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Big Dan's Big News Sept 21, 2010 - foreign country Israel paid with Americans' taxpayer money to spy on them

Former Republican Pennsylvania governor is now a spokesman for the Pa. fracking gas drillers. He was in the department of homeland security under Bush. The Pa. Department of Homeland Security hired an Israeli company ITRR to spy on Pennsylvanians with their own tax money. What is Ridge's connection to this whole thing? Where is the "news" reporting on this? Foreign Israelis squashing American protesters (Tea Party, environmentalists, anti-Pa. fracking) in our own country? With OUR tax money? Against US? Whose side is the U.S. media and government on, anyway??? People like ME have to post things like this to spread the information, because the controlled media won't do it (see the Jesse Richard video below in this post). They have you talking about THE MOSQUE, instead of this: Muslims aren't spying on YOU...but Israelis are:

WHO exactly did this? Hired a foreign country (Israel) to spy on US with OUR taxpayer money? Heads better ROLL, but they won't. Just like no one in the Bush administration got fired for the biggest "security lapse" in history: 9/11. Foreign Israeli company spies on Pennsylvanians with U.S. taxpayer money. In the limited mainstream media reporting on this, they are purposely not telling us that the company ITRR is in Israel and also leaving out the fact that former Pa. Governor Tom Ridge, who was also the head of Homeland Security under Bush, is now a spokesman for the Fracking gas drilling companies in Pa. and ITRR is spying on Pa. gas drilling protesters (as well as the Tea Party and environmentalists). Why is the mainstream media keeping you from this information? See the Jesse Richards video lower in this post on ISOLATING IMPORTANT NEWS: you're seeing an example in REAL TIME - make sure the Israeli connection to spying on Pennsylvanians GOES NOWHERE IN THE NEWS...if spying on Pennsylvanians is reported, DO NOT mention the Israelis or ISOLATE any stories mentioning the Israelis to a few places:

Israeli Company Hired by State Government to Spy on Pennsylvanians and Other Americans

The foreign country of Israel's company that's spying on YOU with YOUR tax money: ITRR

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11: Are Members of the U.S. Govt Being Blackmailed by Israel and Others via Wiretaps?

The "National Security" Apparatus Has Been Hijacked to Serve the Needs of Big Business


Ex-Pennsylvania Republican governor becomes spokesman for the Reckless Drillers for $75,000 per month (that's $840,000/year)

"After leaving his position at Homeland Security, Tom Ridge acknowledged that the post 9/11 terror alerts were often based on "flimsy evidence" and that he had been pressured by the CIA to raise the threat level"

Tom Ridge and the FAKE terror alerts.

This appears to confirm that ITRR is gathering information on Americans and sending the data to Israel -- almost certainly to Israeli intelligence. It would not be surprising if this firm were simply a front for Israeli intelligence and in effect being paid by US taxpayers to spy on them. In Pittsburgh, a city council member has demanded a probe into ITRR accusing the firm of "espionage."

Institute of Terrorism and Response a Mossad Israeli company was Hired by the State of Pennsylvania to Spy on Pennsylvanians.

Israeli intel firm behind Pennsylvannia's "terror" bulletins on peace, environment, LGBT groups

Israeli Intelligence Firm Had Contract with Pennsylvania Dept of Home. Secty - by AP and Others

Pennsylvania Homeland Security Employed Israeli Company to Spy On Americans

Pa. Governor Apologizes for Tracking Enviro Extremists, but Questions Remain

Don't count on your favorite rightwing talk channel to talk about how YOU are paying OUR government for ISRAELIS to spy on us:

Will "truthseeker" WILK's Steve Corbett talk about this or mention Israel's involvement? I don't think so. In fact? I tuned in to our local rightwing channel WILK during the Sue Henry show and her guest host was talking about how some artist has to go into hiding because THE MUSLIMS are after her for drawing pictures of Mohammed!!! Let's go to war with Iran for Israel! Go ahead, keep dumbing yourself down with the Israeli occupied U.S. mainstream media! And notice: if they DO talk about our government spying on Pennsylvanians, they WON'T mention it's the Israeli's, and they DEFINITELY won't mention PROVEN Israeli ties to 9/11, like I have posted here. THE MOSQUE! THE MOSQUE! THE MOSQUE! ...is what they want you to talk about! Not Israelis on OUR soil being paid OUR tax money by OUR government to SPY on us!

