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Big Dan's Big News Jan 11, 2011

(all I'm doing is telling you exactly what the media/police/government are telling us about 3 stories: the Giffords shooting, someone connected with the White House found in a burning car due to a "crash in her garage" (???), and the Wheeler case. Do these things sound crazy? Well, it's not ME saying it!!!)

Jared Loughner, one of the gunmen who shot Rep Giffords, stands in the background during the Tucson Festival of Books. Sunday March 14, 2010 (Arizona Daily Star)

Maybe you think that I think everything is a conspiracy, but I don't. I simply point out facts and things that don't make any sense about what the mainstream media and government tells us.

Let's take the most recent story about Rep Giffords and 18 people getting shot. I have a question:

"What happened to the first reports of the police seeking a 2nd shooter?"

Now is that a "conspiracy" that I'm asking that question?

I have another question:

"How can some goofy 22 year old kid shoot 18 people in the short amount of time he did?"

Those are just QUESTIONS. Aren't they GOOD questions? I just want to know! I don't just regurgitate what the mainstream media and government says, I point out things all the time that don't make sense and I ask questions.

In the first hours after the shooting in Tucson, the question of additional shooters and or accomplices was floated by the local media. With that, the question also asked was "can you confirm she (Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords) was shot from the back or from the front" ? Why did this question go unanswered (at first) Dr. ?

Link below has the clip of Dr Richard "I dont want to get in to conjecture" Carmona. He is a former US Surgeon General apointed by GW Bush , whom presumably speaks on behalf the hospital, for some unknown reason. Possible reason - He is a SWAT training officer at the Pima County Sheriff's Department??

Dr Richard "I dont want to get into conjecture" Carmona

Rush Transcript

Unknown reporter:

A second shooter in Arizona ?

Police suspect a second gunman due to the spread of the firing on the ground and the number of victims.

Just in case you think I'm imagining it, from a few days ago here's the POLICE saying they're "actively seeking" a 2nd gunman, watch @ 3:50 in this video -

...and this video:

So, I'm just going to watch if the story of police pursuing a 2nd gunman(s) disappears. Keep in mind, Loughner is still alive, but maybe Jack Ruby will rise from his grave and shoot him.

Other STRANGE things going on:

Former chief of staff to Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.)

Body of Wife of Senior White House Official Found in Burning Car

"Turton was found dead in her car Monday morning, which was discovered ablaze in a row house garage, presumably the Turton home, in the 800 block of A Street Southeast near Eastern Market."

So let's get this straight: she crashed her car an...d it went ablaze....IN HER GARAGE??????????????

Turton Car Fire Caused by Low-Speed Crash, Police Say

Even MORE strange things going on:

We're supposed to believe according to mainstream media reports that a former Vietnam vet who started the Vietnam memorial and worked for a biochemical weapons company, at the exact time of the mass dying of birds, was robbed and then let go and then turned up dead in a dumpster while last seen at a chemical company headquarters and btw left his cell phone and his neighbor's house he was "smoke bombing" and walked around without his cell phone for 4 days leading up to his death and their were footprints in his house and the three separate events of him being robbed, killed, and his house broken into are 3 unrelated events. Oh, and the police/AP released a video purported to be "raw footage" of Wheeler on a security camera was actually someone obviously filming the security camera (this post looks like a hodgepodge, it's because I cut/paste everything about Wheeler's death in one post):

The suspicious death of John Wheeler.

Getting back to the Giffords shooting and rightwing HATESPEECH media:

‘Humor writer’ names Olbermann a ‘target’ after Giffords shooting





From Panameric in the above Raw Story thread re: targeting of Olbermann:

Like many when I was a kid the times were desperate. I was born in nineteen fifty six so if you do the math and know history then you know the era.

I remember a glaring fact from that time. Everyone the people loved or everyone who wanted to help people were shot. The shooting stopped when Nixon became president. I do not include the half baked, no chance of succeeding attempt by the Charles Manson freak, because it was stupid and outside the style of all the other execution.

The shooting style of the sixty’s returned to either eliminate Ronald Reagan or get him in line and it worked. Like G W Bush after he was worked over...I mean choked on a pretzel Reagan became a flaming prick from that moment on.

Now here we stand with the body count adding up with all of those fueling the fire of hate and division claiming there is no connection between the execution and assassination attempts sweeping the country.

Quite recently Haley Barbour gave us a lesson on how this new speak/revisionist history sounds to the ear, and how well it works on those who never give words spoken a second thought. Please don't mistake what I'm about to say as any support on any level for what this latest assassin has done and the undeserved misery that he gave to so many in Arizona, but I think it’s demands an honest look.

This person made mention to the “controlling of grammar." I think in his damaged mind what he might have been referring to is this chronic use of the Orwellian way of speaking that those in power whether government or press insist on using these days. We are told all day long war is peace, we had to destroy the village to save it, god loves you; now go die in poverty. Feel free to add your example to the list Reader, because it is in fact an endless list at this point of contradictions.

What this kid did Is the fallout from this kind of "reality creation by history's actors" and people are getting unraveled as they "judiciously study” what these “history's actors” do and are unable to make any sense of it. I know without a doubt that under the right circumstances someone can hold up two fingers and eventually get someone to believe they see five as they have been taught to believe through intense torture or as they use to call it Gas lighting. However, the failing in trying to get an entire population to believe such a thing with such a weak drug as television is impossible. You will have those who can see through it who are perfectly normal people and worse you will have people like this assassin who see, but don’t understand what it is they are seeing.

As Leonard Cohen wrote “There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in”. When that light gets in to the mind of a mentally ill person or fanatic who hears his god’s voice; the system breaks down. People die. Worse as you know this speech (grammar) technique is being pumped into and through a purposely created echo chamber to multiply it’s negative effect on the public at large thus causing these tragic event to grow exponentially and I fear we have not seen the peak yet. As long as those who are profiting from these devices continue to do so they will fight, lie and cheat to the bitter end to maintain the advantage it has given them politically and or monetarily.

With all of that said I have a possible way of cutting this blight down by at least a factor of two thirds. It’s very simple. In nineteen eighty I had to take my third class radio telephone license given by the FCC. It was no cake walk and I had to take ten weeks of broadcasting school to prepare to be on the air. Long story short I had to take an oath after I passed the test were I swore to never put any information on the air that was erroneous or superfluous ever, because the peoples air wave were sacred. If I did, my license that would be affixed to the radio station’s transmitter where I worked would be torn from that transmitter and I would never work on the air again. So, if you want to clean up this sewer we call broadcasting TV or radio, then reinstate this license requirement and that oath and of course strictly enforce the law/rule. If we do, it’s back to shortwave radio and dark, dingy meeting halls for those who are incapable of making a living as a honest broadcaster on the peoples air waves.

Special shout out to Marilyn from Tamaqua from Big Dan: "GO FUCK YOURSELF"

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