionists muscle through amendment for Jerusalem as Israel's Capital at Democrats Convention. This is absolutely amazing. This shows that we do not live under a democracy. The grip that the Zionists, and the Israel Firsters have on American foreign policy is Fascism at its finest. Shame on the dems, and shame on America for being subservient to the rogue apartheid state of Israel. - reality zone)

As DNC Pushes Through Jerusalem Vote, Critics Ask Why GOP is Dictating the Democrats’ Platform



Remember the RIGGED RNC votes? Not only were they RIGGED, but the Republicans were BRAZEN enough to put the RIGGED OUTCOME ON THE TELEPROMPTER AHEAD OF TIME:

So BOTH conventions had RIGGED ELECTIONS!!! Neither party answers to the American people. All elections are rigged by both parties on ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES. Why do you think NEITHER PARTY says anything about how we all know electronic voting machines are rigged? Because they are the ones rigging them! That is why 3rd parties never win!

I have a big question: IS ISRAEL RIGGING THE ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES??? I think I'm the first person who ever posed that question! That famous Clint Curtis video above proves e-vote machines are being rigged. BUT WHO'S RIGGING THEM??? Israel? A foreign country? That would explain why BOTH PARTIES act the way they do: against the interests of the American people!

...and here comes AGENT SCHUMER:

Schumer Says Obama Must Address Israel in Convention

NYPD Opens Branch in Israel

Here's ANOTHER TRICK used against any politician who points out how our government is controlled by Zionists & Israel: they label them in the Zionist media a "WHITE SUPREMACIST". Did you ever notice this? And keep in mind I consider myself a LIBERAL, not some rightwing militia extremist, and I can plainly see this:


Israel influence on the STATE LEVEL, too:

California State Assembly Seeks to Stifle Debate on Israel


Other off-the-charts Israeli influence over the U.S. government stories:

Gwenyth Todd: Neocons plotted US war on Iran; Richard Clarke a 9/11 person of interest _on The Kevin Barrett Show

NOAM CHOMSKY: The US and Israel, Not Iran, Threaten Peace

After Dempsey Warning, Israel May Curb War Threat

Planned war on Iran and the General who said No! Did the Israeli Mossad try and assassinate him and "blame the Muslims"???

Breaking: Afghanistan – America’s “Total Lie War”

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11: Are Members of the U.S. Govt Being Blackmailed by Israel and Others via Wiretaps?


Jane's Addiction

Jewish American newspaper publisher suggests Israel assassinate Barack Obama

America Has A King: KING BIBI

OH LOOK! The 2012 letter to President Obama urging an attack on Syria is exactly like the 1998 PNAC letter to President Clinton urging him to attack Iraq!!!

U.S. and Israel Governments: Insatiable Bloodthirty Psychopath 1% Murderers want Syria & Iran next (and Yemen)

The "ANTI-SEMITE" trick used by Israel against U.S. citizens:

Sleeping With the Devil: How U.S. and Saudi Backing of Al Qaeda Led to 9/11

FALSE FLAG: Israel and U.S. officials did 911 and "blamed the Muslims" -

Most Americans confuse zionism and Judaism.

Judaism has the same 99%-1% problem as all others have: 99% of Jewish people do NOT want continuous wars, apartheid of the Palestinians, etc... It is the ZIONISTS 1% who do. The ZIONISTS purposely say that anyone who criticizes THEM...hates ALL Jews, and it's not true, that's ANOTHER TRICK:


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