Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Dan's Big News August 10, 2010

BP critic "dies of heart attack" (wink wink)...anyone think this is fishy???

Matthew Simmons: "We've Now Killed The Gulf Of Mexico"

Prominent oil investor Matt Simmons died of a heart attack last night at his home in North Haven, Maine, according to police reports.

The famed energy banker was a prominent proponent of peak oil theory, and most recently got attention for his dire calls about the fate of the Gulf of Mexico.

The debate about the effect of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill -- he thought it would be cataclysmic -- lead him to split with his old firm, Simmons & Co., of which he was the chairman emeritus.

His legacy will no doubt be his work on peak oil and resource scarcity.

Matt Simmons Has Died

BP Critic Matt Simmons Found Dead

Cousteau on Reports Downplaying BP Oil Disaster's Impact: At best, this is the end of the beginning

The BP oil spill has disolved like "sugar in water":

BREAKING: Plane carrying 8 passengers crashes in Alaska; Former Sen. Ted Stevens reported to have been on board

My tribute to Ted Stevens:

Max Keiser/Danny Schechter: the banksters used the 1980's S&L scandal to decriminalize their actions, hence the 2009/2010 financial crisis was legal, no one went to jail. Danny Schechter calls for a grassroots movement called "SOL" by the American people against the banksters and the politicians from both parties. Also: report on Bizarre Robot Trader terrorizing the markets:

Here's Danny Schechter's new film trailer for "Plunder: The Crime Of Our Time", what Max and Danny above are talking about:

btw...Danny Schechter made this video "Weapons of Mass Deception" which I've posted here over a dozen times: how the corporate owned media was controlled by and in bed with the military to push the Iraq & Afghanistan wars upon the American people:

Big rise in Afghan civilian deaths

Glenn Greenwald: The Digital Surveillance State: Vast, Secret, and Dangerous

Glenn Greenwald: What collapsing empire looks like

World's only super power: U.S. localities drown in red ink and shut off millions of street lights around the country to save $$$...and the GOP proposes tax cuts for the rich...KEEP SPENDING $2.5 BILLION A WEEK ON THE WARS, THOUGH:

State of Fear politics from the GOP elites: whites should FEAR Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks...actually, anyone who's not white like themselves:

Google & Verizon Killing Net Neutrality?

Strippers Protest At Church

The Sky Is Crying (with Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert King, Paul Butterfield, & BB King):

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