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Big Dan's Big News Dec 21, 2010

"THE MUSLIMS DID IT", trust me - Israeli terrorist and member of U.S. shadow government Michael Chertoff

Big Dan: how the FUCK much longer are you going to take this??? Do you know how often I post things about Chertoff's TV infomercials called "news"? It's time to stand up to the REAL terrorists! Terrorism is broadcasting a KNOWN FAKE "terror act" like yesterday's Newark computer monitor "terror attack" 24x7 all over the "news" to keep TERROR TERROR TERROR on U.S. citizens' minds all day every day.

Israeli terrorist and author of the U.S. Patriot Act which strips U.S. citizens of civil liberties: here's his latest infomercial to make $$$ of the FAKE terrorism he creates. Next up: you should be afraid of FOOD, and I'm sure he'll sell something on the infomercial terrorist organization CBS "news" so you will feel safe eating FOOD. And don't forget, if you don't buy his snake oil, he and his boys will fabricate some more terror to scare you into it and "blame Muslims", just like 9/11:

Fear Pays: Chertoff, Ex-Security Officials Slammed For Cashing In On Government Experience

Israeli terrorist Michael Chertoff of The Chertoff Group, who never really left the U.S. "government", authored The Patriot Act.

Michael Chertoff has Dual Israeli Citizenship -- To Whom Is He Loyal???

Chertoff and Company - The Cover Up (Body Scanners)

REAL eyewitness to the "Christmas" or "Underwear" FAKE terror bomber made this video, Kurt Haskell...look him up, he's being ignored on purpose:

Sure, Haskell was on TV, but here's how they do it: it's ISOLATED, never followed up on, no one's ever prosecuted, and Haskell then "goes away" from the mainstream media...while Michael Chertoff is still on TV. They ISOLATE and DISCARD and DON'T REPEAT vital, important news. It "goes away". They might even have more FAKE terrorism to knock it out of the headlines (headLIES).

AOL Investigation: No Proof TSA Scanners Are Safe

Israeli terrorist & member of U.S. unelected shadow government Michael Chertoff sells BODY SCANNERS:

NYTimes: Israel Plans Public Appeal To Ask U.S. To Free a Spy (Jonathan Pollard)

Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom?

Former Israeli officials in the U.S. government

Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11, "our purpose was to document the event"

Falwell Confirms Lewinsky Affair Linked To Israeli Lobby Intrigue

Mossad: RSA Security & Ptech Run US Govt Computers

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11: Are Members of the U.S. Govt Being Blackmailed by Israel and Others via Wiretaps?

Jane's Addiction

Anthrax & 9/11- Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Israeli Mossad Involvement in 9/11

The White Van: Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11 Spies?

FOX news 4 part investigative series into Israeli spy rings in the U.S., scrubbed from their site, but available on youtube

Peter King on TV keeping the MYTH alive that "Muslims did 9/11" -

Another infomercial: Britain "happened to" announce yesterday, the same day as the Newark scare, that they arrested 12 "terrorists" who, btw, "did not pose any imminent threat". Rep Peter "Steven" King (of stolen elections), of course, references this like an infomercial. The government & media work hand in hand. Peter King loves the real Israeli terrorists like Michael Chertoff, but goes along with the Muslim terrorist FAKERY. King is "scary" and "McCarthyesque" as an incoming GOP chairman:

Here's a tip from Big Dan: anyone who acts like Steven King KNOWS who the real terrorists are...and they ain't "the Muslims"...

Yes, this is the SAME Rep Peter King who ADMITTED they stole the 2004 election on video. He probably had a few beers and someone shoved a camera in front of him and he told the truth off guard:

Chilling for democracy and "voting": "it's all over but the counting, and we'll take care care of the counting."

And here's Peter King making the rounds around TV, ever notice how they do that? WHO books them?

I can't put it any better than this:

"The terrorist threat does not exist...I don't like being LIED to...what about YOU? Do YOU like being LIED to?"...this guy in this video below says:

"I don't like being LIED to...what about YOU? Do YOU like being LIED to?"

Big Dan doesn't like being lied to. This guy doesn't like being lied to:


Do YOU like being lied to?

EPA Misled Public on 9/11 Pollution. White House ordered false assurances on air quality, report says (2003)

Govt LIED to 9/11 first responders, now they're DYING:

NOTICE IN THE VIDEO BELOW: they say, "Will Wikileaks lead to a new 'PATRIOT ACT FOR THE INTERNET'!!! I'm sure Israeli terrorist Michael Chertoff will author it, like he authored THE PATRIOT ACT. Also notice in this video, Wayne Madsen claims Assange met with Israeli officials to discuss not leaking anything that makes Israel look bad.

