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FALSE FLAG: U.S./Israel sink a U.S. carrier in the Straights of Hormuz and blame Iran???



Look at this! Since I posted this on Dec 29, someone just posted in the comments of my most recent post......

How to prevent a false flag - out the potential target and story in advance:


US Navy sets stage for reason to attack Iran.

Will the Navy take the initiative to sink a ship in the Straights of Hormuz and blame it on Iran as an act of war, or will they leave it up to an Israeli Submarine? Or will an Israeli sub simply attack a US Navy ship in a false flag attack? THE STAGE IS SET...YOU KNOW WHAT COMES NEXT

U.S. Warns Tehran on Strait

Building Another Pretext to Wage War on Iran: US Court Holds Tehran Responsible for the 9/11 Attacks - $100 billion in damages

Brief history of the more famous false flags (NOTICE: @ 1:55 one of them is from YEARS ago, it says "CHENEY PLANNED TO ATTACK US SHIPS IN THE STRAIGHTS OF HORMUZ AND BLAME IT IRAN". sound familiar? look at the title of this post):

Definitely past time to consider the false flag angle for Israel to get US to destroy their enemy, Iran.  Israel is in the driver's seat entirely, and they are the FALSE FLAG experts.  I've contended for three years that one of Israel's three nuclear subs could pull in tight to the Iranian shoreline and pop-up just long enough to unleash the equivalent of a Sunburn missile at a US Aircraft Carrier.  Why do you think we keep test-sinking aircraft carriers?  They're very difficult to sink...but then, so was the USS Liberty.  Any attack on a US Carrier would result in instant retaliation against Iran, regardless of who actually did the deed.


Iran Says U.S. Aircraft Carrier Has Entered Zone Near Key Oil Route
Published December 29, 2011

TEHRAN –  Iran says one of its surveillance planes has shot video and photographed a U.S. aircraft carrier during an Iranian drill near a strategic waterway in the Persian Gulf.

The official IRNA news agency on Thursday quoted Rear Adm. Mahmoud Mousavi as saying this shows Iran's navy is "observing moves by foreign forces" in the area.

Iran Says U.S. Aircraft Carrier Has Entered Zone Near Key Oil Route

IS IT THE USS ENTERPRISE - OUR OLDEST?  Are they going to preposition her where she won't actually block the flow of oil in and out of the Straight, then sink her on purpose?  Is she pre-loaded with explosives designed specifically to sink her?

Enterprise Gets Back in the Fight

December 08, 2011Navy News|by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Jesse L. Gonzalez

USS ENTERPRISE, At Sea -- Sailors assigned to aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65) departed Naval Station Norfolk Dec. 5 for the first phase of preparations for the ship's 22nd and final deployment.

Enterprise Gets Back in the Fight

Watch this video re: our 50 year-old aircraft carrier and the possibility of a false flag against it:


TAKE 1 Israeli Submarine.

Place it off the coast of Iran.

The sub launches a nuclear tipped cruise missile at the Aircraft Carrier, vaporizing it in an instant - killing all 5,000 sailors on board ("worse than 9/11" - that's the key).

The Fleet Commander notifies the President that Iran has (apparently) just nuked the USS Enterprise.

THOSE PLANNING THE ATTACK ARE INSIDE THE U.S. AND ISRAELI GOVERNMENTS and view the loss of the Enterprise crew as a necessary sacrifice to induce Americans to support war against Iran. Put bluntly, the ship and crew are to be cannon fodder.

Here is the DRESS REHEARSAL for the sinking of the USS Enterprise:

Aircraft carrier sunk in Gulf of Mexico to create artificial reef

Aircraft carrier sunk in Gulf of Mexico to create artificial reef
Updated 5/17/2006 4:38 PM ETIN THE GULF OF MEXICO (AP) —

As hundreds of veterans looked on solemnly, Navy divers blew holes in a retired aircraft carrier and sent the 888-foot USS Oriskany to the bottom of the sea Wednesday, forming the world's largest deliberately created artificial reef.  Clouds of brown and gray smoke rose in the sky after more than 500 pounds of plastic explosives went off. The rusted hulk took about 45 minutes to slip beneath the waves, about four hours faster than predicted.

USS America sunk (it took 25 days)

Retired Carrier Sunk Off Atlantic Coast

- plunger

Remember the FALSE FLAG of the USS LIBERTY, where Israeli planes KNOWINGLY tried to sink our ship the USS Liberty and blamd Egypt, but it didn't go down, another MAINSTREAM MEDIA COVERUP:

9-11 Cop Who Arrested Dancing Israelis Speaks

The great film "WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION": how the mainstream media cheerleaded/brainwashed us into the Iraq War working for the military & government -

Look closely on how the mainstream media treats TRUTH. The SAME GUY, James Fetzer, on Bill O'Reilly vs SAME GUY James Fetzer on PressTV.

