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Big Dan's Big News Jan 31, 2011 - Smedley Butler Redux


What does this tell you about rightwingers? I think it's safe to say that these billionaire Koch brothers meetings with rightwingers now rank with Bildeberg, CFR, Trilateral, and all the other secret wealthy cabals. BILLIONAIRES & RIGHTWINGERS meet to discuss how they will influence elections, run the country, and how to sell it to the American people via rightwing media. The (not)"liberal" mainstream media, of course, will not cover what they are doing. They run the mainstream media (while telling you it's "liberal"), the Supreme Court, and the government, and they want to take down social security by telling you it's a "Ponzi scheme" and it's in financial trouble. This is exactly like what Smedley Butler exposed during FDR's presidency: a coup of the U.S. government by wealthy businessmen:

Smedley Butler

Wealthy businessmen's attempted coup of the U.S. government during FDR's presidency.

JFK Secret Societies speech:

Billionaire Koch brothers have twice a year meeting with rightwingers:

The billionaires are coming: Obama's richest enemies to hold summit. Koch brothers to host rightwing politicians and business leaders at California resort to discuss how to influence politics

25 people were arrested for trespassing Sunday as hundreds protested outside a strategy session of conservative political donors at a resort near Palm Springs, authorities said.

As wealthy, conservative business people met Sunday inside a Coachella Valley resort, members of a liberal political action and open access group rallied to complain that corporations were being given unfettered control of the nation.

Nearly 1,000 People Protest SECRET Republican Meeting in Rancho Mirage

Ed Schultz Shining a light on Koch brothers' secret meeting

Watch from 5:30 forward about the Koch family aspiration to control the courts and the media:

The Koch Brothers and the Tea Party

Greenpeace blimp buzzes Koch brothers’ strategy meeting

Wall Street Titan Ken Langone, GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain At Koch Brothers Meeting

Rallying Against The Koch Agenda, Van Jones Warns Of ‘Excessive Concentrations Of Economic Power’

Van Jones: "We Will Not Live On A National Plantation Run By The Koch Brothers"

Rightwing Supreme Court involved with billionaire Koch brothers:

Group Requests DOJ To Investigate Scalia and Thomas Involvement With Koch Corporate Fundraisers

Memo reveals 2010 election secret planning meeting:

MEMO: Health Insurance, Banking, Oil Industries Met With Koch, Chamber, Glenn Beck To Plot 2010 Election

Rogue's Gallery of Koch brothers' secret meetings with rightwingers:

Koch Network Participants, Aspen 2010

NYTimes: A secretive network of Republican donors is heading to the Palm Springs area for a long weekend in January, but it will not be to relax after a hard-fought election — it will be to plan for the next one.

Right-Wing ‘Journalists’ At Secret Koch Meeting Make A Living Defending Unlimited Corporate Political Money


Charles And David Koch Exposed For Insidious Role In Crafting The Modern Right

Uncloaking The Kochs: A Common Cause Event in Rancho Mirage


Secret memo displays corporate and media tentacles of the Kochtopus. Fresh evidence of the New York billionaires' midterm campaign implicates journalists as well as fat cats

New Yorker: Covert Operations - The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama.


Inequality In America Is Worse Than In Egypt, Tunisia Or Yemen

Income Inequality In The U.S. Is Worse Than In Egypt

How the Supreme Corporate figures into all of this with the Citizens United decision:

Guess who also controls the (not) "liberal activist" Supreme Court? The SAME GUYS who control the (not) "liberal" mainstream media:

On the first anniversary of the Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United, which overturned nearly a century of restrictions on campaign spending, a progressive group has asked the Department of Justice to look into "conflicts of interest" two justices may have had when issuing the ruling.

In a petition to be sent to the department this week, Common Cause will argue that Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas should have recused themselves from the campaign finance decision because of their involvement with Koch Industries, a corporation run by two conservative activists who many say directly benefited from Citizens United.

“It appears both justices have participated in political strategy sessions, perhaps while the case was pending, with corporate leaders whose political aims were advanced by the decision,” the letter alleges, as quoted at Politico.

Group: Supreme Court justices ‘participated in political strategy sessions’ before Citizens United

Common Cause hereby formally requests that the Justice Department promptly investigate whether Justices Thomas and Scalia should have recused themselves from the Citizens United case under 28 U.S.C. § 455. If the Department finds sufficient grounds for disqualification of either Justice, we request that the Solicitor General file a Rule 60(b) motion with the full Supreme Court seeking to vacate the judgment.

Reform group: Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas had Citizens United conflicts of interest

Fair & Balanced: FOX "news" gave $55 MILLION FREE advertising to Republican presidential candidates.

Virginia Thomas earned over $680,000 from conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation over five years, a group says. But Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas did not include it on financial disclosure forms.

Tea Partiers: He married a WHITE WOMAN...LET'S GET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and here's the guy even the Koch brothers ultimately report to: David Rockefeller:

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