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Big Dan's Big News Jan 16, 2011

Strange things like this go on in Iraq & Afghanistan every day: "Man in Iraqi uniform" kills 3 U.S. soldiers during training exercise. Do you think it's odd that the report says "man in Iraqi uniform" and not "IRAQI SOLDIER"? So was he an "IRAQI SOLDIER"? It doesn't seem like it, it seems like it was a "MAN IN AN IRAQI UNIFORM". So then WHO exactly WAS this guy?

Now here's the report in the papers:

3 U.S. Service Members Killed in Iraq

Two U.S. soldiers were killed and a third injured when an Iraqi soldier opened fire on U.S. troops during training in the northern city of Mosul on Saturday, the U.S. military said.

It says that an Iraqi soldier (not a "man in an Iraqi uniform") stole LIVE bullets for his AK-47 training exercise and shot the U.S. soldiers (if you believe it in the first place, the only thing I believe beyond a doubt with this story is that U.S. soldiers were murdered). It also says that in a separate incident, another U.S. soldier was killed but the military won't release any details of that one.

So, 10 years into these "wars", trainees are killing U.S. soldier trainers??? Keep in mind, we're spending $2.5 BILLION of our tax dollars a week on this SHIT and there's trainees murdering their U.S. soldier trainers!!! So do you think we should keep doing this, while here at home we're cutting AMERICANS: health care, education, we cry about extending unemployment and social security because we "don't have any money", we're foreclosing on millions of Americans' homes.....but we ALWAYS have $2.5 BILLION A WEEK to have U.S. soldiers killed by the people they're training.......after ten years.

The FACT that there aren't MILLIONS of Americans charging Washington DC right now tells me a lot about the state of the USA.

And did you even notice this story about the U.S. soldiers getting murdered? It was a tiny blurb designed to be missed by you. Compare the coverage of the Loughner shooting: we are STILL getting 24x7 coverage complete with a speech by Obama. Why didn't Obama give a speech about the U.S. soldiers killed? I guess we're not supposed to notice the shooting of soldiers every day, the tens of thousands shot, the hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldier the congress and Obama quietly find their $2.5 BILLION a week taxpayer money while saying we need to cut spending on things Americans need.

MORE strange things going in Iraq & Afghanistan:

U.S. Marine Kills Afghan Policeman After Dispute

U.S. keeps funneling money to troubled Afghan projects

At least 100 relief workers in Afghanistan have been killed so far this year, far more than in any previous year.

Another "Muslim suicide bomber" (wink wink):

Jon Meacham, a gun owner, on restoring the assault weapons ban

America's Insanity Defense:

A Message To Sarah Palin from Media Matters CEO David Brock

The Republican Noise Machine

David Brock, the reformed conservative noise-maker, on how the Right has sabotaged journalism, democracy, and truth.

As a young journalist in the 1990s, David Brock was a key cog the Republican noise machine. Writing for the American Spectator, a conservative magazine funded by billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, Brock gained fame for his attack pieces on Anita Hill and President Bill Clinton. Then, in 2002, Brock came clean. In his memoir, Blinded by the Right, Brock admitted that his work was based on lies and distortion, and part of a coordinated smear campaign funded by wealthy right wing groups to discredit Clinton and confuse the public.

Since then, Brock has continued to expose the conservative media onslaught. In his newest book, The Republican Noise Machine, Brock documents how right-wing groups pressure the media and spread misinformation to the public. It's easy to see how this is done.

Fringe conspiracies and stories will be kept alive by outlets like Rush Limbaugh, the Washington Times, and the Drudge Report, until they finally break into the mainstream media.

Media groups like Brent Bozell's Media Research Center have spent 30 years convincing the public that the media is, in fact, liberal. As Brock says, it's all a sham: "I have seen, and I know firsthand, indeed from my own pen, how the organized Right has sabotaged not only journalism but also democracy and truth."

The Republican Noise Machine

Media Matters for America

Boehlert On Ed Show: If Ailes Is "Ordering Them To Tone It Down, Is That An Admission That He Knew The Rhetoric Was Out Of Control?"

