Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"EVANGELICALS for NEWT": another FAKE story by the INSANE mainstream media to continue the blackout of Ron Paul.......the INSANE FREAK SHOW called the Republican "debates" CONTINUES!!!


If "evangelicals" exist, they should be PISSED about these LIES!!! If they exist and they aren't pissed, they're just as INSANE.

OK, so what's the REAL plan? We KNOW NEWT is another Herman Cain sacrificial lamb. We KNOW that whoever is orchestrating NEWT's rise to the top, KNOWS of his eventual fall, too.

So what is the REAL plan??? It's hard to believe - in fact they're LYING to us - that these bozos like Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney are all taking turns leading the Republican Party candidates, but not Ron Paul. THEY ARE LYING TO US. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE. And the mainstream media PRETENDING THIS IS NOT INSANE! The corporate mainstream media pretending this is not insane is part of the GOP insanity. The INSANITY of "EVANGELICALS for NEWT". It's a LIE. The INSANE mainstream media making up INSANE FAKE STORIES about the INSANE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES. Ron Paul is not insane. But the corporate mainstream media and all the other Republican candidates are INSANE. Their debates are INSANE, and Ron Paul looks around and talks like they are INSANE. And he's right. The AUDIENCE in the debates is INSANE, when they do things like give a standing ovation when NEWT says all Palestinians are terrorists. The moderator is INSANE, when he doesn't say anything about it. The moderator is INSANE for not saying to the candidates (except for Ron Paul) and the audience: "SHAME!!!!!!!!!!" The Republican debates are so REVOLTING AND REPULSIVE, I cannot continue to watch them. AN INSANE FREAK SHOW! Embarrassing not only to Americans, but the entire world. The RADICAL FRINGE FREAK SHOW Party is now "mainstream", thanks to the mainstream media that allows it.

Is this all a ruse so Jeb Bush can step into the rubble, while still ignoring Ron Paul, and accept the Republican nomination in the bottom of the 9th? That makes more sense than what's going on right now! The GOP field (except for Ron Paul, whom they are blackballing, ignoring, marginalizing, blacking out) is SURREAL, they are so stupid, psychotic, embarrassing, arrogant, lacking of knowledge, re-writing history, unscientific, pro-Israel to the point that they seem like they're talking to ISRAEL and not US falling over backwards to see which one of them can please Israel the most. Ron Paul should QUIT the Republican Party RIGHT NOW!

Before any election, there's stories of mysterious blocks of "voters" who appear from nowhere. Remember "Reagan Democrats"? That's where it started. There's some you may have forgotten (that don't exist) like "hispanics for Bush". Remember "Hillary PUMA's"? How about "McCain Democrats"?

Well now we have the latest fake voting block of people: "EVANGELICALS FOR NEWT". What's an "evangelical"? Are they card-carrying "evangelicals"? Did you ever MEET a person who identifies themselves as an "evangelical"? Can you simply SAY "I'm an evangelical", and you're an "evangelical"?

Somehow the mainstream media can scientifically not only identify "evangelicals", but they can also identify that "evangelicals" are VOTING FOR NEWT GINGRICH!!! What did the FAKE poll look like: "ARE YOU AN EVANGELICAL VOTING FOR NEWT GINGRICH? THEN PUT A CHECKMARK HERE"???

How about THIS question: why are "EVANGELICALS" for Newt Gingrich...but only after Herman Cain dropped out? Why weren't they for NEWT BEFORE Herman Cain dropped out? Because the mainstream media needs a FAKE story to explain Ron Paul not being on top! Ask yourself why, ONLY AFTER HERMAIN CAIN DROPPED OUT, the media suddenly pushed "evangelicals for newt" stories. Who were "evangelicals" voting for BEFORE Herman Cain dropped out? Herman Cain? Well why didn't they tell us that? Obviously, no one cared who "evangelicals" were voting for....UNTIL HERMAN CAIN DROPPED OUT!

Even if there ARE such a thing as "EVANGELICALS FOR NEWT", then "evangelicals" SUCK!!! They're supposed to be RELIGIOUS, and they're voting for a LYING PHILANDERER WITH ETHICS VIOLATIONS! A guy who had to vow FOUR TIMES not to cheat on THREE WIVES?

