Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm joining the winning teams in Pennslyvania: the Republicans, Roman Catholics, & Frackers

I give up! I live in Pennsylvania, and I am now switching to the winning teams: the Republicans, Roman Catholics, and the Frackers:

I'm becoming a Republican. I'm now FOR fracking in Pennsylvania, even though I get nothing out of it except polluted water and the ruination of the environment and CANCER, just like the old coal mining days here in NEPA (Northeast Pennsylvania). I'm now AGAINST taxing the frackers. I want to continue to be the only state that's not taxing them. I'm going to PRETEND along with them that we cannot tax frackers. I'll simply IGNORE the mention of taxing frackers when talking about the "financial crisis" in Pennsylvania, and instead say to solve it we need to throw Pennsylvania kids off health care, cut Head Start programs, cut food stamps, cut heating aid, cut education funding, cut mental health aid, and cut aid to the homeless. I'm on the winning team now!!!

Screw the streams, creeks, and drinking water!!!!!!!


Man Dies After Fracking Operations Started Nearby


Two people dead…contaminated water after fracking

"Gasland" Director Josh Fox Arrested at Congressional Hearing on Natural Gas Fracking

Screw the kindergartners!!!!!!! (that weren't aborted)


Screw the poor!!!!!!!


I'm FOR this now, because now I have become a REPUBLICAN ROMAN CATHOLIC FRACKER:

PA Must Reads: Shameful: PA Has Denied 88,000 Kids Health Care Since August

Gov Corbett's budget: cut education, aid to the poor & disabled...don't tax the Frackers.

Gov Corbett's DAY OF WRECKING (day of "reckoning")

THE WINNING TEAM(S), BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm becoming a Roman Catholic. I'm now AGAINST contraception, even though 90% of Americans are for using, have used, or want the availability of it. I'm going to PRETEND along with the 10% minority who OWN all the radio shows, newspapers, & TV channels and made them "Republican-friendly", that there is a 50/50 debate going on about contraception (not a 90/10 landslide). I'm going to start going to Roman Catholic church again, after all, I was a Roman Catholic, I just haven't been going. I'll try and find an open Roman Catholic church that former Biship Martino hasn't shut down yet and pretend there's an overwhelming amount of Catholics in this area even though all the churches are being shut down. As a Roman Catholic, I'm going to say that I will always vote Republican for one single issue, PRETENDING they will ban abortion, like they DIDN'T when they had President Bush, the majority in the House, the majority in the Senate, and 7 of 9 Supreme Court justices from 2000 to 2006. And SCREW all the other issues like cutting food stamps, cutting heating aid, cutting education, and cutting health care. I will not point out the IRONY that if there is no contraception, then there will be more abortions. I will not point out that even though I'm against abortion, I won't adopt any any unwanted babies if there are more of them due to contraception being banned or not available. In fact, I won't point out that I'm not adopting any of these babies or children RIGHT NOW! Even BEFORE contraception is banned or unavailable. I'll just keep saying I'm against it and calling in radio shows and saying I'm against it, and the radio hosts will never ask me if I'm willing to adopt some of these unwanted babies and children. "MAGIC" will happen, and they will be taken care of..."SOMEHOW". But not by ME or my tax money. And I will never EVER mention the fact that there never was, is, or will be ANYTHING preventing wealthy people from volunteering these things outside the government in the "free market", thus rendering all of these government services useless and not needed.

No one should be having pre-marital sex anyway, or sex for any other reason besides pro-creating, then they wouldn't need contraception!!!!!!!


Will GOP Support Catholics on Unemployment Benefits?

Remember the HUMAN ROMAN CATHOLIC WRECKING BALL Bishop Martino??? He did HIS "Day of WRECKING", too!!! And then left when he was done.

It's the Bishop!!! NEPA religious news: The Bishop has been POUNDING NEPA since he got here!!! (February 17, 2009)

NEPA's KOOKY GOP Bishop Martino continues to attack Democrat Bobby Casey by threatening to withhold communion because he voted to confirm Kathleen Sebelius. No other bishop in America is doing this to anyone. The bishop remains silent on Republican TORTURE and WARS. (Bishop Martino; April 30, 2009)

FRAUDSTER Bishop Martino silent about torture revelations... (Bishop Martino; April 23, 2009)

NEPA: Guy in funny hat and robe now attacking Senator Casey. (Bishop Martino; Feb 7, 2009)

After joining the WINNING TEAM(S), I'm NOW AGAINST food stamps: I'm going to start calling our local rightwing radio talk radio show WILK and say that I saw people on food stamps buying LOBSTERS and getting into CADILLACS when they leave the grocery store with their LOBSTERS, and IGNORE the fact that it's CREEPY to follow someone out to their car (I'm just going to LIE about it anyway) and FURTHER ignore the FACT that even if I DID see someone get into a CADILLAC or other "nice car", they may have been designated to be able to buy food for a DISABLED person on food stamps who can't drive or leave the house:

IE: I'm just simply going to start calling my local rightwing radio talk show WILK and say NONSENSICAL, HATEFUL, DIVISIVE SHIT that can't be proven and attack the poor, disabled, elderly...the most vulnerable in our society.


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