Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Dan's Big News Sept 16, 2010

This person won the Republican senate primary in Delaware: ever notice Republicans are really interested in what people do in their own bedrooms??? See: gay marriage. Is this media creation Sarah Palin II?

Christine O'Donnell on God Vs Masturbation

Christine O'Donnell on Hitler, God, Jews & Lies

Christine O'Donnell Circa 1997: AIDS Gets Too Much Gov't Money

"Show me somebody who says they don't masturbate and I'll show you a liar. Christine probably humps on a 12" vibrator every night and rubs chocolate sauce on her nipples." - a random comment on the internet

"My father said, 'Hey, son, don't masturbate or you'll go blind'. I said, 'Hey, Dad, I'm over here!!!'" - funny anonymous comment

Steven Colbert quickly marries his case masturbation is outlawed:

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CASTLE DEFEATS O'DONNELL IN DELAWARE! (According to the ballots that can be verified anyway)

Delaware's GOP Senate Primary and Its 100% Unverifiable, Faith-Based E-Voting Results. UPDATE: Tea Party candidate loses! (On the verifiable ballots)...

Flashback to Dem primary on unverifiable/hackable electronic voting machines:

Flashback: 'Experts' Eye 100% Unverifiable E-Vote System in 'Win' of SC's Mystery U.S. Senate Nominee 'Staggering' disparities seen between Alvin Greene's Election Day touch-screen results and paper-based absentee vote.

Flashback: Kentucky officials found guilty of rigging electronic voting machines.

HBO "must see" movie HACKING DEMOCRACY:

Who is Christine O'Donnell?

Tea Party, Not Progressives Make a Statement

Tea Party Gains Ground in Primaries - Democracy NOW!

Fox News Writes Talking Points For The GOP?

Bill Maher on Teabaggers, the Republicans, and the rightwing:

Republicans Have 'Slaves' in SC

Dimock, Pa., home of the blockbuster HBO movie "GASLAND" about the Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling contaminating Pennsylvania water, has found their drinking water STILL contains fracking toxic chemicals........but the reckless drillers have been saying otherwise! IE: they're LYING -

Lab finds toxic chemicals in Dimock Twp. water

Complete Northeast Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale drilling coverage by The Citizens Voice.

ae911truth Wash DC virtual debate...don't think the mainstream media is controlled? They gave ZERO coverage to this HUGE 9/11 truth gathering in NYC on Sep 9-12:

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