Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big Dan's Big News August 17, 2010

Lou Barletta puts the final nail in his campaign coffin, proving he's a BIGOT by saying the Mosque in NY should not be allowed...thereby negating all the times he said he's not anti-Hispanic, too, when his illegal immigration bill was declared unConstitutional. He's not a racist BIGOT...he just acts like one!!! But you got him all wrong! (...according to HIM...) He's only defending dead racist BIGOT 9/11 victims and their families! It's not him...

Lou Barletta puts the final nail in his campaign coffin, by fully outing himself as a racist BIGOT not just against Hispanics, but now against Muslims. He falls in line with the GOP's crusade against anyone who's not a white, healthy, employed, heterosexual male...Nixon's "scare the whites" into voting for us Southern Strategy. And finally, he's against the Constitution by saying, "…we should not allow this…(Mosque)" in print. We should go against the Constitution, if someone is "sensitive" about someone else exercising their Constitutional Rights! Forget about what the Constitution says! Someone's feelings are hurt! So, when Lou Barletta says his stance on illegal aliens is not anti-Hispanic, NOW do you believe him??? Now that he says Muslims shouldn't be allowed to build a Mosque somewhere? It's none of his business AND it's in New York! Not around here! I can safely assume he would lead a crusade against building a Mosque around here, too. I don't want my U.S. House Representative saying he doesn't want a religious place of worship built somewhere. This is PROOF that Lou Barletta is not-ready-for-prime-time. Please don't vote the racist BIGOT Lou Barletta into office so we don't become the Confederacy up here in the North. "LOU" has shown that he is for racial profiling of Hispanics, giving football coaches the Medal of Freedom (he wants to give football coach and fellow staunch Republican Joe Paterno the "Medal of Freedom"), and now he's against Muslim Americans building Mosques. I'm sure he'll tell you, like with the Hispanics, we've "got it all wrong"...he's not a racist BIGOT...it's just that everything he says and does are the actions and characteristics of a racist BIGOT!!! The more they talk, the more you can see how bigoted they are. That's why you never hear a PEEP from Pat Toomey. Republicans keep saying they're not racist bigots...BUT, all you hear from them is rhetoric against: Muslims, gays, lesbians, blacks, the unemployed, and people without health care! So, I will believe they aren't racist bigots when that stops. And when they get a black senator or congressman. The definitive statement is: not all Republicans are racist bigots...but if you're a racist bigot, you're a Republican. And while I hear Republicans chastising all Muslims because all Muslims aren't speaking out against their fringe radicals, I chastise all Republicans for not speaking out against their fringe radicals. LOU BARLETTA IS A FRINGE RADICAL! Every time he opens up his mouth, he proves it over and over again. Paul Kanjorski is a very smart man for saying that this is a local NY issue. Pat Toomey is very smart, keeping his mouth shut so far, because I have a sneaking suspicion he would fall in line with fellow Republican Lou Barletta on these issues...

Lou Barletta's Hazleton: highest unemployment in Pennsylvania.

In A Special Comment, Countdown’s Keith Olbermann explains the misnomer and danger in calling it “The Ground Zero Mosque.” Olbermann clarifies the misconceptions around the community center.

So Where Is That NY Islamic Center Anyway?

From "Freedom Fries" to the Mosque: America, driven again by Right-Wing insanity, is 'losing it's freaking mind'

Mosque Rant: Newt Gingrich compares Muslim Americans...TO THE NAZI'S!!!!!!!!

Muslim-American 9/11 Responder Reacts To Controversy

Muslim Americans Also Died On 9/11

Republicans against the Mosque in NY said it's because they care about the "feelings" of the 9/11 victims. But they just voted 100% AGAINST a bill funding health care for...9/11 VICTIMS!!! And it was fully paid for by taxing corporations sending American jobs overseas:

Republicans, who claim they oppose the Mosque in NY because of 9/11 victims, vote 100% against funding health care for 9/11 victims!!! And the bill was funded by taxing corporations sending American jobs overseas!!!

Republican neo-con John Bolton calls for the Israel to strike Iran AND joins an anti-Muslim/Mosque hate rally!!!

Israel has ’8 days’ to hit Iran nuclear site: Bolton

Gingrich, Bolton, Breitbart Team Up With Far-Right Muslim-Basher Geert Wilders For 9/11 Rally

I hate YOU...if you're not Jewish - Abe Foxeman of the ADL, fighting to stop the defamation of Jewish people, and to secure secure justice and fair treatment for ALL..." - except Muslims!!!

The Bigots are: the GOP, rightwing talk radio, the Jewish anti-defamation league (ADL) and Abe Foxeman, and the Israeli-occupied U.S. media.


"Islam brings hope and comfort",says President George W.Bush

I didn't know George W. Bush played Banjo!!!

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