Monday, February 6, 2012

CNN accidentally shows that the GOP primary "election" is being stolen right in front of everyone's eyes, from state to state

Ron Paul is having the GOP primary "election" stolen from him, that's what your eyes and ears tell you. LOOK AROUND!!!

What happens when the actual counting occurs on live TV? Exactly what your eyes and ears told you to expect: Ron Paul wins by a landslide.

CNN inexplicably did live coverage of a random precinct in Nevada, and Ron Paul won by a landslide. By "inexplicable", I mean they actually did a good job doing actual news.

The one time there was live vote counting on TV and no one could possibly pull any shenanigans, Ron Paul won by a landslide.

Now what are the odds of that? 0% if you believe what's on TV, 100% if you believe what's NOT on TV and you see around you with your own eyes and ears on the streets everywhere you go!

Outside of the establishment media, do you see any support whatsoever for Romney or Newt or Santorum? What do they even do? None of them have held any public office for years. I think they're all unemployed! Ron Paul is a present congressman.

Read this extreme detailed report on this: Paul camp cries fraud over Nevada Caucus results

(IRONY ALERT: notice CNN says this is a precinct with "OBSERVANT JEWS". I thought Ron Paul was ANTI-SEMETIC according to the establishment press!!! "While most caucuses were held during the day, an exception was made in Clark County, the state's largest. There, party officials arranged to hold one meeting well after sundown at the request of orthodox Jews who observe bans on driving, writing or other work-a-day activities during the Sabbath." - NEWSMAX)

This makes perfect sense because everywhere I go, I see close to the same landslide percentage of Ron Paul bumper stickers, Ron Paul signs, Ron Paul fans...and I see no Romney/Newt/Santorum bumper stickers/signs/fans.

On the internet, I see the same landslide enthusiasm on Facebook and YouTube.

The ONLY place I see Romney, Newt, or Santorum enthusiasm is by TV "news" pundits and TV "news" coverage. I see with my own eyes everywhere I go, more Ron Paul backers of epic proportions greater than Obama backers for the 2008 election.

What should have happened in this precinct according to the establishment press and establishment GOP? Romney should've won by a landslide.

Something doesn't add up here. The GOP primary state elections are being stolen right in front of everyone's eyes state by state.

I'm sure this is the last time you'll see CNN cover live vote counting.

Why would you think it's "normal" that the one person that you see, with your own eyes and ears, having the most enthusiastic backers, the most vocal, participate in the most polls, have the most bumper stickers and signs, have the most people hitting the streets getting newly registered losing? When did we stop trusting our own eyes and ears and blindly believe TV "news" characters? Did you GIVE UP trusting your own eyes and ears?

Well, in the only Nevada precinct that had live TV coverage that couldn't be doctored, Ron Paul won by a landslide. Did you trust your eyes and ears on THAT one?

Here it is in a nutshell: the ONE TIME that what I saw on TV coincided with what my own eyes and ears (and BRAIN) telling me, is when CNN ONE TIME showed actual LIVE COUNTING and Ron Paul won by a landslide. My brain said: "THAT MAKES SENSE".

Newsmax accidentally prints Romney Nevada win article 2 days early

Woman points out NEWS LIARS: People are waking up!!!

Vote Fraud and press manipulation: About 20 different videos going over evidence.

Who Voted Romney? NO ONE Raises Their Hand! But Romney Got The Most Votes...?

The results as now finally reported by the state GOP are either accurate or not. Who knows? Nobody can. Now that the secure chain of custody for the ballots cast on Saturday has been broken, no one can known for certain, since it ultimately took days, rather than hours, for the public to learn of even initial results at all. Only party insiders were given access to oversee the tallies as the bulk of them were carried out outside of the public eye.

Perhaps the most obvious aspect of the situation, however, may be the fact that Nevada is a known Libertarian state, Ron Paul has basically campaign there since his last attempt at the white house, his numbers have almost doubled in every state since then, yet Nevada state GOP ‘officials’ expect everyone to believe he actually received fewer votes there in 2012 than he did in 2008?

PROVEN media bias against ONLY Ron Paul, out of all the Republicans:

RADICAL RICK Santorum, who in this video below says contraception 'license' to do bad things in bed, MIRACULOUSLY rose from the dead and swept 3 states: Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado. You buyin' that bullshit? Do YOU know lots of Santorum fans? I don't! And I live in Pennsylvania! I see Ron Paul fans everywhere!

Maddow: is GOP primary election "RIGGED" against Ron Paul?

Maine GOP Commits Massive Election Fraud in State Caucuses; Paul Supporters Justifiably Outraged. Republican election fraud epidemic continues...

Potential malfeasance beyond simply ignoring voters who have yet to cast their vote. It suggests the Maine GOP deliberately falsified the numbers they reported last Saturday.

Maine numbers don't add up!

Computer Programmer testifies he was commissioned by house rep to write program to hack electronic voting machines and make "your guy" win 51%-49%

The HBO movie "HACKING DEMOCRACY" in full length:

Ron Paul: the ONLY RepubliCrat that's not a MASS MURDERER:

"EVANGELICALS" fight over which MASS MURDERER they will endorse: Santorum or Gingrich; RON PAUL BOOED for quoting the GOLDEN RULE and being against WAR

There's only ONE RepubliCrat that JESUS would vote for: RON PAUL, the only NOT MASS MURDERER RepubliCrat candidate

Since IGNORING Ron Paul hasn't worked, the mainstream media will now cover him as a RACIST, ANTI-SEMETIC, HOLOCAUST-DENYING, TERRORIST-LOVING CONSPIRACY THEORIST

"EVANGELICALS for NEWT": another FAKE story by the INSANE mainstream media to continue the blackout of Ron Paul.......the INSANE FREAK SHOW called the Republican "debates" CONTINUES!!!

The Three Stooges Simultaneous Meltdown: orchestrated by KARL ROVE so JEB BUSH can step in at the last second????

I just figured it out... The script has Romney picking Jeb Bush as his VP/running mate. We already have precedent of the GOP running the White House from the back seat throughout the Cheney/GW administration, and that's the plan - Jeb as VP - though in fact - running the cartel.

- plunger

Above: Jeb Bush, GHW "Poppy" Bush, and Obama...probably talking about how Netanyahu/Israel has been blackmailing the president(s) no matter who they are or what party they're in, and there's nothing they can do about it because Netanyahu has the goods on all of them from the JFK assassination up to and beyond the 9/11 inside job.

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