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Big Dan's Big News Oct 30, 2009

Both parties, the Democrats and Republicans, are like the World Wresting Federation, putting on a show for you and they're friends having drinks together and eating lobster together behind the scenes, splitting up all the taxpayer money like two mobster families and getting excellent health care on the taxpayers dime. The Democrats shoot real health care reform down and act like the Republicans are somehow stopping it, even though the Democrats control everything in government. Don't expect real health care reform from the Democrats, in fact they're trying to stop it. Try and vote out either party on the proven-insecure electronic voting machines NEITHER party wants to get rid of:

Don't worry, BOTH parties will collude to stop real health care reform on behalf of their health care industry donors and against us, despite the polls saying the American people want it. Take a look at this:

"House Democratic leaders quietly stripped a single-payer provision from the House version of the healthcare overhaul Thursday. The measure would have allowed states to set up their own state-run healthcare systems, where local governments would have become de facto health insurers for residents."

Democrats strip single-payer healthcare proposal from health overhaul

Right-Wingers in Congress Love Their Own Govt.-Run Health Care, But They Hate Sharing It

Here's what happens when a 3rd party (in Pennsylvania in this example) tries to represent us:

Carl Romanelli, a divorced father of two grown sons from Wilkes-Barre, knew that as the Green Party candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2006, he'd have a hard time beating the big boys in the race: Republican incumbent Rick Santorum and Democrat Bob Casey. But he hoped to focus on his issues: an end to the Iraq war, health insurance, the rights of women and gays.

He did not foresee that, first, he'd get knocked off the ballot and, three years later, both he and his lawyer would be facing a $80,407 bill for the expenses incurred by foes who challenged Romanelli's nominating petition.

An election expert says this is only the second time in U.S. history that a candidate has been assessed the cost of efforts to remove him from a ballot.

Green Party's Carl Romanelli to pay cruel and unusual punishment.

The Military Industrial Congressional Complex...Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff for Colin Powell: the wars will stop in a dramatic, stunning, crashing way...they can't be sustained. From US debt to the geopolitics of oil, the US empire will come to an end. We're paying for the wars with debt to other countries and by printing money...not producing anything, just consuming, outsourcing our jobs to other countries. We won't have the ability to do anything overseas.

Special commentary by Big Dan: "Republicans aren't conservative and Democrats aren't liberal. Real conservatives and real liberals are against the bailouts, against the wars, and against the FED. Republicans and Democrats are for the bailouts, for the wars, and for the FED. Therefore: Republicans aren't conservative, and Democrats aren't liberal. Republicans and Democrats don't want us to know this. Ron Paul is a real conservative, and Alan Grayson is a real liberal. They agree on every major issue except health care. And they both disagree with almost everything Republicans and Democrats are doing. Dennis Kucinich is a real liberal. During the presidential debates, the Republican Party and TV iced Ron Paul out of the Republican presidential debates, and the Democrats and TV iced Dennis Kucinich out of the Democratic presidential debates. Our government is being run by criminals who call themselves conservatives and liberals and the TV pushes this fallacy, but they're Republicans and Democrats, they're not conservatives and liberals...think about it...we need a 3rd and 4th and 5th party and we need to change the Republicans and Democrats to start doing what we want!!! They're doing what THEY want and enriching themselves in the process!!! The Republicans marginalize the real conservatives and the Democrats marginalize the real liberals."

FOX's Political Witch Hunt Against ACORN Exposed

For Fox Sake! Fox News defends itself against an attack by the Obama administration by explaining that most of their shows aren't real news.

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Conservatives’ 25-year goal of ‘defunding the left’ revealed by ACORN controversy

BD: As far as I'm concerned, "tort reform" that Republicans push to (supposedly) lower health care costs is exactly another thing they claim to be against: BIG GOVERNMENT! Tort reform would be one branch of the "big government" putting a cap on suing doctors and hospitals for malpractice, which would be "big government" suppressing a jury of your peers hearing your case and deciding the damages. Don't you love the way Republicans are for BIG GOVERNMENT when it suits their needs and they want an artifical CAP on the "FREE MARKET" of a jury or your peers deciding something? Apparently, "Let the market decide" doesn't mean the same to Republicans as "Let a jury of your peers decide" when it comes to malpractice suits. And you won't see Republicans proposing a tort reform-like CAP on outrageous premium prices of health insurance companies anytime soon, because Republicans consistently come down on the side of the health insurance companies and against YOU! Keep in mind they're also screaming about the government CAPPING CEO's pay. How about this deal: we'll take "tort reform" caps on medical lawsuits, if you ALSO put a cap on health insurance premiums. I propose no family pay more than $250/month for excellent health insurance. Would you go for that, Republicans? I thought so! You're only in favor of CAPS on the little people, not the big health care industry. Republicans must also be for the minimum wage, a CAP on how low you can get paid. WHOOPS! They're against that CAP! They're only for CAPS that hurt the little guy! Next time a Republican tells you they're for "tort reform" CAPS (they don't like to use the word "CAP" in this case, even though it is), say: "Oh! You must also be for the minimum wage cap and for putting forth legislation capping health insurance premiums, too, right??? And you're FOR capping CEO's pay, right? Or are you only for CAPS that help corporations?"

The doctors' lobby says capping malpractice suits will make healthcare cheaper. I'm an M.D. and I don't believe it

Ed Shultz on the House health care bill, with Alan Grayson: "Saves money, and saves lives":

If you're a 66-year-old Republican and you want to fuck strippers in a cemetery on Viagara, fine! That's your business! But don't say you're the "Family Values Party" or the "Party of God" and bullshit like that! I consider myself more on the liberal leaning side, and I wouldn't do that! Well, the Viagara part I wouldn't do because I don't have health care coverage. Now that I think about it, I bet his government health care plan paid for the Viagara! GODDAMMIT!!!!!!! (video 2 - Hannity's Freudian slip about health care)

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