Saturday, February 5, 2011

Big Dan's Big News Feb 5, 2011

Guillotine business should be upcoming booming business, as people around the world wake up to globalist banksters and elites pillaging them worldwide. "Austerity" my ass!!! "Austerity" = legalized RICH stealing from the POOR!

MUST SEE RATIGAN BOMBSHELL: How The Federal Reserve & Wall Street Banks Are Destroying The Dollar, Ripping Off Taxpayers, Disrupting The Food Chain And Sparking GLOBAL Revolution (With Bill Fleckenstein)

Gerald Celente's CREDENTIALS.

#1 Trends analyst Gerald Celente:: expect a FALSE FLAG to cover up megabanks pillaging the people around the world.

And Now We're Headed For The GREATEST Depression, Says Gerald Celente

Understanding the Unemployment Deception

Governments ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror

Gerald Celente Says History Is Repeating: First Comes Depression, Then World War

Inequality In America Is Worse Than In Egypt, Tunisia Or Yemen

Egypt's Mubarak Likely to Retain Vast Wealth: Mubarak Family May Have as Much as $70 Billion Stashed Away, Experts Estimate


Gerald Celente On - Egypt - Students Of The World - WW3 - Todays Trends In The News

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Wealth And Inequality In America: The gap between the top 0.01% and everyone else hasn't been this bad since the Roaring Twenties

Bill Black: Criminal Charges Must Be Laid - Former Finance Regulator, Regulations were deliberately weakened to create conditions for systemic fraud

Max Keiser follows the FINANCIAL TERRORISTS:

Egyptians are protesting the rich pillaging them, not "democracy".

Egyptian unrest and US media bias

The Network "news" is a movie for globalists running our country and the world, that's all it is:

Anderson Cooper's CIA Secret

How network "news" isolates important news from the American public: the globalists causing all the worldwide problems you see now control the "news":

30 stories about the BP oil spill network "news" is keeping from us.

CNN's Fake Persian Gulf War Newscast

FOX reporting FAKE SHIT again: "Al Qaeda" has dirty bomb (re: CIA/MOSSAD/MI-6 has dirty bomb & readies false flag to "blame the muslims" just like they did on 9/11) -

Network "news" goons are liason for "salad bar terrorists" so when Al-CIA-duh does it, they can "blame the muslims":

CIA/Mossad/MI-6 to burn down forests and "blame the muslims".

The Terror Card: Fear is the Key to Obedience by Rev. Richard Skaff

Weapons of Mass Deception: how network "news" was in bed (EMBED) with the Pentagon to cheerlead us into the Iraq & Afghanistan wars:

Big Dan's Big 9/11 LINKS: Do your OWN research, because the mainstream media was in on it, you won't find help there!

Ron Paul: Republicans (re: TERRORISTS) planning to make Patriot Act permanent:

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