Newt cheated on his first two wives, one while she had cancer:
"Gingrich served divorce papers on his first wife while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer."
He had an affair with his 2nd wife WHILE IMPEACHING BILL CLINTON for the Lewinsky affair:

The former U.S. House speaker has said he had an affair with Callista, a former congressional aide, while married to his second wife. It happened at the same time he was attacking President Bill Clinton for his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.
Read all this here:

PATRIOTIC ADULTERY: 'I had an affair because I love America', claims presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich

Candidate Gingrich vows fidelity to wife


ABOVE: who is that??? Which wife is that below:

Which of his 3 wives is THIS, did I duplicate any:

I think I duplicated his SECOND WIFE. How come I can't find any pictures of his FIRST WIFE??? Which wife did he serve divorce papers to, while she was dying in a hospital of cancer? I'm getting mixed up!!!

I found a picture of Newt's first wife: Jackie Battley:

ABOVE: Jackie Battley, first wife of Newt Gingrich

Age: 75

Education: Unknown

Occupation: Teacher

Children: Kathleen and Jacqueline

How they met: Battley was Gingrich’s geometry teacher in high school. They secretly dated until they got married on June 19, 1962 while Gingrich attended Emory University in Atlanta. Gingrich and Battley were 19 and 26, respectively, at the time.

How it ended: In 1980, the couple separated after Gingrich began an affair with Marianne Ginther. In 1984, David Osborne reported in Mother Jones magazine that Gingrich insisted on discussing their divorce while Battley was in the hospital for uterine cancer. Gingrich has disputed that report.

Fun fact: After Gingrich graduated high school, Battley followed him to Emory University and began teaching there.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/gop-spouses-club-gallery-1.20877#ixzz1gSU0QrxF


Newts first wife was a cradle robber - she was his high school geometry teacher - and he married her when he was just 19?

Think that one through.

Prior to marrying his high school geometry teacher, how long had he been fucking her? Why wasn't she ever brought up on charges for sleeping with her student? WTF?

Meanwhile - the would-be first lady of the United States is seen here in this clip - evidencing her SIX YEAR AFFAIR WITH GINGRICH (in one of the NEWT TV clips below).

Newt's glass house: Gingrich's reluctance to stone Clinton for adultery -- or Gore for campaign finance violations -- is not motivated by Christian compassion.



NEWT: all Palestinians are terrorists and they are an invented people -

Gingrich on Palestine: Small Truths In A Big Lie

Jerusalem Post: If Newt Gingrich wants to talk about national identities with no historical record, he need look no further than his own country - the United States.

Evangelicals for Newt Taking Freddie Mac Money


HypocritesForNEWT.com --->>> GOTCHA!!!

Here's CONTINUAL PROOF of how the mainstream media is PLAYING you: I wrote this Nov 5:

The Three Stooges Simultaneous Meltdown: orchestrated by KARL ROVE so JEB BUSH can step in at the last second????

...and NEWT wasn't even ONE OF THE THREE STOOGES AT THAT TIME!!! The THREE STOOGES on Nov 5 were: Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry. That PROVES they are playing musical chairs around Ron Paul and somehow EVERYONE EXCEPT RON PAUL mysteriously move up and around Ron Paul! The mainstream media is making a FOOL out of you!!!

So when NEWT falls, who else (besides Ron Paul of course) will be the next SHILL the mainstream media will shove in front of our faces as "the leader"?

Newt was drummed out of congress in the 1990's for ETHICS VIOLATIONS:

Washington Post's archive of Newt Gingrich 1990's ETHICS PROBE while in congress

How about IDIOTS & LIARS who say: "That was in the past! That happened 30 years ago!" These are the SAME PEOPLE who kept bringing up CHAPPAQUIDDICK for Ted Kennedy for 50 years! LIARS like Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage.

I guess we should "forget the past" and forget that RON PAUL was faithful to his wife for ALMOST 50 YEARS OF MARRIAGE! That's "in the past", let's not bring that up! Let's not "bring up the past", that RON PAUL never had any ethics violations!

