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Big Dan's Big News Dec 18, 2010

Day III of "Twas the STENCH before Christmas" or "The STENCH who stole Christmas":

We're now in Day III of a "gas smell" or "propane smell" around the Valley. The spokesliars from UGI say there's nothing to worry about, it's not toxic (but it makes you sick & nauseous - their words), it's going to DISSIPATE (but it's swirling around for 3 days now!), they said it's "normal" they do it all the time (yet I am 48 years old, lived in the Valley my entire life, and never witnessed this before). My wife called in sick yesterday, now we think it is because of this UGI "gas purge".

More questions:

  • Is it still leaking?
  • Is the "odorant" always with the gas? IE: if you smell the "odorant", are you also inhaling gas? I'm under the impression the "odorant" accompanies the gas. If it didn't, then what good is the "odorant"?

Now today we have in the paper: students at Wyoming Valley West High School - 3 days later! - dismissed because of feeling sick and nauseous because of the UGI "gas purge".

Overcome by a natural-gas stench, students at Wyoming Valley West High School were dismissed early Friday when officials closed the school.

Superintendent Chuck Suppon said more than 100 students said they became sick from a gas odor which resulted from UGI Penn Natural Gas' upgrade of a pipeline in the Hunlock Creek area.


"Quite a few of our kids have become nauseous," Suppon said. "Emergency management basically told us they highly recommend we dismiss based on the number of students who are getting nauseous from the smell."

Bekanich said he has received reports that the smell has spread as far away as Lackawanna County.


UGI reported that the "mercaptain," the chemical used to give odorless natural gas its characteristic rotten egg smell, is harmless. --->>> but it makes you sick??? how can something "harmless" make you sick? 3 days later?


"It's not toxic. It's not going to cause long-term health effects, but it can make you nauseous," Bekanich said. "If you breathe it in, it is going to make you not feel well."


"Kids are just walking out because of the smell. Some of them are sick," said Derrick Simms, a 10th grade student. "I got a text from my dad to get out."


"It smells like if you light your stove and it doesn't light and it fills the house up with gas," Wolfe said. "The nurse's office is filled."

WVW dismisses high school students early due to gas odor

Yesterday, I wrote:

Yesterday I said: "Notice: there is a "propane smell" or "gas smell" in the Northeast Pa. Wyoming Valley area. According to Kingston Fire Dept (I called them), they are purging gas lines in Hunlock Creek area. They got about 40 calls complaining of this, and they think the winds are taking the smell around the valley, they know of the smell in at least Forty Fort, Swoyersville, Exeter, and I smell it in the Pittston area near the high school. So they think the winds are taking it around the valley. They said it has nothing to do with the nuclear power plant. Earlier, the fire department showed up where my wife works in Kingston at an apartment complex, and they told her, "the power plant is purging something". When people throw around the term "the power plant", everyone and their brother knows one thing comes to mind: the nuclear power plant. People should be careful when they say "the power plant", when they DON'T mean the nuclear power plant."

And I told you in comments that my wife said people at the apartment complex she works at in Kingston were running around panicked looking for a gas leak and called the Kingston Fire Department.

Today in the paper:

Luzerne County Emergency Management Agency received hundreds of calls over the last two days about a natural gas odor, said coordinator Steve Bekanich.

The odor was still prevalent throughout the area Thursday as UGI Penn Natural Gas continued to purge a natural gas line that runs from Shickshinny to Hunlock Creek.


Bekanich was upset that the Luzerne County Emergency Management Agency was not notified about UGI's procedure in advance. Since police and fire departments responded to hundreds of calls, that led to a huge amount of resources being expended, he said.

He contacted officials from UGI and the Public Utility Commission to set up a meeting "to have them ensure us that we will be made aware of what's going on so that this never occurs again."

"They have to do maintenance procedures and we understand that these procedures have to occur where they need to vent gas, but the timeliness of the notification was not acceptable as far as we're concerned," Bekanich said.

Wilkes-Barre Citizen's Voice: UGI's gas line purge left county EMA in the dark

Here: I'll take a stab at the next BULLSHIT the UGI spokesliars will say:


How's that?

Here's what they should say:


PolitiFActs "Lie of the Year" - 'A government takeover of health care'

(Mitch McConnell: "WHERE AM I???" And come no one but ME is saying how FREAKY Mitch McConnell looks? WHAT....THE.....FUUUUUUUUUCK! Seriously, he's freaking me out! Is he alive??? Even BOEHNER is staring at him like: "WTF??? Is he OK? Mitch?" And look at the contrast in skin color between Boehner & McConnell. Holy fuck!!! Get a doctor! In my opinion, the GOP should keep him away from cameras, it's making them look really bad. It's like that guy who ran with Ross Perot, I forget his name. See my post yesterday at the bottom for details...)

GOPs central attack on health reform wins PolitiFact Lie of the Year. The core argument used by Republicans during their forceful attempt to derail the Democrats' health care law has been dubbed a whopping lie by the Pulitzer Prize-winning organization PolitiFact.

The phrase "government takeover of health care," coined by Republican strategist Frank Luntz early in 2009, was named "Lie of the Year" by the respected fact-checking website run by the St. Petersburg Times.