9/11 truther James Fetzer on Bill O'Reilly, smeared and interrupted and talked over:

9/11 truther James Fetzer on international PressTV, treated with respect:

(Prof. Fetzer, Prof. Izadi and Joshua Blakeney discuss the alleged Iranian involvement in 9/11 on Press TV. December 23, 2011; they also touch upon how the rule of law in America is broken and corrupt judges say fiction is fact for the elite criminals running America. COMPARE THE INTELLIGENCE OF THESE PEOPLE TO BILL O'REILLY AND THE REST OF THE U.S. SHILL MAINSTREAM PROPAGANDA MEDIA)

'US blaming Iran for 9/11, incredible'

Dick Cheney's false flag attack idea to start the war with Iran:

the concept was rejected because "you can't have Americans killing Americans"


Google search: "cheney + navy seals + iranian"

The biggest FALSE FLAG of all time, and it was on TV: 9/11

Here is a playlist of over 30 videos, many recently released by FOIA, many seen for the first time, many never on TV. The first ones are very short, some are only a few seconds long. They are raw footage released of the Twin Towers being filmed while they were falling. Following those videos are scientists, physicists, architects, engineers, and other experts explaining how they really fell, which is contrary to the official story:



SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, is another SHAM piece of legislation for the 1%, just like NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).

Hypocrite Alert: SOPA Supporters Encouraged People to Use File-Sharing Software for Pirating Copyrighted Material

Be a HERO and Help STOP SOPA Now!! I'll tell you How! This Video that Must Be SHARED!

Here's one way to fight back against the CORRUPT JUDGES that rig things for the rich 1% elites: jury refuses to hear trial against guy going to jail just for smoking pot:

Obama and the War Criminals:

Joe Rogan - The American War Machine

THEFT of Ron Paul victory in Iowa underway:

Since IGNORING Ron Paul hasn't worked, the mainstream media will now cover him as a RACIST, ANTI-SEMETIC, HOLOCAUST-DENYING, TERRORIST-LOVING CONSPIRACY THEORIST

...and we'll secretly count the Iowa votes in an "undisclosed location", and say it's because we're afraid of "disruptions"...........

Remember I said in this post, "Evangelicals for Newt", how the media keeps making up these REPUBLICAN-ONLY "groups" like Reagan Democrats, Soccer Moms, NASCAR Dads, etc....???? Well, we just went from "Evangelicals for Newt" to "Huck's Army for Santorum"!!! Are you buying this BULLSHIT??? Did you notice these "groups" explain surges for everyone except Ron Paul? When Ron Paul surged, there was no "group" like this! We are under 24x7 MASS HYPNOSIS by the mainstream media. Use your head: there's no "groups" like this for Ron Paul or Democrats. DID YOU NOTICE THIS??? And now a group I never heard of from a past election - "Huck's Army" - is for, of course, Rick Santorum!!! Please be wary of these "groups", they will be the media explanation for a stolen election. Maybe JOE THE PLUMBER, another Republican-only fabrication, will endorse the NEXT Republican candidate besides Ron Paul who takes the lead?

Above: NOT Joe NOT the plumber NOT fighting for the "American Dream" - they simply made it up. Nice flag on the cover, nice red/white/blue colors!!! Look at Joe the Plumber's book cover above, and then look at the covers in this post. They think you are STUPID.

Remember he wasn't even a plumber??? Remember his name wasn't even "Joe"? A more accurate name would have been: "NOT Joe NOT the plumber WE MADE IT UP BECAUSE YOU ARE STUPID". You know why they called him "JOE"? Because it goes over better: AVERAGE JOE, JOE SIX-PACK, ETC... "SAM THE PLUMBER" (his REAL name) isn't as good marketing as "JOE THE PLUMBER"...even though he wasn't even a plumber. I'm telling you this because the establishment Republican Party is INSULTING YOUR INTELLIGENCE! They MAKE THIS SHIT UP! The ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS make up some group (evangelicals for newt) or individual (Joe the Plumber) as a "reason" for some "surge" in an ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE!!! What happened to SOCCER MOMS? Do they not exist anymore? So they only existed when Sarah Palin was running in 2008? They DON'T EXIST ANYMORE! I have news for you: they NEVER existed! If they exist NOW, why aren't they telling us who SOCCER MOMS are voting for RIGHT NOW IN THIS ELECTION??? Who are NASCAR DADS voting for RIGHT NOW IN THIS ELECTION? Who are REAGAN DEMOCRATS voting for? But the REALLY sad part, is that most Americans will keep falling for this bullshit. I really hope I'm wrong about that.

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