Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let's Pack Up Zionist AGENTS Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage, & Pam Geller and send them permanently to the country they're loyal to: ISRAEL!!! (update: AGENT SAVAGE *GONE*!!!)

Above: traitors to a foreign country; don't care if our soldiers get killed or get their legs blown off for Israel. They all look evil, as well as BEING evil. Pam Geller actually looks like a WITCH, doesn't she? wtf? Is that picture doctored? NO! She actually LOOKS like an evil witch! A bitter, evil, hateful hag witch. She probably flew away on a broom from that book signing. Funny there's not a bounty on her by "the moozlums" for writing anti-Islam books, starting The Ground Zero Mosque protest, and now putting anti-Muslim ads up all over the New York City subways and buses. Don't you find that odd there's no bounty on her by "the moozlums"? Or AGENT Savage? Maybe they're "making it up", all these "bounties"?


(UPDATE: Well, one down and two to go: I wrote this post Sep 26. Sep 28 Mike Savage without warning left the airwaves. Good! Not sure if they sent him back to Israel, though! Did I NAIL this one, or what? I hope this is part of cleaning up hatemongering brainwashing TRASH on the airwaves. I'm GLAD he's banned from travelling to England. Good! I wish he was banned from the U.S., too. England has the right idea. GET LOST, SAVAGE! GO AWAY! They should have an island to put all these FREAKS like Limbaugh/Savage/Geller on, maybe call it DEVIL'S ISLAND because they are surely satanic, and they can yell and scream at each other all day long away from the rest of society. Or maybe call it The Island Of Misfit Radio Show Hosts. END UPDATE)

I have the greatest idea in the world...or at least the U.S.: since Mossad AGENTS Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage, & Pam Geller just can't stop pushing for more war for Israel with their constant pro-Israel/anti-Muslim ranting, let's pack them all up and send them these traitors to the country where their REAL allegiance lies: ISRAEL!!! Because of the internet, people are bypassing the U.S. & western mainstream media and can clearly see what's really going on. This would never be pointed out by ANBCBSNNX, the NYTimes, Washington Post, etc...

Special Note: isn't it IRONIC how our local WILK is dedicating their local shows to the 4 local teens who committed suicide and are talking about curbing BULLYING...but yet field a lineup of BULLIES and CALLERS who 24x7 BULLY: MUSLIMS, GAYS, PEOPLE ON FOOD STAMPS, PEOPLE ON WELFARE, PEOPLE ON SOCIAL SECURITY, PEOPLE ON UNEMPLOYMENT! Right after their local hosts happen to be doing a good job on local bullying, you can hear Rush Limbaugh say Sandra Fluke is a SLUT or play BARACK the "MAGIC NEGRO" or say LIBERALS LOVE TERRORISTS AND HATE AMERICA.

We Play "Barack the 'Magic Negro'" in Honor of Ann Coulter's New Book

Or listen to Jewish Zionist AGENT MIKE SAVAGE say:


How many children must die?

btw...why does no one talk about this: Romney's BAIN CAPITAL owns CLEAR CHANNEL's stable of rightwing radio personalities and they all happen to be PIMPING ROMNEY:

Mitt Romney's Secret Weapon: Clear Channel Radio

From Veteran's Today...note the sentence:
"Of course, one of the most dangerous of all Sayanim agents is Governor Mitt Romney, nominated by the Republican Party for President. Some believe that his Bain Capital group was and is an Israeli front. Meanwhile, Bain’s media branch, Clear Channel Communications, from where Zio-fanatics like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Michael Savage spout their venomous warmongering, pro-Israeli propaganda, is nothing less than a Zionist Fifth Column spy front. How many Americans know that these popular neo-con media personalities are actually well-paid Zionist puppets and mouthpieces?"
Israel’s Netanyahu and the Jewish Neocons in America Vow Revenge

AGENT Pam Geller's Zionist anti-Muslim group places anti-Muslim posters around NYC:

In 2008, Geller co-wrote an editorial for Arutz Sheva expressing her distaste for fellow Jews who are not politically conservative:
"It galls me that the Jews I fight for are self-destructive, suicidal even. Here in America (and the world over), Israel's real friends are in the Republican Party and yet over 80% of American Jews are Democrats. I don't get it. The conventional wisdom on the Left is that Israel is an oppressor and her actions are worse than the world's most depraved and dangerous regimes. Chomsky, Finkelstein, Soros – these men are the killers.[26]"

Wikipedia: Pam Geller

The ‘Pro-Israel’ Network Behind the Innocence Video

The Zionist-NeoCon Press Is Provoking The Muslim Masses Against America And The West

Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu Used In Conservative Attack Ad Against Obama

US-Made Anti-Islam Film, Zionist False Flag Operation: Analyst

Zionists & Neo-Cons Manipulating U.S. & Western Media (WILK is part of this) To Provoke Muslim World For Benefit Of Romney & Israel & WWIII; Are You Still Falling For The "Anti-Semite" and "Conspiracy Theory" TRICKS?

