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What is this a sign of: While half of Americans have descended into poor/low income, congress only puts effort into writing deceptively titled un-Constitutional legislation taking away more of our freedoms and way of life, censoring us, creating a police state, cutting aid to the increasing numbers of poor Americans, and tricking us into bombing more countries.

(HINT: it's a sign of the downfall of the United States by a morally and ethically bankrupt government run by rich domestic enemies (traitors) who only look out after the rich, cheered on by domestic enemies (traitors) in the corporate owned mainstream media, owned by these same rich people. that's why the next thing on their agenda is to censor the internet, THE PEOPLES' NEWS, and call it the "Stop Online Piracy Act" (the Anti-Internet Act), so you only get their FAKE "news" which would never point any of this out)

This headline says it ALL about our country:

Congress Cuts Winter Heating Aid For The Poor While Boosting The Defense Budget

The Iraq undeclared "war" is over. Do you think we're going to have another one? Yes. Why do we all know this?

War Without End, Amen: The Reality of America's Aggression Against Iraq

George Carlin: “Now, there's one thing you might have noticed I don't complain about: politicians. Everybody complains about politicians. Everybody says they suck. Well, where do people think these politicians come from? They don't fall out of the sky. They don't pass through a membrane from another reality. They come from American parents and American families, American homes, American schools, American churches, American businesses and American universities, and they are elected by American citizens. This is the best we can do folks. This is what we have to offer. It's what our system produces: Garbage in, garbage out.”

Here are some things you should be aware of, like the CONTINUAL LIES by our government and their mainstream media PRESSTITUTES. There is NO DIFFERENCE between the government and the mainstream media. I hope you aren't falling for these continual LIES by the government and then pushed by the media. Ask yourself, with unemployment at record levels and a financial crisis, WHY DOES CONGRESS KEEP MAKING MORE AND MORE AND MORE UN-CONSTITUTIONAL BILLS TAKING AWAY OUR FREEDOMS??? One after another after another after another...

Does this make sense to you: if the U.S. government and their mainstream media presstitutes keep lying to us, but we can easily find out they're lying, the next step is to pass legislation censoring the internet - the only place left where we can easily get the real news and see that they are continually lying? Well, that's what the Anti-Internet Bill SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is for. And let's start calling these bills what they really are: The Lock Up Americans Without Trial Act and the Anti-Internet Act. That's another way they trick us: calling bills by inaccurate names so we think, "Oh! That sounds good!" Like "The No Child Left Behind Act" and "The Clear Skies Act".

Before we get into this, look at what's happening that's REALLY IMPORTANT that the government is NOT putting time into and is instead putting time into bills taking away our freedoms:

Child Poverty In America Is Absolutely EXPLODING - 16 Shocking Statistics That Will Break Your Heart

Census shows 1 in 2 people are poor or low-income

Northeast states cut heating aid to poor

Study: Wealth Inequality In America May Be Worse Than It Was In Ancient Rome

Michigan's homeless students: Foreclosure crisis takes toll on 31,000 kids

Now look at this, ALWAYS ENDLESS FUNDS - from YOU btw... - for bombing other countries:

US Congress clears $662 billion defense bill

The traitors in congress passed the un-Constitutional Lock Up Americans Indefinitely Without Trial Act (the National Defense Authorization Act). Obama first said he would veto this. Now he says he will sign it.

Obama Approves Draconian Police State Law

Lock Up Americans Indefinitely Without Trial Act (NDAA):

Now congress is pushing through The Anti-Internet Act (the Stop Online Piracy Act). They told us they postponed it, but they lied. Just like they use the FAKE "War on Terror" to strip our rights away, they are using COPYRIGHT LAWS to censor government criticism on the internet (and calling it The Stop Online Piracy Act):

(Precisely the same tactic used when they swore Obama was going to veto the Defense Authorization Bill - IN ORDER TO CAUSE AMERICANS TO IGNORE ITS SIGNIFICANCE. It's called CONSPIRACY. - plunger)

America’s Future: Russia and China Use Copyright Laws to Crush Government Criticism

The Anti-Internet Bill has NOT Been Postponed To 2012 … The Committee Members Who Support SOPA Sneakily Changed the Hearing Date to December 21st, Trying to Trick the American People Into Thinking It Was Over Until After the Holidays So We Won’t Fight Back!

ALL of these things are to identify those who are aware of the criminals in our government as "terrorists". A "terrorist" is someone against criminal politicians making these un-Constitutional "laws" against US, not someone who is "against our freedoms and way of life". THEY, the government and mainstream media presstitutes, are the "terrorists". THEY are the ones against our freedoms and way of life and the Constitution of the United States. So YOU are an "enemy of the state". THEY are the "state", WE are not. An enemy of the state is a terrorist, and a terrorist is someone who is AGAINST THE CRIMINALS IN THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.

