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Big Dan's Big News Sept 4, 2010 - Sometimes I Feel So Uninspired

You know how I keep saying the NOT liberal media just goes from one rightwing talking point to the next? Well, you're watching in real time, as we transition from "The Mosque at Ground Zero" to "social security is in trouble". What was before "The Mosque"? Oh yeah, "unemployed are lazy" (illegal immigrants, death panels, Joe the Plumber, ACORN, Shirley Sherrod, Rev Wright...and on and on and on.....):

Elites from BOTH parties and Obama (just like Bush and just like the next Republican president) are coming after our social security, on behalf of the people really running this country. Take note: it's ALL of them from both parties. THERE IS NO PROBLEM WITH SOCIAL SECURITY, THEY ARE ALL LYING TO US. While you ASSHOLES are ranting about the not Mosque not at ground zero like good little media DUPES, they're ALL plotting to steal your social security:

OK, watch out!!! I told you here that both parties always collude together on the big things, like the wars and dismantling social security. Why did Obama appoint this guy to his social security committee??? Keep in mind, this is more Obama wanting to dismantling social security than Alan Simpson, because Obama appointed Alan Simpson. Let's put blame where blame is due: ON OBAMA!!! Stop thinking he's a liberal or a socialist or a Muslim or a Communist...he's a Corporate Fascist!!! Just like Bush was. Just like the next president will be, no matter what party. The proof is in the pudding: why on earth would Obama appoint THIS GUY to examine social security:

He's against Vietnam Vets, too, the only conclusion can be that Obama is "in on it" for appointing him to any committee whatsoever:

Alan Simpson Says Veterans Who Are Agent Orange Victims Are ‘Not Helping Us Save The Country’

Following Simpson’s Comments On Veterans’ Benefits, Veterans Groups Call For Him To Be Fired

Stuff Alan Simpson

The President's Deficit Commission is designed to be as anti-democratic and un-transparent as possible. Its work is done in total secrecy. Commission co-chair Alan Simpson -- with his blunt contempt for Social Security and and other benefit programs (such as aid to disabled veterans) and his acknowledged eagerness to ...slash them -- has done the country a serious favor. His recent outbursts have
unmasked this Commission and shed light on its true character. Unlike his fellow Commission members, who imperiously dismiss public inquiries into what they're doing as though they're annoying and inappropriate, Simpson -- to his genuine credit -- has been aggressively engaging critics, making it impossible to ignore what the Commission is really up to:

In Defense of Alan Simpson, by Glenn Greenwald

Hands off Social Security

Situation Room Still Scaring on Social Security

Getting the government to pay out benefits from the money it has collected from citizens is like wishing your friend wins the lottery?

If they tell you social security is in trouble, they're LYING LYING LYING:

Time to shut down the commission to shut down social security...brought to you by Barack Obama:

Social Security is "a milk cow with 310 million tits."1 It's for the "lesser people of society."2

That's straight from Alan Simpson, the person President Barack Obama appointed to co-chair his deficit commission charged with cutting the budget. You can also call it the Catfood Commission; it's stacked with so many people who want to cut Social Security3 that senior citizens would be so poor they'd have to eat cat food.

Simpson's statements are vulgar and demeaning. But he shouldn't resign. The whole Catfood Commission should shut down completely. It's the only way to save Social Security.

Sign our petition to President Obama: it's time to can the Catfood Commission.

Click here:

Alan Simpson says in public what the Catfood Commission discusses behind closed doors: they want huge cuts to Social Security, the elderly be damned. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that the Catfood Commission is considering at least four types of benefit cuts to Social Security.4

We at Firedoglake first reported about the plan to cut social security in early 2009.5 We've been hounding the Catfood Commission since its creation. It's a huge threat to our country, and it's more dangerous now than ever.

We did the research and found that 14 of the 18 members appointed by President Obama to the Catfood Commission have advocated cutting Social Security in the past.6 It's a stacked deck. A scam. Alan Simpson just put it out in the open.

Social Security is on the chopping block. We need to save it from the Catfood Commission.

Tell President Obama the gig is up: the Catfood Commission's gotta go. Click here to sign the petition:

Simpson's childish outbursts, his clear contempt for those he patronizes as "the lesser people" he says he is trying to protect, and his ignorance about the program he is tasked with "fixing" are but symptoms of a greater problem.

The Catfood commission is not legitimate. It was stacked with people who knew their job was to fulfill corporations' dreams of rolling back the New Deal and waging war on the social safety net.7 It is a committee of oligarchs designed to circumvent electoral repercussions for those who oppose the will of the vast majority of the American people, both Republicans and Democrats, who don't want to see the federal budget balanced on the backs of the nation's senior citizens.

President Obama, it is not just Alan Simpson who needs to go. It's time to shut down the entire commission. Click here to sign the petition:

Thanks for your support.

Jane Hamsher

Government Policy Caused America's Unemployment Crisis

Government Economic Leaders Surprised that Real World Isn't Responding to their Magic Pixie Dust

George Carlin: they're coming for your social security...and they're gonna get it:

Here's some blasts from the recent past that I've posted on the bi-partisan drumbeat to steal our social security:

Here's where I told you BOTH parties and Obama are going after OUR social security.

In setting up his National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, Barack Obama is again playing coy in public, but his intentions are widely understood among Washington insiders. The president intends to offer Social Security as a sacrificial lamb to entice conservative deficit hawks into a grand bipartisan compromise in which Democrats agree to cut Social Security benefits for future retirees while Republicans accede to significant tax increases to reduce government red ink.

Whacking the Old Folks

The attacks on Social Security have steadily intensified in the past few months. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer recently called for a higher retirement age, and House Minority Leader John Boehner suggested raising the retirement age to seventy. Meanwhile, President Obama’s bipartisan eighteen-member commission dealing with the nation’s public debt is due to come out with a report in November that is expected to recommend cuts to Social Security. We speak with Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Social Security Under Attack: Cuts Proposed, Higher Retirement Age Suggested

Greens protest Obama Administration proposals that would dismantle Social Security, public housing

Why the GOP Plots to Steal Social Security

GOP attacks unemployed and social security:

They're coming after our social security - TARP Champion: Cut Social Security

Take the "For Sale" sign off the Capitol lawn!

As long as politicians are accountable to the corporations and lobbyists who finance their campaigns, they are never going to be accountable to the people who elect them. It's time to take the "For Sale" sign off the Capitol Lawn. Pass Fair Elections NOW! Sign the petition at

George Carlin: The American Dream

Sometimes I Feel So Uninspired

I just got back from vacation at the Delaware beaches, and I've been skipping some posts. Because I feel uninspired since I got back. They say vacations clear your mind. I needed some inspiration to get back into it. But this social security thing has got my dander up.

Cave In - Inspire

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