Still don't think RIGHTWING hosts aren't blatantly pro-Israel/anti-Muslim? Here's two videos of AGENT Glenn Beck: the first video is about Glenn Beck's huge pro-Israel rally in Israel, the second one Beck says to America's first Mulsim congressman Keith Ellison "PROVE TO ME YOU'RE NOT WORKING FOR THE ENEMY" -

Palestinians Displaced by Israeli Demolitions at 18 Per Week in 2012: In 2012, Israel has demolished 465 Palestinian buildings or homes and displaced 676 Palestinians

Israel lobbyist ADMITS we need a FALSE FLAG to go to war with Iran:


Not allowed on Zionist U.S. TV: Ahmadinejad receives award from REAL JEWS -

“Wiped Off The Map” – The Rumor of the Century

Israel Walks Out, While U.S. Stays to Listen to Iran's Ahmadinejad

Zionist NYPost goes to bat for Israel:

Zionist NEWSWEEK Magazine covers going to bat for Israel.

What Do These Beautiful People Have In Common?

Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken …MUST SEE PICTURES!!!!!!!

Romney's biggest donor Sheldon Adelson WISHES HE WORE AN ISRAELI UNIFORM instead of an American uniform in the military:

Real Jews calling for the dismantling of Teorrist state of israel

Norm Finkelstein: Jewish Americans are falling out of love with Israel; Israel is a "LUNATIC STATE" -


The U.S. Treasury Department has begun an investigation into nearly two dozen prominent former government officials who have been paid tens of thousands of dollars to promote the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), an Iranian dissident cult group that has been designated by the State Department as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) since 1997.

These officials include several prominent George W. Bush Administration anti-terror officials like Homeland Security secretary Tom Ridge, Homeland Security advisor Frances Fragos Townsend, Attorney General Michael Mukasey, UN ambassador John Bolton; as well as former Republican Mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani; former Democratic governors Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania and Howard Dean of Vermont; ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh; and retired chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Hugh Shelton. These former officials have given speeches at home and abroad urging the State Department to remove the MEK from the FTO list.

Guest Op-Ed: MEK and its material supporters in Washington. Why are so many prominent Washington officials supporting a designated Terrorist group? BY GLENN GREENWALD

Shocker: President Obama Tells The Truth About Israel's Anti-Iran Propaganda On 60 Minutes

U.S. Government Embraces the Same Iranian Terrorist Group that Bush Cited When He Alleged that Saddam Was Sponsoring “International Terrorism”


Zionist Fake Terror Bullshit Alert: "NAZI'S"/"WHITE SUPREMACISTS" HAVING ROCK CONCERT IN BOISE, IOWA...brought to you by none other than Zionist RITA KATZ/ISRAELI CONNECTED "S.I.T.E" """"terrorists monitoring group""""...financed by YOUR tax dollars. SITE brought us MANY fake "terror" news stories, in fact the MAKE IT UP!!! Look closely at this story, it was on the biggest propaganda of them all, too: THE RADIO NEWS BRIEFS:

Boise Police on Alert Over Neo-Nazi Music Festival

Look at this sentence in the story:

The skinhead group is rooted in Texas and has branches in Australia and Canada, according to the SITE Monitoring Service (ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!), a private intelligence firm (PRIVATE INTELLIGENCE FIRM!!!) that searches the Internet for extremist activity (so a PRIVATE firm CONNECTED TO ISRAEL drives the U.S. NEWS & U.S. GOVERNMENT ACTION???). The gunman who killed six worshippers at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin last month described himself as a member.

Of course, I have covered Rita Katz/SITE many times on this blog:

Queen of the FAKE Bin Laden videos Rita Katz/SITE is the "source" for a supposed Al Qaeda hostage usual....Nobody verifies her claims. Rita Katz/SITE says "Al Qaeda" did it, it hits the "news".

SITE and Rita Katz: we make news! Literally.

The M.O. of these "news" stories, the radio news briefs, SITE, etc..., groups like that, is to put these words constantly in front of us 24x7: AL QAEDA, TERROR, MUSLIMS, WHITE SUPREMACISTS, NAZI'S, NEO-NAZI'S, HOMEGROWN TERROR, SKINHEADS. We have to do a DOUBLE-TAKE on any mainstream media or radio news briefs stories that contain ANY of these words in them! The particular BULLSHIT story above also uses the "VET" angle, another M.O. for "HOMEGROWN TERRORISTS" is they push that they are "VETS". Notice things in the Boise story like: SITE, VETS, SIKH TEMPLE SHOOTER.

They do that carefully worded (WORDSMITHS) IMPLICATION & ASSOCIATION thing, where in the same story they make sure to put the words SKINHEAD, NEO-NAZI, WHITE SUPREMACISTS, VETS, SIKH TEMPLE SHOOTING. They have their hooks into us to HATE THE MUSLIMS, now they're turning us AGAINST THE U.S. VETS!


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