Update: it was pointed out to me that although I did not hear Steve Corbett talk about Pa. Homeland Security using our tax money to pay Israelis to spy on us on our own soil, he did write this article even (scantly) mentioning Israel...BUT, he doesn't go far enough such as devoting a week of shows to this issue OR taking a step further and connecting the dots that Israel spying on U.S. soil has been going on for decades and there is proof that Israel was in on the events of 9/11, as you can see in my post that you are in. And you can see in this video here here how Steve Corbett dances around the 9/11 issue with callers to his show and belittles and cuts off callers who don't believe the "official" 9/11 story. Funny, in his article, he says that when he spoke with Richard Perleman of Pa. Homeland Security, he was falsely accused of being hostile and sarcastic. Now he knows what the 9/11 callers felt like! Listen to the video. I think writing an isolated post on his blog about this issue is a far cry from the media coverage it deserves, and that goes for the entire rightwing WILK lineup. They need to delve deep into Israeli Mossad connections and taxpayer money financing this treason, and linking it to Israeli spying on U.S. soil before, during, and since 9/11...as is PROVEN by this Pa. Homeland Security story and this entire post of mine that you are in. Steve Corbett also fails to mention that former Pa. Governor Tom Ridge was in the federal level Department of Homeland Security, and now happens to be a spokesman for the companies drilling/fracking in the Pa. portion of the Marcellus Shale natural gas companies...AND, isn't it funny that protesters of this drilling happen to be on this Pa. Homeland Security list...coincidence? I think not. Steve Corbett: you say you're a "truthseeker", then seek the truth on this ENTIRE issue. Do your job you used to do many years ago when you were actually a good investigative journalist during the Glen Wolsieffer case. That was a long time ago, Steve. A long LONG time ago. One good point Steve Corbett makes in his isolated article is that no one has been fired by current governor Rendell because of this...BUT, he also doesn't take the leap to 9/11 and ALSO point out that the Bush administration fired NO ONE for the biggest security breach in history: 9/11. It's called a "pattern" which points to people at the highest levels arranging these things. That is why no one is ever fired. Conclusion: there are links between Israeli spying on U.S. soil for decades and it included 9/11 AND this Pa. Homeland Security spying on Pennsylvanians. MAKE THE LINK!!!

FBI gave inaccurate statements claiming terror link to anti-war rally

Defense Department officials are negotiating to buy and destroy all 10,000 copies of the first printing of an Afghan war memoir they say contains intelligence secrets

If the link above doesn't work, click on this one about Lt Col Anthony Shaffer.

NSA/Pentagon Want to Suppress Lt. Col Anthony Shaffer’s Book “Operation Dark Heart”

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell apologized Tuesday to groups whose entirely lawful events were the subject of regular anti-terrorism reports provided by a Philadelphia-based Israeli-American outfit to state law enforcement agencies

Jesse Richard: America's #1 enemy - the mainstream media. Jesse Richard explains how the mainstream media acts as a cloaking device for criminals at the highest levels, like the Israelis (the Israeli occupied U.S. mainstream media), the military industrial complex, the wealthiest elites (the establishment), and corporations:

Above, Jesse Richard gave an example of how the mainstream media ISOLATES important news stories from us. His example was this below: the Israeli spy ring in the U.S. at the time of 9/11, a 4 part investigative series by FOX news which was squashed (ISOLATED FROM YOU). The series points out that there were Israeli connections to the events of 9/11:

Dual Israeli-U.S. citizenship: to whom are they loyal???

U.S. politicians (and there's LOTS of them usually not voted on, but hand-picked in cabinets) with dual-Israeli citizenship: whom are they loyal to???

The White Van: Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11 Spies?

Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo

Jane's Addiction

Anthrax & 9/11- Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11, "our purpose was to document the event"

FOX news 4 part investigative series into Israeli spy rings in the U.S., scrubbed from their site, but available on youtube

9/11 was a false flag by the U.S. and Israel to "blame the Muslims". WTC-7 is the smoking gun. WTC-7 was a 47 story building about a block away from the Twin Towers, it was NOT hit by a plane, yet fell like this controlled demolition style:

Do your research yourself. You're not going to find the REAL 9/11 story in the mainstream media. As you can see in REAL TIME right now, the coverage of the Pennsylvania government spying on its citizens in its limited reporting is NOT telling you that the SPY COMPANY IS ISRAELI!!! Here's your 9/11 links, my guarantee, as always, is there is a 100% chance you will NOT believe the "official" 9/11 IMPOSSIBLE FAIRY TALE if you bypass the controlled mainstream media and research what the REAL EXPERTS SAY...not the media and politicians who lied to you. If you believe that 47 story building fell in 6 seconds like controlled demolition in the above video for no reason (it was NOT hit by a plane on 9/11), then you are simply an idiot and there's no hope for you:

9/11: All In One Chunk


9/11 Blueprint For Truth










9/11 Mysteries (movie)

9/11 Press For Truth (movie)

FOX news 4 part investigative series into Israeli spy rings in the U.S., scrubbed from their site, but available on youtube

47 story WTC-7 building a block away from the Twin Towers fell in 6 seconds...NOT hit by a plane

Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11, "our purpose was to document the event"

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11: Are Members of the U.S. Govt Being Blackmailed by Israel and Others via Wiretaps?

Jane's Addiction

Anthrax & 9/11- Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo

Weapons of Mass Deception: how the media was in bed with the military to falsely lead us into the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars

Taxi to the Dark Side

torturing Democracy

The White Van: Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11 Spies?

The 9/11 Perpetrators Timeline

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