Now here's something that HAS been proven: there is a media blackout of Ron Paul:

Pew Research Center via Atlantic Wire: Ron Paul Media Blackout Confirmed

Now think about it: if the mainstream media blackout of Ron Paul is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN, don't you think there's a TINY CHANCE they're making up "EVANGELICALS FOR NEWT" to explain Newt Gingrich somehow being in the lead? The blackout media needs SOME "reason" for Newt to be in the lead. Newt can't just mysteriously be in the lead for no reason. It's THE EVANGELICALS! That's it!

Well, guess what? I AM AN EVANGELICAL! I just joined "EVANGELICALS FOR RON PAUL" on facebook. Guess what else? THERE'S NO "EVANGELICALS FOR NEWT" on facebook! Know why? BECAUSE IT DOESN'T EXIST/AIN'T HAPPENIN'!!! Look for yourself. It's another FAKE story in the "news": "EVANGELICALS FOR NEWT".

Some comments about other past mysterious blocks of voters who don't exist:

Reagan Democrats: Reagan won over 30 years ago. If you are a "Reagan Democrat", FACE IT YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN!!! You are not a "Reagan Democrat" or a "Democrat". You are simply a REPUBLICAN.

McCain Democrats: maybe these were the non-existent kids of the non-existent "Reagan Democrats"? That's my best guess.

"SOCCER MOMS": they are married to "NASCAR DAD'S"? Are you getting the feeling that only REPUBLICANS make this shit up? Somehow "SOCCER MOMS" vote for Republicans, NASCAR DAD'S vote for Republicans, "EVANGELICALS FOR NEWT" is a Republican thing because Republicans HATE Ron Paul, REAGAN DEMOCRATS voted for Republicans, "HISPANICS FOR BUSH" was found out not to be true, hispanics actually voted for Democrats once again, but that doesn't matter, the mainstream media got their FAKE story out there for the stolen election. Doesn't matter if after the fact it's proven to be a MEDIA HOAX.

Now do you remember the Kerry-Bush "election"? The story for that one was that young voters just sat on their asses, that's why Kerry "lost". But once again, the after-election FACTS proved otherwise.

We are BRAINWASHED BY THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA DAILY. 24x7 MASS HYPNOSIS. Politics are now 24x7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They used to be ramped up every few years just before elections.


The following statement is now true - FOUR TIMES:

"Newt gave his word to be faithful to Mrs. Gingrich."

He did so each of the THREE TIMES he pledged to be faithful "in sickness and in health" - and apparently just did so again to reiterate the prior pledge made to #3 on the day of his wedding (to the secretary he cheated on #2 with).

So now here's the 4th pledge of promised marital fidelity that he's taken:

How Is Newt's Fidelity Pledge Different From His Wedding Vows?

So this time he really, really, really really means it!

Think about this from the perspective of a Fortune 500 company's Board Of Directors (all Republicans) analyzing the resumes of various CEO candidates to run their enterprise...

Name any other career where a job candidate - known to have cheated at least twice on two previous wives, and now married to a third, with whom he did the cheating, would now be asked to swear a 4th (redundant) pledge to be faithful to his spouse - as a prerequisite for the job.

THAT is LOL ridiculous. The shareholders would fire the entire Board if they even considered entrusting such a person with their pension funds and investments.

Republicans cannot have it both ways. If you wouldn't hire such a person to run your corporation, it is other-worldly hypocritical to blindly follow the lies (fake poll numbers) of the Media and the wishes of Israel to install such a man in the White House.

Why aren't they asking Ron Paul to pledge his allegiance and loyalty? Because they know they don't have to - because he demonstrates it daily - by his own actions.





As demonstrated once again - only those in position to be blackmailed to the greatest extent possible (by Israel) are allowed into the political arena in the first place. Those with the most to protect have the greatest likelihood of being (s)elected - by Israel - to run what in effect is Israel's piggy bank and military.

Each item mentioned above is a creation of the Architect and Branding Strategist, Karl Rove, the cocksucker.

Where's Jeffery Gannon Guckert, Karl?

Since wife #1, Newt has never married a woman who was not herself, an adulteress, knowing sleeping with - and subsequently marrying - a married man.

