Monday, October 11, 2010

Big Dan's Big News Oct 11, 2010

The REAL power and money behind Sarah Palin - not what the "liberals" criticize her for, and not what the "conservatives" love her for:

Special Report: The Power Behind Sarah Palin

What Sarah Palin is really all about (by Michael Collins Piper of American Free Press):


It’s a scandal (or it should be) of national—even international—proportions. But in Pennsylvania, where the news first reverberated, few understand the bigger ramifications: The ongoing furor has— just barely—kicked open the door of a hitherto secret house of horrors in which a whole host of spooks are lurking.

Exposed was yet another instance of Israeli spying on American soil. Adding insult to injury is the fact— revealed in Pennsylvania—that American tax dollars are being channeled to Israeli intelligence operations to spy on American citizens engaged in lawful political activity.

To understand the controversy, it is critical to recognize that in the wake of 9-11, “homeland security” became a booming racket—not just in the sense of a growing government bureaucracy. In fact, an amazing number of privately owned companies blossomed, operating in the sphere of American military, intelligence and law enforcement, contracting out services to U.S. government agencies and institutions at all levels.

An overwhelming majority of such firms are either 1) Israeli owned; 2) owned by U.S. subsidiaries of Israeli companies; or 3) owned by Americans tied to Israel and the Jewish lobby in America.

It was discovered that one such Israeli-owned company was spying on law-abiding citizens, paid to do so by the Pennsylvania state government—that is, the taxpayers .........

ITRR’s alerts, distributed at taxpayer expense, cast political dissidents in Pennsylvania as potential terrorists, enemies of public order and threats to freedom. Those in Pennsylvania targeted by ITRR included attendees at a tea party march in Harrisburg, supporters of an anti-illegal immigration rally in Hazleton, critics of nuclear power, animal rights defenders, gay activists and a group protesting natural gas drilling. In other words, both “conservative” and “liberal” are subject to scrutiny...........

While some officials are raising questions about the ITRR matter, what none is asking is: Why, in the first place, was a group tied to a controversial foreign nation, central to some of the most difficult issues affecting U.S. foreign policy, even considered eligible for such a sensitive area as monitoring matters relating to America’s homeland security?

Pa. homeland security boss quits over Israeli firm

It's official - Israel is a FASCIST THEOCRACY: non-Jews must take "Jewish Loyalty Oath":

911, Iraq, PNAC , All roads lead to Israel

Fake Al Qaeda

WHO is keeping the Osama Bin Laden myth alive...even though he's dead?

EVERYONE is catching on: the "WAR ON TERROR" is a FRAUD:

Oath Keepers statement about video titled, “Government Agents Seize Oath Keeper’s New Born From Hospital”

Oathkeeper's baby was "neglected", according to official documents, even though it was ONE DAY OLD (sound fishy???):

Pentagon buys up all copies of Lt Col Shaffer's book "Operation Dark Heart" and destroys it...his book suggests a 9/11 inside job by the government:

Caught on tape: what the Israelis really think of us (Netanyau leaked home video)

'Americans betrayed by their government'

9/11 New WTC Ground Zero Aftermath Kurt Sonnenfeld FEMA Video 2010 Release

How Hank Paulson's Inaction Helped Goldman Sachs

The REAL news: new 9/11 video released, human experimentation, and banksters break into peoples' homes:

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