Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Oct 29, 2009

The height of arrogance by health insurance companies: Blue Cross of North Carolina sends letters to their customers urging them to oppose health care reform...AND THEN JACKS THEIR RATES UP BY 11% !!!!!!!!! They should've just sent them a letter saying: "Please protest for us to let us keep SCREWING you!!!"

When the Tea Partiers are actually interviewed and not just "shown" on TV, they DON'T know what they're talking about and they DON'T have their facts straight and they're being made fools of by corporate astroturf groups and rightwing media like FOX "news" and Rush Limbaugh who have them protesting against THEIR OWN INTERESTS. They need to turn their energies on these people and focus in the right direction:

Lieberman Shills for the Healthcare Industry

Flip-flop: Lieberman promised ‘universal health care’ in 2006

FOX "news" and the GOP's witch hunt against ACORN:

FOX News is on a witch hunt, aimed at destroying the Obama administration and the progressive movement. Theyve already succeeded in pushing Van Jones out of the White House and badgered Congress into passing an unconstitutional bill to defund ACORN. Glenn Beck actually keeps an enemies list on a blackboard that's a regular part of his show. ACORN is just the beginning. FOX has an enemies list, and they're going to keep destroying progressive champions until we stop them. Tell your Congressperson: If you vote to extend the Defund ACORN Act, you're just assisting FOX in their anti-American witch hunt.

Sign the petition:

An Overview Of The Fed's Intervention In Equity Markets Via The Primary Dealer Credit Facility

FOX News Recruiting For U.S. Military!

This is why our troops are getting killed over in Afghanistan? To run drugs for the Bush family? In case you haven't noticed, our military clearly has orders to "lay off" the massive Afghanistan opium trade! And poppy Bush was the head of the CIA way back when...

NY Times: Afghan Opium Kingpin On CIA Payroll

December 2007: New Document Provides Further Evidence That Owner of Crashed Cocaine Jet Was a U.S. Government Operative

October 2007: Pilot denies ties to CIA drug plane.

December 2008: CIA drug plane pilot "committed suicide" (wink wink)

Flashback: CIA plane caught with tons of cocaine:

CIA misled congress at least 5 times since 2001

I guess we're going to bomb Iran because they launched an international oil exchange on Monday to buy and sell crude, oil products and petrochemical products

Iran, and the proven LIES of pro-Israeli CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, & FOX, and the U.S. government (both parties):

Cliff Lee completely baffles the Yankees in Game-1 of the World Series, pitching a masterpiece for the ages and doing what no other pitcher has done in the new Yankee stadium: pitch a complete game/no earned runs against the Yankees.

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