Thursday, February 23, 2012

Welcome to OPPOSITE LAND (the GOP "debate"): where birth control causes unwanted pregnancies

THE VAGINA PATROL (or American Taliban, take your pick) MASTER DEBATERS:

(Where's Ron Paul in this picture, btw? Raw Story cuts out Ron Paul or did CNN cut out Ron Paul? Huffington Post cuts out Ron Paul, see picture down below in this post. Is NEWT pointing at the audience saying, "Hey! You two! Are you having pre-maritial sex with contraception? KNOCK IT OFF!!! OMG! It's two guys! Well, then, actually, they don't need to use birth control.......and don't bring up my two affairs, because I was using the RHYTHM METHOD during those two affairs!!!")

In their twisted arguments, the pill causes unwanted teen pregnancy, rather than preventing it. Welcome to opposite world - where birth control is the leading cause of pregnancy

So how many Ron Paul followers are single - having sex despite not being married? How many are college-age and sexually active? How many Ron Paul followers are in loving relationships that do not include a marriage certificate? Did he just tell them they are all behaving immorally in order to throw some red meat to this audience of zealots?

Did you notice how "managed/rehearsed" this entire question and response was? Newt's response was planned and scripted, as was the audience's role. None of them answered the question, and they took their turns acting out their roles to flip the script without ever answering the question - "which of you believes in birth control, and why?" - plunger

PolitiFact: 98 percent of Catholic women ages 15 to 44 who have had sex have used contraceptives........

(folks, this is not even up for debate; when something's 98% to 2%, you don't even talk about it, it's been resolved!)

Keeping facts straight on 98% of Catholic women

Americans are pro-birth control: poll

Virginia governor Bob McDonnell in U-turn over controversial abortion bill

I have a suggestion for GOP debate mascots (or at least, the MASTER DEBATERS should be forced to dress like this due to the fact that they can't stop talking about penises & vaginas. btw, is that Rick Santorum in the costume on the right with a fake mustache on? maybe that's Michele "one 'L' & two 'N's" Bachmann on the left?):


Every sperm is sacred:

BD: On a personal level, we're married 28 years. When we got married at 21 years old, and even before that, we went to Planned Parenthood and got free contraception. Then when we decided, at age 24, to have our first kid, we went off the contraception and almost immediately had a kid. So this is like almost 3 decades ago. Planned Parenthood was very nice, they actually helped us, answered any questions, and were experts. FOR FREE, btw... The "EVIL" Planned Parenthood!!!

AND WE'RE FUCKING DEBATING THIS NOW? STOP TALKING ABOUT OUR COCKS & CUNTS, GOP! OK, to be politically correct: stop talking about our PENISES & VAGINAS, sorry, no emails, please!)

SANTORUM'S SURGE: sometimes the jokes just write themselves.......

Santorum-AT (American Taliban): gays waging a "JIHAD" against him -

House Republicans call ALL-MALE panel for contraception hearing.

If I see a CURRENT picture today of a MAJOR "news" site cropping out Ron Paul, I'm going to post it here:


Ron Paul is having the GOP primary "election" stolen from him, that's what your eyes and ears tell you. LOOK AROUND!!!

Rachel Maddow of the left (MSNBC) said GOP election fraud is going on state by state in the above post, and now we have Alex Jones on the right saying the same exact thing:

Ron Paul Is Being Cheated Out of the Republican Nomination

The MAINSTREAM MEDIA are the ones that have the GOP state by state stolen elections blacklisted! (note: I don't consider MSNBC "mainstream media", maybe a slight cut below. I consider the big hitters in the mainstream media: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NYTIMES, WAPO, AND YES - PBS, do you see PBS covering the stolen elections? And I also include the most popular rightwing radio shows like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, & Mike Savage. Are they reporting the stolen elections? Is Mike Savage mentioning the stolen elections? Did the NYTimes have a piece on the obviously stolen elections?)

Veterans for Ron Paul March on the White House (Incredible Footage, totally ignored by the corrupted 1% mainstream media)

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