Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Oct 27, 2009

The absence of a civilized healthcare system in the United States, almost alone among wealthy nations, results in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths every year. But if something is to be done soon to save lives it is not going to be done in Washington, D.C. It is going to be done in Sacramento, Harrisburg, Columbus, Springfield, Augusta, Denver...

Washington Post editors accidentally/arrogantly reveal what they (the elites' corporate-owned media) and the beltway elite politicians believe: dropping bombs on, controlling and occupying Afghanistan -- all while simultaneously ensuring "effective governance, economic development, education, the elimination of corruption, the protection of women's rights" to Afghan citizens in Afghanistan -- is an absolutely vital necessity that must be done no matter the cost. But providing basic services (such as health care) to American citizens, in the U.S., is a secondary priority at best, something totally unnecessary that should wait for a few years or a couple decades until we can afford it and until our various wars are finished, if that ever happens.

"America's Priorities," by the Beltway elite

We're giving $1.5 BILLION to Pakistan, but we can't "find" the money for health care for Americans...who is our government serving? Is it OK with YOU, that we're giving $1.5 BILLION to Pakistan, and billions to Israel and Israel has national health care???

U.S. tripling aid to Pakistan (...funny our government "found" this money!!!)

U.S. official resigns over Afghan war. Foreign Service officer and former Marine captain says he no longer knows why his nation is fighting

8 U.S. Troops Are Killed in Bombings in Afghanistan

BD: Why aren't anti-abortionists on the streets protesting FOR health care for all? Young American couples nowadays are not having children because it's too expensive! There would be less abortions if everyone had health care! Factor in the cost of child care with both parents working, too. In this day and age in America, no young couple in their right minds would have a baby! I don't blame them! Is anyone talking about or addressing this issue? Do you have a million dollars to have a baby and then send it to college someday? Absolutely NOT! The way America is set up now, it's causing young couples to think of a baby in terms of DEBT! I have two kids in their early 20's, and they're up to their eyeballs in medical and college debt and have no intention whatsoever of having children someday. Mission Accomplished - is everyone happy about this? Congratulations, America!!!

Anti-abortionists having auction to raise money for those who murder abortion doctors:

Medical malpractice victims to Congress: We are not frivolous!

Exposing Lies About the FED, the CIA, the Murder of JFK

Former Reagan administration official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

Roberts: Is there another country in which in full public view so few so blatantly use government for the enrichment of private interests, with a coterie of “free market” economists available to justify plunder on the grounds that “the market knows best”?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: "The crooks are inside the government", that's why the U.S. is a "failed state":

Did you pay your bills on time this month? Avoided taking on unnecessary debt? Well, there's a fee for that.

Republicans still working to destroy America on behalf of corporations: GOP rep introduces bill to PRIVATIZE MEDICARE!!!

The Young Turks to Republicans: FUCK YOU!!!...Alan Grayson: "Democrats have a conscience"...(Alan Grayson has a conscience, not the Democrats!!!)

Rush Limbaugh: ZERO credibility!!!

A Censored Headline and Why It Matters: German High Court Outlaws Electronic Voting

Kinks - Celluloid Heroes

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