The Right's Rising Tide of Violent Rhetoric

Beck's Incendiary Rhetoric Has Motivated Threats, Assassination Attempts

Utah Senator (Republican, of course) Questions Child Labor Law Constitutionality

Kennedy hit piece movie:

Reagan son: Alzheimer's began in office

'Bush, Reagan let drugs flow free to US from Nicaragua' - ex-dealer

Black guys dropping like flies from the Republican Party:

Michael Steele, Republican chairman, ousted

White guy to replace Michael Steele:

Black Arizona Republican resigns because of Tea Party rhetoric.

But don't worry, the Republicans still have ISRAELI-FIRSTER Allen West:

The GOP finally got a couple of black guys since 2002, and now they're quitting:

FLASHBACK Monday, May 5, 2008: Republicans To Retire Watt's Jersey at Convention

This is one of the greatest REAL videos of all time: CPAC, the conservative political action conference held each year and features speakers such as Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, tried appear more inclusive of blacks so they held a RAP contest at CPAC, here's the results (this is for REAL, I post this video from time to time because it cracks me up so bad) -

Bombshell: Government Admits Fluoride Hurting Children

An Untested Type of Fluoride Is Used in the Overwhelming Majority of U.S. Water Supplies

An Overwhelming Number of Scientific Studies Conclude That Cavity Levels are Falling Worldwide ... Even In Countries Which Don't Fluoridate Water

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) has introduced a little-noticed bill that intends to once again renew controversial provisions of the Bush administration's USA Patriot Act that are due to expire this year.

Here's MORE in information on the mysterious death of John Wheeler:

Oh, It Was The John P. Wheeler III Who Was Involved In The Barksdale-Minot Incident Who Was Found In A Landfill!

So, the other day, I said the media expects us to believe this story about John Wheeler, but I added new information in RED:

We're supposed to believe according to mainstream media reports that a former Vietnam vet who started the Vietnam memorial and worked for a biochemical weapons company and was connected to missing nuclear bombs in 2007, at the exact time of the mass dying of birds, was robbed and then let go and then turned up dead in a dumpster while last seen at a chemical company headquarters and btw left his cell phone in his neighbor's house he was "smoke bombing" to drive them out of town knowing full well the GPS in it is a tracking device and "smoke bombs" will drive neighbors out of town and walked around without his cell phone for 4 days leading up to his death and there were footprints in his house and the three separate events of him being robbed, killed, and his house broken into are 3 unrelated events. Oh, and the police/AP released a video purported to be "raw footage" of Wheeler on a security camera was actually someone obviously filming the security camera because it was shaking around and anticipating his moves and the time stamp once in a while comes into view as the "security camera" is shaking.

No recall as of yet on EXPLODING BMW's in Arlington:

BMW Explodes in Arlington: Two exploding BMWs in two days, within about six miles of each other…Move along, citizen, nothing to see here?

Remember this White House connected woman's BMW exploded into a fireball in a "low speed crash" in her garage:


White House connected woman's burned body found in flaming car in her garage: media/government INVENT term for her death - "LOW SPEED CRASH" in her garage resulted in her car exploding:

Google "LOW SPEED CRASH", Turton's mysterious death comes up as 4th hit.

"LOW SPEED CRASH" = "PIPE BOMB" ????????????

Former chief of staff to Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.)

Body of Wife of Senior White House Official Found in Burning Car

"Turton was found dead in her car Monday morning, which was discovered ablaze in a row house garage, presumably the Turton home, in the 800 block of A Street Southeast near Eastern Market."

So let's get this straight: she crashed her car and it went ablaze....IN HER GARAGE??????????????

Turton Car Fire Caused by Low-Speed Crash, Police Say

ATF Joins Investigation of Fatal Car Fire (Turton Death Unsolved) ^ | 1/11/2011 | Darci Marchese

Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 3:02:33 PM by Gabrial

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Let's see. Her car was engulfed in flames while she was BACKING OUT of her garage on her way to work. She is a lobbyist for a company that is creating the largest utility company on the planet through a merger that is pending approval. Her husband is in Obama's inner circle. She used to work as Chief of Staff for the person that let Rahm Emmanual use a rent free residence in D.C.


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and EXPLOSIVES is called into to investigate.

All lamestream media outlets have dropped this story like a hot potato.

Is it just me that thinks this strong 37 year old mother of three driving one of the safest cars in the world (2008 BMW X5) was snuffed out?

What did she know?

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