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Big Dan's Big News Sept 24, 2010 - How Is 9/11 Relevant to the Pa. Spying???

How is 9/11 relevant to the Pa. spying???

Now you know why the U.S. Israeli occupied mainstream media demonizes Iran's Ahmadinejad: watch this speech, he says the U.S. is responsible for 9/11 on behalf of Israel. The U.S. delegates walked out during his speech, but who DIDN'T walk out? Mostly every other country DIDN'T walk out and listened to him. Time for us to bomb Iran on behalf of Israel, too:

Ahmadinejad: Most blame U.S. government for 9/11

U.S. Walks Out as Iran Leader Speaks

Mossad Did 911 Demonstration at LA Israeli Consulate

WTC-7, a 47 story building a block away from the Twin Towers, was NOT hit by a plane but yet fell demolition style (watch video below). If YOU think this magically happened, then YOU better look in the mirror and question how STUPID you are...not just on THIS subject, but question how your stupidity is ruining your entire LIFE! Because if YOU believe this building "just fell" like this magically, YOU WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING:

Not ONE PEEP from anyone about TOM RIDGE: WHERE is Marcellus Shale driller "spokesman" TOM RIDGE??? Why hasn't the media or one government official asked Tom Ridge if he is connected to ITRR's spying on Pennsylvanians? Ridge used ITRR as head of Bush's Homeland Security, now Ridge is "spokesman" for the drillers and ITRR is spying for the drillers! And it didn't cross the media's mind? Or government officials' minds? Can you say "cover up"?

In Pennsylvania, ITRR apparently considered opponents of gas drilling, and attendees at anti-BP candlelight vigils and a gay and lesbian festival to be potential terrorists.

Ongoing cover up by media and government of Tom Ridge connections to Israeli company ITRR spying on Pennsylvanians with their own tax money.

Compare the 9/11 media and government cover up to the Pa. spying cover up that's going on right before your eyes. It's the same people doing it again! The government always works hand in hand with the mainstream media. Not a PEEP anymore from the media or government officials overseeing this Pa. spying scandal about Tom Ridge or the Israeli company ITRR, even though Tom Ridge used ITRR in the Bush administration for his FAKE color coded "terror alerts" and now Ridge pops up as the spokesman for the Marcellus Shale drilling companies at the same time ITRR is caught spying on Pa. driller protesters!!! The words "Tom Ridge" have popped up ZERO times during ANY coverage of this scandal. You have to be INSANE to think that Tom Ridge used ITRR on the federal level in the Bush administration, and now BOTH Ridge and ITRR pop up on the side of the drilling companies spying on Pennsylvanians...with our own tax money to boot! Just as INSANE as to this a 47 story building "just fell" demolition style for no reason on 9/11. ARE YOU AN IDIOT??? Do I have to take you by the hand, like a child, to notice ISRAEL pops up with ANYTHING to do with 9/11 or spying on U.S. soil?

A good friend of mine who's spot on about everything he says, never talks about 9/11. I asked him why. He said that it's irrelevant because it happened almost 10 years ago. We can also keep talking about JFK, Pearl Harbor, and Abraham Lincoln's assassination. But here's why 9/11 is still relevant and will continue to be relevant: 9/11 is actually connected to the Pa. Homeland Security spying on Pennsylvanians with their own tax money! The federal Department of Homeland Security, the biggest taxpayer boondoggle "big government" entity in history, was created because of 9/11. State level departments of Homeland Security were subsequently formed. The Pa. Department of Homeland Security hired the Israeli company ITRR to spy on us for the Marcellus Shale corporations. ITRR was the company that the federal Department of Homeland Security used for Tom Ridge's FAKE color coded "terror alerts". Tom Ridge "happens" to have been hired by the Marcellus Shale drillers in Pa. as their "spokesman" who doesn't speak at the same exact time ITRR was hired by the Pa. Department of Homeland Security to spy on us. So, you tell me: is 9/11 still relevant? And all of this was made possible by The Patriot Act, which legalizes the U.S. government, U.S. state governments, and Israelis to spy on Americans on our own soil with our own tax money. So, is 9/11 still relevant? And not only that, 9/11 was orchestrated by our own government along with Israel to "blame the Muslims". And the corporate owned Israeli occupied mainstream media was and is in on it the entire time. Israel pops their head up everywhere in the U.S., don't they? But the media has us talking about THE MOSQUE! THE MOSQUE! THE MOSQUE! ........NOT about Israelis spying on Pennsylvanians. Do you see what's going on here? Do you see how you are not going to get the REAL story from the corrupted/usurped mainstream media? And you need to get the REAL story outside the mainstream media?

Hunt the Boeing! And test your perceptions!

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