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Big Dan's Big News Dec 25, 2010

Merry Fucking Christmas!!! You'll believe anything!

Here we go again: whenever we go into a country, that country happens to suddenly have "women suicide bombers"...that they never had before we got there.......once again........... -

Google "women suicide bombers Pakistan"

In the above Google search, do you see any "woman suicide bombers" before we got there? It's the same fucking story time after time! I hope you're not that stupid. Next up, we'll see "children as human shields" in the country. It's the same shit over and over! Maybe you just don't see it, and now that I pointed it out you will see the pattern. Do you think when we occupy, bomb, or invade a country, a bunch of guys go, "OK, the infidels have come here, bring out the women suicide bombers and let's start killing ourselves."?

More than 80 dead in Pakistan suicide bombing and raids


You get a 'TWO-FER' when you google "first woman suicide bomber Iraq": you get the Pakistan one going on right now, but you also get the Iraq one from years ago, the Downs Syndrome one, which I'll get into later:

Google "first woman suicide bomber iraq"

"Women suicide bombers" fresh/new challenge: this new/NOT new fresh challenge happened at a checkpoint, and the "woman in a Burqa" first lobbed grenades in one of the different ever-changing stories of this event. If it happened at a checkpoint, they should have a video of this, right? But they don't. Maybe they should've shot her as she was lobbing grenades. That's "suspicious", isn't it? Lobbing grenades? They could've shot her as she was lobbing grenades...before she blew off her suicide bomb (?):

"Women suicide bombers fresh challenge" for...whatever country we just went into and made it up!!!

You'll believe anything...I don't:

Woman suicide bombers fresh challenge for Pak security forces

Enough is enough. Did you ever notice when we go into a country or have interest in a country, suddenly you see a huge uptick in "news" reports of "suicide bombings"? Oh, and don't forget "women suicide bombers" or "women with Downs Syndrome suicide bombers". That's because we are doing this. And by we, I mean the U.S./Israel/Britain. Suddenly when we start drone attacks in Pakistan, then like clockwork we start seeing reports of suicide bombings. Do you think that when we go into a country, they suddenly start killing themselves? Name a country we don't have interest in, that there's lots of suicide bombings going on in. I read NO reports of suicide bombings in Pakistan. Suddenly we're in there, and there's suicide bombings. WE are doing this! Read my last few posts about FAKE TERRORISM or FALSE FLAG TERRORISM. You can't be that stupid to believe that whatever country we have interest in, suddenly starts killing themselves with suicide bombs. You can't.

And here's another thing I always wonder: it says "officials said it was a woman with a Burqa". Now if it was a bomb so powerful to kill so many people, wasn't the woman blown to a million pieces? How did they identify it was a woman? How did they identify anything if everyone was blown to bits? Was someone watching the woman before the bomb went off? Why? And they saw her blow up? That's humanly impossible with the naked eye. I think if a bomb went off this powerful, you'd see a blinding flash. How would you know a "woman in a burqa" did it? These reports never make any sense to me, unless it isn't true.

Look up a video of a bombing caught on tape. All you see is a HUGE blinding flash. There's no way you can specifically identify something like "a woman in a burqa" did it.

At best, I'd say that they could only say "a bomb went off". Anything else sounds like a fabricated story.

Now notice in this story, the same exact event, no mention of a "woman in a Burqa":

Suspected Suicide Bomber Kills 43 in Pakistan

So, did the first story just "make up" the "woman in a Burqa"???

And then look at this Wikileaks cable:

WikiLeaks cables: US special forces working inside Pakistan

So we are already there according to Wikileaks leaked secret cable! And lo and behold, there's "suicide bombings" going on, what a shocker! At least it's a shocker to IDIOTS! It's totally predictable to people like me. I've been saying it for years. I just said it with the bomb in Sweden.

And look up "woman with downs syndrome" "suicide bomber", and you'll see there was a story a few years ago that "al qaeda" was now using women with downs syndrome as suicide bombers. Then our own military came out and said these stories were false. Look it up.

Folks: WE are doing this!!!

Lucky thing I cut/pasted this WHOLE article in this post below, because it doesn't exist anymore:

Monday, February 4, 2008 - Does Anyone Believe This Bullshit Anymore? Women with Downs Syndrome are Suicide Bombers.

Now soon after those "Iraqi women with Downs Syndrome suicide bomber" stories came out (mine claiming it was BULLSHIT was around Feb 2, 2007), these little noticed little covered stories came out that it was in fact BULLSHIT FAKE stories:

Down syndrome al-Qaeda bomber story false

But that's how it works: they get the thought out there that the nasty Muslims are using disabled women, children, suicide bombers, and then don't cover the fact that the stories were false. It's the thought that matters.

In the Pakistan "suicide bomber" story above, they make sure to mention "officials said it might be a woman with a Burqa". See? Those nasty Muslims! Get the word "Burqa" and "woman" in there..."officials" say it "might" be. What kind of reporting is that? It's FALSE reporting, it's FALSE FLAG, it's the U.S./Israel/Britain doing it, it's FABRICATED! It's IMPOSSIBLE to say "a woman in a Burqa" was the "suicide bomber"...if there even WAS a suicide bomber! And btw..."Al Qaeda" = U.S./Israel/Britain.Just replace the words in any story. Maybe the "woman in a Burqa" had Downs Syndrome!!!

And take note: Julian Assange of Wikileaks is captured and they want to extradite him to Sweden. Suddenly and OH! so predictably, there's "terrorist bombings" in Sweden:

A Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten) employee warned an acquaintance to stay clear of an area in central Stockholm on Saturday where, several hours later, two explosions went off in what is being called a terrorist attack.

Do you see a pattern??? Or are you an IDIOT like those 2 guys in the picture above?

The saaaaaaame shit, over and over: we have interest in a country, they start "suicide bombing" themselves, then they have "women suicide bombers".

What doesn't make sense is that when we have "interest" in a country, suddenly its citizens start killing each other (not us! themselves!) with "suicide bombs". What does make sense, is WE are doing it! WE ARE THE "SUICIDE BOMBERS"!!!!!!!!!!! People don't just decide to start suicide killing themselves, their brother, their sisters, their friends, their family, their fellow citizens, whenever we happen to go in there! That makes ZERO sense!!!!!!!! The only thing that makes any sense whatsoever, is that WE (U.S./Israel/Britain) are doing these bombings and just saying they're "suicide bombers". WE are the TERRORISTS!

History of FALSE FLAG terrorism.

Do you like being LIED to? The "terrorist" threat DOES NOT EXIST (actually, it DOES...but WE are the "terrorists"):

Here's what happens when a REAL pilot exposes the TSA "security" farce: he gets in trouble! What does that tell you?

Exposed: mainstream media used 4% of its reporting on the wars, claim they report what people want to know, not what they need to know:

Oh, and btw...Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 - Merry Christmax, From Corpra Claus!

WeAreChange Gives Back To Underprivileged Kids

Buy all your Christmas presents at the Dollar Store:

Freedom of Speech (?) - Censorship, Americans can't criticize America! No criticism of Israel allowed in America:

Notice the "well placed" story after the bus ad story. Do they think we're IDIOTS???

Fox News Jealous Of Jon Stewart After 9/11 Responder Bill, blonde FOX "news" spokeswoman, "I mean people already think that his show is real news which is a problem."


FOX "news" leaked email: skew the "news" on climate change:

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