Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why wasn't Michelle Malkin dispatched to Tennessee yet???

"webster" makes the cut on Big Dan's rightwing media character picture!!!

(NOTE: in my famous rightwing media character picture, the "hall of shame", in the lower right, I replaced WILK's Steve Corbett with the much MUCH worse new WILK character, ex-classic rock jock and forehead-challenged "webster"...he joins the other rightwing propaganda lunatics...I'm thinking of expanding this picture by 3...candidates are Charles Krauthammer...there's plenty to choose from..."webster" should be flattered to make the cut...he made the local bottom row...maybe someday he'll get a promotion to FOX "news"...right now he's content on FOX "news" Jr WILK...I'm sure the rightwing GOON squad will dispatch Michelle Malkin to the scene to spy on this poor guy and accuse him of burning his house down on purpose...)

Here's what "conservatism" is all about: VOTE REPUBLICAN:

"Right-wing writers at the conservative movement’s bulkhead magazine, The National Review, defended the county and argued that firefighting should not be a public service available to all, regardless of ability to pay. Now, yet another major conservative has joined the defense. On his radio show this afternoon, leading right-wing talker Glenn Beck and his producer Pat Gray openly mocked the Cranick family."

Rightwing media/pundits FOR guy's house burning down because he didn't pay $75!!!

What's going on? Why didn't the FOX "news" emergency helicopter immediately fly rightwing media GOON SQUAD member Michelle Malkin down to the Cranick family's burnt down house in Tennessee to harass and spy on them and accuse them of purposely setting their house on fire?

Graeme Frost: What Would You Do If This Was Snooping Around Your House? (Updated)

Fallout from the activist conservative Supreme Court's Citizen's United decision:

Undisclosed Campaign Spending Up Five-Fold From 2006; Dems Outgunned 7 to 1 With Secret Money

Interest-group spending for midterm up fivefold from 2006; Republicans outspend Democrats 7-to-1

Calif. anti-climate campaign got virtually all its money from three oil companies asks DOJ to investigate Chamber’s funding

Erosion of Freedom: EU and CCTV threat to UK privacy?

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