Saturday, February 4, 2012

What's The OVER/UNDER On Military Industrial Complex Commercials and References During the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Military Flyover:

Question I: What's The OVER/UNDER On Military Industrial Complex Commercials and References During the Super Bowl?

Question II: How many soldiers are they going to parade or show with brain injuries and no arms & legs for political "nationalism" purposes? They have a Super Bowl ticket! The WAR is good!

btw...the BUSH-CHENEY production line has been continued and expanded under fellow mass murderer, warmonger, and destroyer of the Constitution and civil rights: OBAMA.

BUSH=CLINTON=BUSH=OBAMA, all in one big, happy religion of nationalism!

This was played during last year's Super Bowl: mixing football with the military, that's Green Bay Packers legend Bart Starr in front of soldiers (don't question this, or you're questioning the religion of "NATIONALISM", which is greater than any real religion in America):

(IRONY ALERT!!! Politicians trashing the Constitution talking about the "founding fathers" and the Constitution. Led off by Colin "LIED ABOUT IRAQ WMD'S" Powell!)

TSA recruits hot dog vendors, parking lot attendants to watch out for terrorists at Super Bowl

Only the ELITES want WAR:

Less than One-Fifth of All Americans Favor Military or Covert Action Against Iran … Less than Half of Israelis Want to Attack Iran, and 65% Want the Entire Middle East – Including Israel – to be a Nuclear-Free Zone

The president the current Republican Party would like to forget about and never mention: President Eisenhower WARNS OF THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX in his outgoing speech when he was leaving his presidency -

Why does our "Nationalistic" faith, the idea that America is the "exceptional" nation, get into the way of looking logically at the evidence concerning 9-11 as a "false flag" attack?

How Faith Can Be Illuminating or Blinding

According to David Ray Griffin, "People of faith" are often accused of allowing their faith to override evidence. With regard to 9/11, the greatest obstacle to seeing the truth---that 9/11 was an inside job---is not the lack of evidence but what can be called "nationalist faith"---the belief that America is the "exceptional nation," whose leaders never deliberately do anything truly evil, at least to their own citizens.

Dr David Ray Griffin (born 1939) is a retired American professor of philosophy of religion and theology. Along with John B. Cobb, Jr., he founded the Center for Process Studies in 1973, a research center of Claremont School of Theology which seeks to promote the common good by means of the relational approach found in process thought. He gives a keynote speech about the religion of "NATIONALISM" in relation to the events of 9/11 and the subsequent "war on terror":

9/11 and Nationalist Faith: How Faith Can Be Illuminating or Blinding (David Ray Griffin)

40+ SELECT essential 9/11 videos; bookmark these and watch them. That's if you aren't blinded by the religion of NATIONALISM, where you take the word of your (religious?) leaders' evidence-free 9/11 story which requires that you believe 9 SUPERNATURAL NON-SCIENTIFIC MIRACLES happened on 9/11 and "muslims suspended physics & science":

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Roseann Barr when asked about 9/11: "WE KNOW" -


The evolution of the Beatles' song "SHE SAID SHE SAID", from the first four DEMO's, to vocals-only, guitars-only, drums-only, to the finished product put to footage of 1966 Germany:

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