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Big Dan's Big News Oct 7, 2010

The Tea Party and the burning house: where's your $75???

Tea Party mentality: the sentiment coming out from the Tea Party about the guy's house who burned down while the fire department sat and watched because he didn't pay his $75 fee wasn't, "The poor guy, every American should have their house put out by the fire department because they're an American citizen" was, "What if everyone didn't pay their $75??? This serves as a lesson!!!" Yes, that's what the Tea Party and people on the right and their rightwing media are saying. So, if you want life in America to be like that, vote for The Tea Party! And it will be the same with health care, social security, medicare, medicaid, and every public benefit. It's a branch of the Republican Party.

The IAFF condemns the Tennessee fire department's actions, and a member of the victim's family beats up the fire chief:

"The department's fire chief, David Wilds, was allegedly attacked inside the fire station by one of Cranick's family members hours after the blaze, the newspaper reported.

Timothy A. Cranick entered the station looking for Wilds, and when he identified himself he allegedly struck him. The fire chief was knocked down and was rendered virtually defenseless. The man was pulled off Wilds by other firefighters who restrained him until additional help arrived.

The chief's attacker was arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault."

International Association of Fire Fighters Condemns Tennessee Dept's Decision Not to Fight Fire

Where's your $75??? Putting out your burning house is a "service they offer" for a FEE:

Were you "shocked" that this took place in the GOP South???

Attention Republican "hick" voters: the GOP themselves think you're "hicks":

GOP Ad-Men Sought 'Hicky' Actors For West Virginia Senate Race Spot

Breaking: GOP pulls West Virginia "hick" ad

Just as the Tea Party are the DUPES for the billionaire wealthy "conservatives":

The viciousness of Birmingham’s white underclass served the purpose of the ruling order.

The Tea Party - privatize the fire department:

Next: The FBI goes into poor Muslim section of cities, pays informants to create a "terrorist" situation, offers huge amounts of $$$ to poor Muslims in the community to go along with a "terror plot" the FBI themselves created, then all we see are headlines (HeadLIES): "Terror Plot in U.S. Foiled":

Entrapment or Foiling Terror? FBI’s Reliance on Paid Informants Raises Questions about Validity of Terrorism Cases

The U.S. government is entrapping NON-Muslim activists, too. Basically, if you question the powers that be, you're a "security risk":

Your tax dollars at work: SOA Graduate Involved in Coup Attempt in Ecuador

The REAL news: U.S. military plants in the mainstream media, Rick Sanchez OUT after suggesting Jews run the media, and more FAKE "terror":

Next: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce - not what you THINK it is -

Like the FED, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce sound like some kind of government agency, doesn't it? Well, it's just a private organization of prominent businessmen. Here's recent REAL investigative journalism of what the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is:

1) The Chamber acknowledges that it receives foreign sources of funding.
2) The foreign funds go directly into the Chamber’s general 501(c)(6) entity.
3) At least $300,000 has been channeled from foreign companies in India and Bahrain to the account.
4) The foreign sources include foreign state-owned companies, including the State Bank of India and the Bahrain Petroleum Company.
5) The Chamber’s 501(c)(6) entity is used to launch an unprecedented $75 million partisan attack ad campaign against Democrats.

The Chamber's Foreign Influence

Inconvenient Facts That The Chamber Hasn’t Refuted

Kissing Cousins: How The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce And American Crossroads Hook Up To Elect Republicans


K-K-Karl Rove and his "grassroots" groups of billionaires:

A pair of campaign finance watchdog groups have called for a probe of a new nonprofit formed by Karl Rove to spend over $50 million this election cycle to help elect Republican candidates. The Center for Public Integrity reports Republicans and Democrats each now boast ten or so deep-pocketed independent groups with plans to spend collectively some $500 million or more. The groups are all taking advantage of this year’s Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case that cleared the way for unlimited spending by corporations, unions and other interest groups on election ads. We speak to journalist and author Peter Stone of the Center for Public Integrity.

Campaign Cash: The Independent Fundraising Gold Rush Since Citizens United Ruling

Does a Higher Minimum Wage Reduce Jobs?

The latest Keiser Report for REAL financial news:

Parents Of Rachel Corrie Civil Law Suit Saying Israeli Military Murdered Their Daughter

Firemen Explosion Testimony on 9/11

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LEVEL 42 - HOT WATER (RETROGLIDE TOUR 2006; 1984 tour, Mark King bass solo, & extended remix)

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