So we're all supposed to believe that the Right Wing of the United States is in favor of their First Lady being a known adulteress, wife-stealing whore?

These two whores are to become the moral example for America's children to follow...


This video of Ron Paul sums it up - they are scared shitless of his actual popularity...so they create FAKE POLLS and FAKE STORIES like "evangelicals for newt":

Ron Paul furious over indefinite detention act

OK - so figure this out, and tell be there's no conspiracy...

Ron Paul is touted by this international business publication as being correct of foreign policy:


Yet his name appears no where in this entire article about the race and Newt's lead.

He's not even mentioned in the context of the Tea Party - which he started.  The polls are FAKE - ordered up by the likes of Karl Rove to help explain how it comes to pass that the voting machines were so tampered with in the general election that Newt wins it.  Rove plans strategy years in advance and knows he needs to create perceptions that suit the outcome he intends to deliver via illegal means.  FAKE POLLS are critical to his plan.  When you control the media and the polling - it's easy:


"Gingrich is winning over the Tea Party. Recent polls show that he’s capturing a larger share of these voters in Iowa, Florida, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. But they’re rallying around him because they see him as the “lesser of two evils.”

With Herman Cain out and Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry no longer viable contenders Gingrich comes as close to the Tea Party’s philosophy as they’re going to get this season."




The Rasmussen poll is bought and paid for by the Republican Party.  No poll conducted by Rasmussen will ever reflect reality.


Former Pollster Pleads Guilty to Fabricating Results

Tracy Costin, the former owner of polling company DataUSA Inc., entered a guilty plea to conspiracy to commit mail fraud for fabricating the results of polls the company conduct on behalf of, among others, President Bush in 2004. 



GOTCHA!!! There's no such thing as "COCKSUCKERSFORNEWT.com". Just like there's no such thing as "EVANGELICALS FOR NEWT".

EvangelicalsForNEWT.com --->>> GOTCHA AGAIN!!!

Evangelicals FOR/WITH Newt: MEET the NEWTLES

Evangelicals FOR The BEATLES???

BREAKING: there IS an "evangelicals FOR newt" facebook page, but it's closing down, the first post in it says:
"Evangelicals for Newt: Guys, please don't forget that this page will be closing soon. Please, like our new page Evangelicals WITH Newt! https://www.facebook.com/EvangelicalsWithNewt"
"evangelicals FOR newt"

The NEW "evangelicals WITH newt" has 30 members, so there are THIRTY EVANGELICALS "with" NEWT!!!
But what about the 85 "evangelicals" that were "FOR" Newt on facebook? OR...are the 30 "WITH" Newt facebook members part of the former 85 "FOR" Newt facebook members? But still, then what happened to the 55 "FOR" Newt evangelicals who didn't join up with the 30 "WITH" Newt evangelicals? I ask of thee? Sadly, I have joined the possibly upwards of 85 evangelicals in BOTH the "WITH" and "FOR" (there is no "forthwith") Newt facebook pages, so one of those "evangelicals" is ME! GODDAMMIT! I'M AN EVANGELICAL!

"evangelicals WITH newt"

"evangelicals MEET newt" --->>> GOTCHA!!!!!!

Check out EvangelicalsForBigDansBigBlog.com --->>> GOTCHA!!!

Check out EvangelicalsWithBigDansBigBlog.com --->>> GOTCHA AGAIN!!!

Ron Paul is WAY AHEAD, probably by double digits, and they are LYING TO US! There is NO WAY Rick Perry, then Herman Cain, then Mitt Romney, etc...etc...keep hopping over Ron Paul. That is impossible that ONLY RON PAUL never moves up when someone above him drops out or there is a bombshell revelation about them. ONLY RON PAUL NEVER MOVES UP! Out of all of them.

Check out FAKE POLLS above, FAKE NEWS, and here's FAKE RIGGED ELECTIONS on electronic voting machines:

Do you REALLY think a small, elite, super rich, super powerful group of people with mostly all the money, wealth, and power can't do things like I mention above? Do you REALLY think that these people would trust the outcome of a NON-RIGGED DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM?


NEWT shit has come to light:

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