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Big Dan's Big News Feb 13, 2011

"Kids for Cash" trial underway. Below: Judges Conahan & Ciavarella:

The ARRONGANCE and CONFIDENCE and COCKINESS displayed by "judge" Ciavarella thus far during the trial is mind-boggling and very telling of the difference between the "connected" world and the rest of us: the "unconnected".

LOCAL: NEPA (northeast pa) "Kids for Cash" judges trial has been through week 1. Here is a video montage I put together a while ago about the "Kids for Cash" scheme:

Wilkes-Barre Citizen's Voice newspaper coverage of the "Kids for Cash" trial. (I urge everyone around the country to read as many articles here as you can, and keep up with it daily).

Special Commentary by Big Dan about the "Kids for Cash" judges:

I urge everyone to read all the coverage in the link above about the "Kids for Cash" trial. Some things that struck me as I was reading the coverage, is how there is this elite secret underworld in our county courthouse. Many of the things that shocked me have nothing to do with the "Kids for Cash" scandal. For example, in one of the stories we find out that one of the judges loaned out $90,000.00 for someone else in the courthouse to get a Mercedes and some other things. Hold it right there!!! When I need to buy a car, I go to the credit union or the bank! Apparently I am not part of this privileged elite Luzerne County courthouse underworld! This really tells us how the lives of the people in the courthouse are totally different than the rest of us, how they say so nonchalantly that they got a $90,000,00 loan from a judge for a Mercedes. That is "normal" for them, but not for you and me. I know that was a minor thing that was mentioned during testimony, but I think that loan being exposed tells us exactly how there are two different worlds here in NEPA. Another thing that struck me about some of this testimony, besides this "loan", is how everyone who is "connected" gets preferential treatment such as trials rigged in their favor. They're talking so nonchalantly about giving kickbacks, expecting favors, giving $5,000.00 yearly gifts to judges, it's "normal" for these people. They didn't give it a second thought as they were doing it all the time. I believe that this is the tip of the iceberg: you can multiply people passing around/stealing/loaning money and getting courthouse favors by at least 100x what is being exposed in this trial, because that's not even what the trial is about! We're finding this out secondhand! I fully believe this is still going on and the courthouse is still corrupt. Imagine what is NOT being exposed in this trial. Read between the lines besides the actual "Kids for Cash" main topic: there is an entire elite underworld of "connected" family and friends inside the walls of "justice" in the Luzerne County courthouse. For DECADES, how many NEPA residents who weren't connected to this elite privileged underworld got a fair shake in the courthouse? I question every single thing that ever went on under that dome, and is STILL going on! And this is a snapshot of what's going on in ALL levels of government: connected elites run everything and get preferential treatment while skimming taxpayer money for themselves, family, and friends, and pad their wallets and are "successful" via these government connections. By "successful", I mean "rich and well off". They got that way by rigging the rules, while they rest of us have to play by a different set of rules. And if the two worlds cross, they win. Well, right now they didn't win, in this one specific case of "Kids for Cash", but that was just a case of them going to far and being too greedy. If they keep it under the radar, which I'm sure others are doing right now, it will still be "business as usual". One thing is clear: the "connected" people in "Kids for Cash" scandal treated "unconnected" families and children victims as property and slaves to be used to make money off. That is what the "connected" world thinks of the "unconnected" world. I urge everyone around the nation to keep a close eye on this trial as an example for YOUR hometown, on the difference between the connected and unconnected, and the haves and the have nots. This going on nationwide at all levels of government, it's not isolated to NEPA, this arrogance and abuse of power and the double standards of one set of laws for the "connected" and another set for the rest of us. (bd: I keep adding to this, bear with me as it's turning into a hodgepodge of commentary!)

Read what I wrote about Jill Moran, one of the supposedly minor "players":

Jill Moran - Big Dan's Big News Feb 24, 2009

Once again, Jill Moran is "connected", like I said above, and seems to be escaping any culpability whatsoever for her part in this whole thing, and seems to be getting off scottfree and being viewed as one of the "good guys" because she's testifying against the "Kids for Cash" judges. We have to start reading between the lines about all this collateral information we're learning such as: FROM THE POINT THAT JILL MORAN SAW ATTORNEY POWELL STUFFING CASH IN A FEDEX BOX TO GIVE AS A "BRIBE OR EXTORTION" (depending on who you believe), DIDN'T SHE CONTINUE TO SERVE IN A PUBLIC OFFICE IN THE COURTHOUSE FOR A VERY LONG TIME??? WHAT THE F*CK? DIDN'T SHE BENEFIT AS BEING ONE OF THE "CONNECTED" PEOPLE THAT YOU AND I ARE NOT, IN HER ENDEVORS IN A TOWNHOUSE DEAL? WAS THAT AFTER SEEING THE FEDEX CASH BOX AND DID SHE ACTUALLY RUN FOR OFFICE AGAIN AFTER WITNESSING THE FEDEX/CASH BOX? IF SO, THEN HOW "SHOCKED" CAN SHE CLAIM TO HAVE BEEN, WHEN SHE SAW POWELL STUFFING CASH IN A FEDEX BOX FOR JUDGE CIAVARELLA? SO SHOCKED THAT SHE CONTINUED IN OFFICE FOR YEARS AND EVEN RAN FOR OFFICE AGAIN? WE NEED A JILL MORAN TIMELINE!!! As well as examining all the collateral minor information we're finding out as this trial goes on. WE HAVE TO READ BETWEEN THE LINES ON THE PRIVILEGED ELITE UNDERWORLD OF THE LUZERNE COUNTY COURTHOUSE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM and start asking questions like I AM DOING RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Timeline of corruption


