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Big Dan's Big News Dec 14-15, 2010

In Memoriam...........

GOP epitaph for using 9/11 for political purposes -

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Rachel Maddow Exposes More GOP Hypocrisy

Maddow: Beltway Media biased against Liberals -

Exclusive: I ‘wined and dined’ NYT and WSJ for favorable coverage, health insurance whistleblower says

Bernie Sanders: the tax deal is the beginning of the end of social security -

This is a MUST SEE movie by the maker of "Weapons of Mass Deception" & "In Debt We Trust", Danny Schechter -

Plunder: the crime of our time -

Leo Panitch: Big Business opposed to government jobs programs, as their objective is to drive wages down through fear and global competition

Jim Rogers: "We've Had 3 Central Banks In The History Of America, 2 Of Them Failed And This Will One Will Too!" - "The Fed should be abolished. In my view their day is done."

"Washington’s Role Is To Serve The Banks" Says Spencer Bachus Incoming House Banking Committee Chairman

Failing to Prosecute Wall Street Fraud Is Extending Our Economic Problems

The Wall Street Pentagon Papers: Biggest Scam In World History Exposed - Are The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Too Big To Comprehend?

BLOOMBERG: U.S. Taxpayers Risk $9.7 Trillion on Bailout Programs

9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve,Fed Inspector General Can't Explain

A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives

Chairman Ron Paul: We Need a Full and Complete AUDIT of the Federal Reserve!

Wall Street Operative Geithner Rebuffed in Berlin on Mission to Make World Safe for Derivatives

Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, examine Jamie Dimon's sore spots and the Department of Justice's PR stunts and ask whether or not Americans are plunging deeper into debt. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Michael W. Hudson, author of The Monster: How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America -- and Spawned a Global Crisis."

Krugman slams media, Obama for ‘Orwellian centrism’

Rothschild-Sponsored Third Party Effort Unveiled

Elected officials start No Labels group in NY

Khazar Empire, Illuminati and New World Order

Israeli Apartheid - Ben White

Shadowy hackers taking down retail sites at Christmas. It’s a propaganda victory for those who propose government regulation of the internet.

Welcome to the cyber sit-in: Many ‘Payback’ protesters easily identified, study finds

Who is Behind Wikileaks? by Michel Chossudovsky


Wikileaks is childishly transparent. The initial Israeli “talking points” began with cables theoretically showing support for an attack on Iran by the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. Tony Lawson deals with this issue quite effectively in the video below:

National ID cards planned for people who ride around on donkeys and live in caves.

"Suicide" of Dr. David Kelly, who openly questioned Tony Blair's leading Britain into Iraq & Afghanistan Wars, was an assasination:

Dr Kelly, 59, is alleged to have committed suicide after being unmasked as the source of a BBC report questioning the grounds for Tony Blair taking Britain to war in Iraq. A growing number of experts insist the conclusion was unsafe and last week eight experts argued that a severed ulnar artery, the wound found to Dr Kelly's wrist, was unlikely to be life-threatening unless an individual had a blood clotting deficiency.

It was never suicide, says Dr Kelly's cousin as family finally breaks silence

Tony Blair’s ex-roommate shut down inquest into death of David Kelly: report

Anthrax & 9/11- Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Big Dan's Big 9/11 LINKS: Do your OWN research, because the mainstream media was in on it, you won't find help there!

Ron Paul "It's Time To Shrug Off The Shackles Of This Government!"

False Flag operation in Sweden: caught red-handed!


I never got into "CHEMTRAILS", but look at this:

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