GOP’s central attack on health reform wins PolitiFact ‘Lie of the Year’

Ross Perot with Mitch McConnell:

The U.S. is becoming a 3rd world Banana Republic, where we care more about tax cuts for wealthy people who are well off, than fellow citizens who are in a jail of debt and dying because of the health insurance industrial complex. Read these articles below: the gist of it, is that not only do around 50+ million Americans have no health care, but most Americans who go bankrupt because of medical bills or are saddled with enormous medical debt have health insurance. These statistics can mena only one thing: even though people are paying $500/month (if you're lucky) to $1,000 or $1,500/month for health insurance, they are still going bankrupt or saddled with medical debt due to:

  • copays
  • deductibles
  • coinsurance (that's the newest scam, where your health insurance only covers a % of a service)
  • denials
  • death panels

Did you notice something about all of the above? First they did "copays". I remember when they did that in the 1980's. A copay was $5. I remember people saying, "This is how they start it, the slippery slope. Then it will be $10, then $15, etc...", and I was too young and stupid to listen to them.

NOW...when they introduced "coinsurance", I remember how they pitched it: they said, "You get to 'participate' in the costs of your health". Yes, I remember that. I was thinking, it's simply a % of something they won't pay. For example: if your "coinsurance" is 20%, you have to pay 20% of EVERYTHING. It's as simple as that. But they market it to you as you get to "participate in your health coverage". See how they do this? And I skipped denials, deductibles (which rose the same as copays over the years, only way more enormously), denials, and death panels. A death panel is when you actually have insurance, and they won't cover something that will prevent you from dying.

So, to recap, besides over 50 million Americans not even having "health insurance", which there should be no such thing as, Americans who actually have health insurance are going bankrupt with medical bills or acquiring unsustainable medical debt.

I have been saying for a long time, why do you have to pay a penny for anything, if you're paying a health insurance premium? Everything should be covered! Why even have it, then? When did all this nickel & diming start, besides the premium? When you pay for something, you're supposed to get something. What's all the extra stuff that's actually higher than the enormous premium?

This is a crisis, but we're talking about tax cuts for wealthy people. What a corrupt, immoral, unethical, un-Christian country we live in. A country that didn't used to be like this. A country where American "haves" don't look out for fellow American "have nots". When did it get like this? Doesn't anybody care anymore? When did it become "OK" to make fun of people who need help, or not help them? Or say we need to help wealthy people who don't need help? When did this happen? Irregardless of when it happened, it is out of control right now. It's "OK" to piss & shit all over fellow Americans who need help & make fun of them or ignore them...all the while saying we need to help the wealthy more (...and keep bombing people.). Why don't we just exterminate people who need help or are a burden to society? Why are we pretending anymore? Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage, and rightwing radio should just say, "Let's kill the unemployed, people who need health care and can't get it, gays, Muslims, illegal aliens, the elderly...and pay American workers Chinese prison labor wages.". If you don't have enough money, you're going to die. And don't expect anyone to help. Just like a 3rd world banana republic. Help yourself or die. I guess I'm a "liberal" if I feel this way...but I thought that used to be called Christian/moral/ethical. Boy, how that has been warped over the years, too: the same people who call themselves "family values" are the ones doing this! Maybe they just mean their family.

Most Driven Into Debt by Medical Bills HAVE Health Insurance

New Study: Bankruptcy Tied To Medical Bills

Medical Bankruptcy in the United States, 2007: Results of a National Study

"I Can't Afford to Get Sick"

Absolutely illegal - your tax dollars used by the Air Force for purpose of CENSORSHIP:

The recent disclosure that the U.S. Air Force is blocking access to news websites such as the New York Times and the Guardian, which have posted classified diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks, provoked outrage among media professionals and some national security experts. But the practice is more widespread than was previously known --

Air Force 'Routinely' Blocks Access To News Websites; HuffPost Caught In The Web

Top US spy (IE: top "terrorist") in Pakistan flees after lawsuit reveals identity

Scores die as drones renew attack on Pakistan's Khyber

Protection Racket - and War Crimes...

Note, the private contractors who were hired to waterboard CIA detainees received financial guarantees to fund their legal defense at any trial brought against them. these contractors would obviously be testifying that they were doing the job they were hired to do, and the CIA was the party responsible for the waterboarding. But - the CIA is paying $5 million to buy their defense - A DIRECT CONFLICT OF INTEREST AND CLEAR EFFORT TO BUY COOPERATIVE TESTIMONY FROM THESE CONTRACTORS.

Note that the Contractors were in a position to blackmail the CIA into DESTROYING VIDEO TAPED EVIDENCE OF TORTURE.

The CIA has broken so many laws in this case, it's staggering:

It's a good thing that the rule of law does not apply to the Rockefeller/Bush Shadow Government...the CIA.

Time for We The People to extract the truth from the actual leaders of these operations - David Rockefeller and GHW Bush.

At least we know which contractors to employ to do the job. Clearly, it's legal.

(h/t plunger)

History of False Flag "terrorism".

History of "entrapment".

This video about the "underwear bomber", was made by an ACTUAL EYEWITNESS to the whole thing who's being purposely ignored by the mainstream media & the government:


Squirrel Bait - Kid Dynamite - Skag Heaven 1987

Squirrel Bait.
First song of SKAG HEAVEN LP 1987.Who knows what would have happened if Squirrel Bait had remained together after the release of their second (and last) album, Skag Heaven? Perhaps today they'd be recognized by more than the handful of indie-rock junkies who were pleasantly blind-sided by them in the mid-'80s. Fortunately for the rest of you, the band's entire recorded portfolio is available on this one magnificent CD--and it's worth a listen. These five unlikely lads from Louisville, Kentucky, codified what was great and magical about independent record making: true one-hit wonders. Peter Searcy's tortured, strained vocals spew teen angst against a rush of buzzsaw guitars and Ben Daughtrey's incredible drumming. The soaring, incendiary "Sun God" is amazing.

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