Message to POLICE & MILITARY: YOU are working for CRIMINALS, YOU are the enforcement arm of CRIMINALS, YOU swore an OATH to DEFEND the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC:

Vet Says Soldiers Are Starting to Wake Up to Gov't Lies:

And don't forget the BIG part the controlled mainstream media which these criminals OWN plays in all of this: their PRESSTITUTES. THAT is exactly why these CRIMINALS want to push through the ANTI-INTERNET ACT (the Stop Online Piracy Act), so you HAVE TO listen ONLY to THEIR presstitutes for FAKE news, and not get the REAL news on the internet: the last bastion of REAL news by citizen journalists and independent, alternative NON-CORPORATE OWNED media.

They're doing all of this right in front of your eyes! Wake up! They're doing it RIGHT NOW! And YOU will be a "terrorist" for pointing this out! They did it in Nazi Germany! And everyone said, "How could that have happened? And no one did anything?" BECAUSE THEY WEREN'T AWARE IT WAS GOING ON! Due to PROPAGANDA by the CRIMINALS. And THEN, when people started waking up and pointing this out, there had already been "laws" put into place CRIMINALIZING POINTING OUT THE CRIMINALS IN THE GOVERNMENT MAKING THESE "LAWS". VAGUE "laws", like the president can "say" you're a "terrorist" and lock you away indefinitely with no charges. You know, EXACTLY LIKE WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW! What does THIS tell you: the SAME THING that was going on under BUSH is CONTINUED under OBAMA!

Is it "OK" that they keep making un-Constitutional "laws"? Is that "OK"? Or am I wrong? Is it "OK" that the mainstream media continually LIES to us? Is that "OK"? Or am I wrong? Is it "OK" that police brutally beat protesters exercising their Constitutional rights, agree or disagree with them? Is that "OK", or am I wrong? Is it "OK" that half of Americans are poor and they're cutting their heat but spending just recently passed $626 BILLION dollar BOMBING BUDGET? Is that "OK", or am I wrong? Is it "OK" that a mountain of evidence by real experts exists for over 10 years now and growing everyday, but the SAME CRIMINALS - the government & their presstitutes - say otherwise with NO EVIDENCE and COMPLETELY IGNORE the biggest movement in history? Is that "OK"? Or am I wrong?

Even if you STILL don't believe all of what I said above, don't some "little things" even cross your mind, like: why is Congress and the President spending all this time on bills to limit our freedoms and censor us, rather than on the biggest unemployment and financial crisis of all time? Or: why does some woman get put in jail for supposedly taking food stamps (but paying it all back) go to jail, but BANKSTERS who steal TRILLIONS of dollars don't go to jail? Or: why is the government quickly passing another TRILLION DOLLAR BOMBING BUDGET, but cutting HEAT for poor people?

And all of this is made possible because of the LIES of 9/11, which the "state" did backed by their mainstream media presstitutes, and blamed the "muslims".


9/11 was a lie, and here is FURTHER proof: now they're saying the next country we want to attack next - IRAN - did it. If they LIED from the beginning about 9/11, wouldn't they continually keep using 9/11 to take more of our liberties away and continually use it to attack the next country and the next country and the next country? Remember when they said Iraq did it? Then Afghanistan?

Now IRAN did 9/11:

People have been saying all along, that "The War on Terror" is a SHAM, criminals run our government, and they used 9/11 as an EXCUSE to take away our liberties and trash the Constitution. They said that the U.S. government would push through un-Constitutional laws, using "The War on Terror" as an excuse, and then TURN THESE LAWS AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

Well, here it is:

'Occupy movement' Listed As Terrorists by Police:

Here's videos I've collected of the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 falling. If you think a PLANE hitting them caused them to fall like this, you are an IDIOT. Watch ALL the videos in this playlist, there's almost 30 in the playlist, the first ones are very short, I put the longer ones towards the end:

Watch all these videos: the FAKE "WAR ON TERROR":

Top Holocaust scholar blasts 'Holocaust-abuse' by U.S., Israeli politicians: Deborah Lipstadt lambasts 'unhealthy and embarrassing' pandering of Republican presidential candidates; says U.S. envoy Gutman’s comments on Muslim anti-Semitism were 'stupid.'

Former Israeli minister ADMITS they use the term "anti-semetic" as a trick on Americans to stop anyone from criticizing Israel, and they use THE HOLOCAUST in the same way to stop Europeans from criticizing Israel:

Zionism's Invisible Wall in America is Cracking

Rightwing Israeli government now turning against THEIR citizens, just like OUR government.

Proof that Zionist elites are pushing the "Ron Paul is a racist" story: 'NAACP President: Ron Paul Is Not A Racist'

"Evangelicals For NEWT" are upset that that the New England Muslim Terrorists CRUSHED the Denver Judao-Christian Zionists   -  41-23.

Mr Tebow: meet Mr. Brady

Jesus to Tim Tebow: YOU GOT THE PATRIOTS UP NEXT? Ooooooooo......that's a tough one:

Graham Nash hits it out of the park with this song about Bradley Manning:

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