Saturday, September 25, 2010

Big Dan's Big News Sept 25, 2010

Who are "these people" Dave Chappelle is talking about? "The people" that got to him when he got famous?

Now look at what Aaron Russo says here: when you "make it big", "these people" (like the Rockefellers) "start talking to you" to either have you join them or they want to control you...exactly what Chappelle says above:

Don't listen to the mainstream media "meme" that Steven Colbert made a "circus" of congress, he's very serious about helping migrant workers:

Here's how the mainstream media works: the MSM pushes what they want you to think, rather than report simply report what Colbert said, not that it's a "circus", etc... Meanwhile, they ISOLATE real news from you. The purpose of ISOLATING real important news from you is then you either don't hear it or if you hear it, you think it wasn't important because it wasn't broadcast everywhere or people talking about it are "nuts" because it wasn't reported across the board. Who are the people who order real news to be isolated? The same people who "talked to" Dave Chappelle and Aaron Russo once they hit it big:

Look how Chuck Todd and his mainstream media stooges try to tell you what to think about Colbert, that it's a "circus", a "sideshow", he "hurt the Democrats", it "backfired"...instead of simply reporting the news:

The mainstream media "meme" from Politico: Colbert "hurt the Democrats":

Colbert knocks Dems off message

Noam Chomsky PROVES the "mainstream media" speaks for: corporations, the extreme wealthy, and war profiteers (the military industrial complex), and is NOT "liberal":

Watch the mainstream media in action in REAL TIME: Tom Ridge used the Israeli spying company ITRR at the federal level in Bush's Homeland Security for those FAKE "terror alerts". Suddenly, BOTH Tom Ridge AND ITRR show up a the STATE level in the form of Tom Ridge becoming "spokesman" for the Marcellus Shale reckless gas drillers AND ITRR is caught spying on Pennsylvanians FOR the drillers. Not a peep about this connection in the ongoing media and government cover up right before your eyes. Exactly like the 9/11 media and government cover up. Look at all the videos in this post and learn how they do it. The media and government IGNORES the connection, doesn't mention "Tom Ridge" at all, Tom Ridge is a "spokesman" who doesn't speak...then what is he doing as "spokeman" for the drilling companies???

Tom Ridge and ITRR and spying on Pennsylvanians.

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