Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big Dan's Big News Feb 3, 2011

Zionist Ken Feinberg, 9/11 cover-up artist and recently assigned as BP fund administrator (by Obama?), outed as agent of BP:

Ken Feinberg and his wife.

Ken Feinberg, BP Not Independent According To Judge

I posted the following on August 22, 2010:

Tea Party "patriots" OK with U.S. govt & media taken over by Israeli Zionists...just not Muslims!!!

9/11 cover up artist in charge of the BP oil spill claims.

Don't forget, it's OK for people with ties to foreign countries to be in the U.S. long as their ties are to Israel!!!

Gulf Coast on edge as 9/11 mediator assesses oil spill claims

Who is the BP claims mediator Kenneth Feinberg and his wife?

Zionist Kenneth Feinberg, 9/11 Cover Up Agent, to Administer BP's $20 Billion Claim Fund

The history of 9/11 cover up artist Zionist Kenneth Feinberg

Israel did 9/11 - ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD

'Israel is a Lunatic State' - Finkelstein on Gaza Flotilla Attack

Evidence for Informed Trading on the Attacks of September 11

9/11 Experiments: Eliminate the Impossible

Big Dan's Big 9/11 LINKS: Do your OWN research, because the mainstream media was in on it, you won't find help there!

A parable about Larry Silverstein and the World Trade Center & 9/11:

To put these events in perspective, imagine that a person leases an expensive house, and immediately takes out an insurance policy covering the entire value of the house and specifically covering bomb attacks. Six weeks later two bombs go off in the house, separated by an hour. The house burns down, and the lessor immediately sues the insurance company to pay him twice the value of the house, and ultimately wins. The lessor also gets the city to dispose of the wreckage, excavate the site, and help him build a new house on the site.

Ownership, Control, and Insurance of The World Trade Center

"Lucky" Larry Silverstein: non-Muslim 9/11 Terrorist at Large

Where was Larry Silverstein on 9/11?

9/11 Joe Lieberman - WTC 7 Did Not Occur .... I Do Not Support A New Investigation

Above, Joe Lieberman said WTC7 didn't fall...but yet here's WTC7 falling in seconds into dust, NOT hit by a plane (controlled demolition, 47 story building):

War by Deception: BLAME THE MUSLIMS -

Fake Terror And The War For Your Mind

Israeli MOSSAD admit to dressing up as Arabs and doing terrorist acts to be blamed on Arabs. Standard operation.

Fox hosts slam ‘anti-Semitic, anti-American’ al-Jazeera amid Egypt protests

America is obviously very different from Egypt. Or is it?

Busted: Pro-Mubarak Thugs Are Police Officers

Why Did Mubarak's Thugs Ride In On Camels?

US plan: Replace Mubarak with torture-linked ‘CIA point man’


It sure smells like the US got the military on the side of standing with the protesters IN ADVANCE of the forthcoming protests. This is a CIA operation, not a natural uprising. It's Mubarak and his police vs. the people and the military.

Jan 28 (Reuters) - A senior Egyptian military official aims to return home on Friday from the United States, a top U.S. general said, apparently cutting short a visit for defense talks as unrest sweeps his country.

The Pentagon had said earlier on Friday that Lieutenant General Sami Enan, chief of staff of Egypt's armed forces, was leading a delegation in defense talks set run into next week.

"He is still in the United States. I believe he intends to return today," General James Cartwright, Vice Chairman of the U.S. military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, said.

Look how Breitbart is pimping this guy - who was in Washington when the uprising began:

See the plan?

This is your New World Order @ work. They instigated the Tunisia event - then called in the military leader from Egypt to explain the script. Police vs. military sets the stage for ALL people to trust the military over the police - picture US Troops on our streets. It's all social engineering.

The US is Financing my Oppression

Never go "Full Retard":

Never Go Full Retard from Nelson Matos on Vimeo.

Marilyn in Tamaqua: Why did you go to Lenny's funeral, but not your own flesh & blood Dan & Mike's funeral?

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