Wikileaks Israels Plan to Shut Down US Internet in Action

Chris Hedges: Obama is a "Poster Child for the Death of the Liberal Class"; Important protest not covered by the "liberal media" (IE: it wasn't the "Tea Party")

It's time to realize Obama is just a continuation of Bush: how many times are we going to say he "CAVED" and start admitting it was a "PLAN", NO ACCIDENT. Don't blame Alan Simpson of the debt commission, or the guy who will now take down net neutrality, or Geithner...blame the guy who appoints them!!! Obama! These guys didn't just "get in there", Obama appoints them! Then we go around attacking the guys Obama appoints. HELLO: THEY WOULDN'T BE THERE IF OBAMA DIDN'T APPOINT THEM:

New World Order plant Barack Obama now will "change his mind" and be against NET NEUTRALITY...like everything else he said during his campaign.

9/11 Pentagon Aftermath Exterior Damage After Debris Removal

FBI_FOIPA_NUMBER_1141552-000_NE507 Think of the thousands of file cabinets, computers, and telephones in those towers - I never saw one everything was pulverized, Tully said, Everything that was above grade above the 6th and 7th floor disintegrated it was like an explosion.

Tully Construction specializes in concrete. AFP asked Tully if he had ever seen concrete pulverize as it did at the WTC. No never, he said. Tully said that there were hot spots where he observed literally molten steel. Asked about what could have caused such intense heat, Tully said, "Think about the jet fuel".

The London-based firm AMEC, ranked by Engineering News Record magazine as the world s largest firm , oversaw the actual management of the debris removal at both the Pentagon and the WTC. AMEC was the only construction company working at both disaster sites, the company s website says, AMEC is managing Hudson River barging operations to transport the rubble from the entire WTC site to a landfill on Staten Island and to steel recycling operations in New Jersey.

AMEC had just finished the renovation at the Pentagon when it was called to manage the removal of debris there and at the World Trade Center.

AMEC was placed in charge [by the City of New York] of organizing and engineering the around-the-clock clean up operation in the northwest sector, the website says, which included the North Tower and 6 WTC (U.S. Customs House). The company also cleaned up the 47-story WTC 7, which mysteriously collapsed late in the afternoon of 911.

AMEC co-managed the WTC site with another London-based firm, Bovis Lend Lease, from January 2002. Bovis was a somewhat troubled construction subsidiary of Britain s P&O, which was taken over by Australia s Lend Lease Corp in 1999. Sir Frank Lampl, a Czechoslovakian who emigrated to England at age 42, heads Bovis. Lampl, who claims to have been imprisoned in Auschwitz and Dachau during the Nazi era, is also a British knight.

Mary Costello, spokesperson for Bovis in New York, told AFP that the company had assumed overall responsibility for the WTC site on Jan 4, 2002. She didn t want to discuss what buildings Bovis had worked on and said, You should not be contacting us. You should be speaking to DDC, Costello said. Calls to DDC public affairs department are neither answered nor returned.

Turner Construction, the third foreign firm, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hochtief AG, headquartered in Essen, Germany. Turner was unwilling to discuss its role at the WTC site.


AMEC is an informal acronym for Asset Management and Engineering Consultancy, according to the firm s communications director David Paterson. Paterson told AFP that oil and gas extraction provides 25 percent of the company s revenue. AMEC operates the North Sea oilrigs for Shell and British Petroleum, Paterson said.

AMEC had just completed a project to strengthen and renovate a section of the Pentagon, Wedge 1, when the building was attacked. The damaged area is between Wedges 1 and 2. Marcella Diaz, communication director for the firm s U.S. subsidiary, AMEC Construction Management, told AFP that the company s work on the Pentagon had been completed on the Friday before Sept. 11. When AFP asked how AMEC responded to criticism that crucial evidence from the WTC had been improperly disposed of, Diaz said, "It's the first time I've heard such criticism."

Paterson told AFP that AMEC is the prime contractor for the U.S. Dept. of Defense on environmental work. The firm was paid some $752 million for its 2-year renovation and clean up at the Pentagon, according to Rachel Decker, spokesperson for the Pentagon s renovation entity known as PENREN. The fact that a British firm had been given the contract to renovate the Pentagon was not a problem, Decker said.


Asked about who was in charge of the clean up at the WTC, Paterson said, The City of New York was the project manager. The director of DDC, Kenneth Holden, was the person in charge at the site, Paterson said.

AMEC is in line for further construction work at both the Pentagon and the World Trade Center according to the Daily Mail. The company s London-based chief executive, Sir Peter Mason said about the Pentagon clean up, The target is to have it reopened for business by Sept. 11, 2003, as a point of principle.

Sir Peter Mason is a Knight of the British Empire. The former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, who gave the management of the WTC site to the two British firms, AMEC and Bovis Lend Lease, received an honorary knighthood in the Order of the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth II on Feb. 13, 2002.

When Giuliani was made a Knight of the British Empire he joined an exclusive club, which includes George Bush the elder, Ronald Reagan, Colin Powell, Wesley Clark, Norman Schwartzkopf, and Steven Spielberg. Bush and Reagan are both knighted in the Order of the Bath.

One of the greatest Rock Bands of all time, here's 3 by Badfinger:

Badfinger - Baby Blue - 1971

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