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Big Dan's Big News Oct 13, 2010

Jailhouse Confession: How the right-wing media and Glenn Beck's chalkboard drove Byron Williams to plot assassination

"I would have never started watching Fox News if it wasn't for the fact that Beck was on there. And it was the things that he did, it was the things he exposed that blew my mind." - Byron Williams

In exclusive jailhouse audio obtained by Media Matters, Byron Williams, the man who allegedly intended to violently assault the progressive Tides Foundation, lays out his thoughts on Glenn Beck. He recounts how he considered Beck to be like a "schoolteacher" for him, and he echoes many of Beck's most misinformed conspiracy theories:

Psywar - there's a media war going on for your mind:

The corporate mainstream media has no clothes, we all know it's the spokesman for the wealthy and powerful.

Top 25 Censored Stories Released

Here are the top 25:

1. Global Plans to Replace the Dollar
2. US Department of Defense is the Worst Polluter on the Planet
3. Internet Privacy and Personal Access at Risk
4. ICE Operates Secret Detention and Courts
5. Blackwater (Xe): The Secret US War in Pakistan
6. Health Care Restrictions Cost Thousands of Lives in US
7. External Capitalist Forces Wreak Havoc in Africa
8. Massacre in Peruvian Amazon over US Free Trade Agreement
9. Human Rights Abuses Continue in Palestine
10. US Funds and Supports the Taliban
11. The H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Manipulating Data to Enrich Drug Companies
12. Cuba Provided the Greatest Medical Aid to Haiti after the Earthquake
13. Obama Cuts Domestic Spending and Increases Military Corporate Welfare
14. Increased Tensions with Unresolved 9/11 Issues
15. Bhopal Water Still Toxic Twenty-five Years After Deadly Gas Leak
16. US Presidents Charged with Crimes Against Humanity as Universal Jurisdiction Dies in Spain
17. Nanotech Particles Pose Serious DNA Risks to Humans and the Environment
18. The True Cost of Chevron
19. Obama Administration Assures World Bank and International Monetary Fund a Free Reign of Abuse
20. Obama’s Charter School Policies Spread Segregation and Undermine Unions
21. Western Lifestyle Continues Environmental Footprint
22. 1.2 Billion People in India to be Given Biometric ID Cards
23. Afghan War: Largest Military Coalition in History
24. War Crimes of General Stanley McChrystal
25. Prisoners Still Brutalized at Gitmo

Below: Congress and the Banksters


The tidal wave of evidence showing that the giant banks have engaged in fraudulent foreclosure practices is so large that the attorneys general of up to 40 states are launching investigations.

People's homes are being taken when they didn't even hold a mortgage, and the big banks have been using "robo signers" to forge mortgage related documents. Indeed, even president Obama has been hit by robo signers (see this and this).

Its so blatant that foreclosure mills have published price lists for forging documents, including such gems as:

"Create Missing Intervening Assignment" $35

"Cure Defective Assignment" $12.95

"Recreate Entire Collateral File" $95

"At the Root of the Crisis We Find the Largest Financial Swindle in World History", Where "Counterfeit" Mortgages Were "Laundered" by the Banks

Internet voting systems hacked:

Iranian, Chinese Computers Also Discovered to Have Been Hacking D.C. Internet Voting System. Startling testimony offered by the U. of Michigan computer science professor whose team penetrated D.C.'s 'pilot program' server for what was to have been a live election beginning in just days...

It should be ONE SENTENCE: "I'm a Republican or clergyman and I'm against gays...BREAKING NEWS: I'M GAY!!!"

OBVIOUSLY: Paladino is GAY! .........well, he's got to be, at least that's MY opinion. Daily, in the "news", whenever a Republican or clergyman can't stop talking about how he's against gays...THEN HE'S GAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Advice to Paladino: STOP TALKING ABOUT GAYS!!! Are you some kind of MORAN???

More "anti-gay" comments from Paladino...THEREFORE: HE'S GAY!!!!!!!

Hey, Paladino, didn't you just see this??? Are you some kind of MORAN? Maybe it's like spontaneous combustion: they just become gay after obsessively talking so much about gays! Who knows?

Rev Eddie "Long Dong" Long, anti-gay clergyman…is a GAY MORAN.

Or how about this recent story: the head of the RNC who architected their anti-gay platform during the Bush years...was...guess what? GAY!!! Shocking, isn't it? Are you reading the news, Bub??? Are you some kind of MORAN??? Maybe you're a GAY MORAN!

Former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Comes Out: I'm A Gay MORAN

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