We keep seeing mainstream media headlines about Egypt: "OPPRESSIVE 30 YEAR REGIME", "NEW BEGINNING", and things like that. Funny thing: where were all the mainstream media stories the last 30 years about how "OPPRESSIVE" the Mubarak regime was in Egypt? According to our MSM, everything was just FINE for the last 30 years and would STILL BE FINE, if they Egyptian people didn't revolt. Now that there's a revolt, Mubarak had a 30 year oppressive regime (not reported on) for the last 30 years!!! Wouldn't that have been nice to have known this for the last 30 years? When we were propping up this dictator with $70 BILLION of our tax money? As Ron Paul says in the video below: FOREIGN AID IS POOR AMERICAN TAXPAYERS PROPPING UP RICH ELITES IN OTHER COUNTRIES!!!

David Icke: There's Been NO REVOLUTION So Far

'Military Top Brass Atop Egypt Pyramid'

'Egypt fed up with foreign bullying - people won't accept new stooge'

Gilbert Achcar: More democracy in Egypt will mean more opposition to Israeli and US policy

Keiser on Egypt:

Alex Jones on Egypt, Glenn Beck hijacking and redirecting the truth and the liberty movement, the continuity of power in the U.S. govt beyond "party", and Webster Tarpley:

Ron Paul's Full Speech at CPAC 2011: The Brushfires of Freedom Are Burning! Ron talks about Egypt, the FED, the "patriot" act (which I covered in my last post), and much more:

Here is a video by my activist friend who went to CPAC: what the mainstream media won't cover at CPAC -

Even though Ron Paul WON the CPAC straw poll, FOX doesn't even mention him as a GOP presidential candidate:

YAF - Young Americans for Fascism...OOPS! I mean Freedom, circulated this flyer at CPAC about Ron Paul:

Congressman Ron Paul booted from conservative group for anti-war views

My OTHER facebook friend, confronting YAF about their smear of Ron Paul:

After removing Ron Paul from their advisory committee in a move designed to kiss up to the neo-conservative GOP establishment YAF posts this video of me owning one of their members who apparently doesn't comprehend collectivism, individualism or the concepts of liberty or Republican Democracy. They did get me on one thing, I mistakenly attributed a quote to the Constitution when actually it was from the Declaration of Independence.

YAF Chris Bedford confronted over Ron Paul purge CPAC 2011

Audience Member AT CPAC Yells To director of 9/11 inside job Dick Cheney 'You're A War Criminal'


Democrats aren't liberal, and Republicans aren't conservative. That's the message from REAL liberal Ralph Nader and REAL conservative Ron Paul. REAL liberals and conservatives actually have a lot in common, and this is the biggest fear of Democrats and Republicans: that REAL liberals and conservatives are figuring this out and are getting together. In the video below, after Ralph Nader opens with his anti-government and anti-corporate rant, the first words out of Ron Paul's mouth are that he agrees with everything Ralph Nader said! And I'm sure Ralph would say the same thing about Ron's video above. This is why Democrats hate liberals and Republicans hate conservatives: because REAL liberals and conservatives KNOW the two parties are CORPORATIST/FASCIST parties, two heads of the same monster.

Ron Paul, Ralph Nader agree on ‘progressive-libertarian alliance’

Ralph Nader & Ron Paul interviewed together:

Rich Get Richer When Governments Tout Austerity: Matthew Lynn/Bloomberg

RFK Jr: GASLAND director being silenced by oil industry:

WATCH THIS WHILE YOU CAN!!! They keep deleting it from youtube, scrubbing it everywhere, they won't broadcast it again on TV - Jesse Ventura on U.S. Police State and FEMA coffins:

(keep in mind how the corrupted mainstream network TV & media "news" won't report this)

Then check this out: FEMA coffins, it's on video, folks!!! Hundreds of thousands of black "budget/stackable/disposable/multiple bodies" coffins, possibly MILLIONS:

Big Dan's Big 9/11 LINKS: Do your OWN research, because the mainstream media was in on it, you won't find help there!

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