Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big Dan's Big News Oct 5, 2010

A preview of life under Tea Party rule: "Pay to Spray" private/corporate fire department: you don't pay, they don't spray - privatize/corporatize everything, take everything out of the public owned realm:

This went viral about a year ago, a sarcastic video "privatize the fire department"...how prophetic they predicted this:

Harry Belafonte at the ONE NATION rally, railing against everyone including Obama and the Tea Party:

Harry Belafonte:

"The President’s decision to escalate the war in that region alone costs the nation $33 billion," the legendary musician, actor and activist Harry Belafonte said at Saturday’s "One Nation Working Together" in Washington. "That sum of money could not only create 600,000 jobs here in America, but would even leave us a few billion to start rebuilding our schools, our roads, our hospitals and affordable housing. It could also help to rebuild the lives of the thousands of our returning wounded veterans."

Harry Belafonte: Iraq & Afghanistan Wars Are "Immoral, Unconscionable and Unwinnable"

Harry Belafonte on the Muppet Show:

Harry Belafonte and Nat King Cole:

Voices from the "One Nation Working Together" Rally for Jobs and Justice

Voices from the ONE NATION march:

Glenn Beck draws just 700 to event in 8,000 seat arena, but still all over media

Here's Your Enthusiasm Gap: One Nation Rally Draws More Attendees Than Beck's "Whitestock"

"Sadly, the One Nation that came together in Washington was not there to be organized into an ongoing force," writes longtime media analyst Danny Schechter. "No follow-up program was announced, no emails collected, no vision on how to turn all that energy on the Mall into a powerful progressive alternative to the tea party was offered. No longer march strategy was announced. It was a moment in itself not for anything more."

News Dissector Danny Schechter: Saturday’s "One Nation" March on Washington Was "More Movie than Movement"

Look, let's just stop pretending and put all our cards on the table: the Tea Party and GOP is for: getting rid of social security, getting rid of minimum wage (like Reagan, who started the tax on unemployment btw...), getting rid of medicare, medicaid, and the VA. Just say it! Lay all your cards on the table and stop pretending! And if you want that, vote for the Tea Party and the Republicans, it's as simple as that! Stop complicating it! If you're FOR all those things, vote against them:

We are the Insurgents

The CIA (???) is engaging in almost daily drone strikes in Pakistan, and now we're killing German citizens in Pakistan. Do you buy the "reasons" we're bombing Pakistan in the undeclared war against Pakistan? I don't. And is it in the Constitution that the CIA can bomb other countries? I didn't know that:

Erosion of Freedom: EU and CCTV threat to UK privacy?

Even the Little Guy Now Realizes that the Stock Market is Gamed, And Many Are Pulling Out Entirely

The Road to World War III - The Global Banking Cartel Has One Card Left to Play

The Federal Reserve is Selling Paper Gold and Buying Physical Gold

Media Blackout – Wall Street Journal Hiding Andrew Maguire Revelation Of JP Morgan Chase Gold/Silver Manipulation

Here come the RICO class action suits...

Notice how they rigged the game such that, just in time, they put the US Taxpayers in possession of the very entities that rigged the game to the bankster's benefit, leaving the taxpayers to sue the taxpayers (Fannie/Freddie), for their own losses in the largest pyramid scheme ever conceived....wheeling the actual cash out the backdoor, using a slight of hand shell game to hide the fact that NOBODY actually owns the mortgage - while leaving the liabilities for their criminal fraud to you and me....

Racketeering suits (RICO), now as civil class action suits in two states, have hit the nail on the head. The civil suit says the banks do not have proper title to the homes on which they are foreclosing. This by direct inference questions if securitized debt on mortgages have real collateral behind them.

THEY DO NOT - plunger

Massive document fraud involving foreclosures all over the country

Banks Suing Based on Counterfeit Court Summons in Foreclosure Lawsuits

Every week Max Keiser looks at all the scandal behind the financial news headlines. This week, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at Central Banks causing gold spikes, moaning savers and cement mixers driving into the Irish Parliament. In the second half of the show, Max goes to Chile to talk to author, filmmaker and blogger, Gonzalo Lira, about hyperinflation.

Egyptian General: 9/11 Was An Inside Job, Part of New World Order's Plan

George Carlin and Bill Hicks tell it like it is

Larry Flynt Renews Million Dollar Offer For Dirt On David Vitter

Don't worry about GAY marriage...worry about NO marriage!!!

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