Sunday, October 11, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Oct 11, 2009

Women pay more for health care...that may change with health care reform:

My new favorite congressman, Alan Grayson: Republicans probably wish there were Nobel prize for ‘fear, hatred, racism’

Obama blew his chance to fix the economy by NOT breaking the power of the banksters over our government when he had the opportunity:

"While there are arguments to make in his favor, there is something unquestionably bizarre about awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to a leader who did not merely "inherit," but is advocating, actively prosecuting and escalating, a major war that is killing large numbers of civilians with no plans to stop, while at the same time building prisons to house people who will have no due process. We are born and raised to believe that dissent is, or at least can be, patriotic. Over the last six years, liberals and conservatives have each accused the other of breaking that link in the social contract. And in the vortex of this week’s Nobel debate, the lines between patriotism, anti-Americanism, dissent and nationalism have blurred into triviality -- Irving Kristol’s neoconservativism has mutated into some meaningless form of postmodernism. Obama’s Nobel will soon be yesterday’s news, but the argument over what it means to love America will be alive and well:

Accusing Obama critics of "standing with the terrorists"

Tony Perkins, head of conservative "family values" group Family Research Coucil, says he "doesn't remember" speaking at racist group events...but a recently surfaced picture tells a thousand stories...

The New American Century (a modern history lesson)

Small Faces (Steve Marriot) - Whatcha Gonna Do About It

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