Thursday, October 8, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Oct 8, 2009

MSNBC: Olbermann pissed about health care:

Grayson continues to impress! Now he gets together with Ron Paul and sends a letter to the Senate Banking Committee asking the committee to delay the confirmation of Ben Bernanke until he releases information on secret emergency loans made in 2008. I'm convinced there are but a handful of politicians that are looking out for us and Ron Paul has been one of Grayson is another one. Stay with the videos below and watch Grayson laugh in Bernanke's face on the 2nd video and then watch Grayson on health care:

We are a one party corportocracy tricked out as a checkbook democracy with two political brands whose only real competition, despite the dog and pony show of partisan politics, is about which one can service the business of business better and claim the fatter check.

What If You Knew - David Rovics

I'm just posting the truth here about the Republican Party...if the truth hurts, maybe you better switch party's or just listen to Rush Limbaugh and ignore the truth...

The measure passed the Senate by a vote of 68 to 30, with all 30 'no' votes being cast by Republicans. Notably, 10 Senate Republicans voted for the measure, including all four female Republican senators.

GOP votes against measure to help victims of rape at govt. contractors

McCollum Gains Support for ACORN Act to Defund Corporate Crooks Convicted of a Felony's Conservative Bible Project aims to deliberalize the bible

Conservapedia - debunk "Jesus was a liberal"

Conservative Bible Project Cuts Out Liberal Passages

Flashback: Conservapedia's most high traffic pages are on homosexuality.

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