Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Dan's Big News August 12, 2010

Banksters snagged by judge for sorting your transactions to produce the most fines...JUST LIKE I'VE BEEN TELLING YOU!!!

Remember I kept telling you on my blog for years, that the banksters sort your transactions putting the largest first so that they get more fines?

Here's a cut/paste from a past Big Dan Special Commentary, note what I say in RED:

November 13, 2009 Special commentary by Big Dan: "I just got a fine from Bank of America. I put some money in, cash right with a teller, then that night I bought some gas with my BOA debit card. The cash I put in registered the next day and I didn't know it. I asked them why this happened: I put in cash at a teller and then LATER bought gas, and received a fine, and they said it when you put CASH in with a teller AFTER 2:00, it registers the next day. Let me repeat that: walking in with CASH to the actual teller 2 HOURS past lunchtime registers the NEXT DAY at Bank of America...but if you get gas 4 HOURS past lunchtime with your BOA debit card, THAT is immediate! So they DELAY putting money IN your account, and SPEED UP taking money OUT of your account so you get more fines! Funny, the gas purchase registered the SAME DAY, even though it was DONE LATER than putting in the cash!!! Sweet $39 fine for that!!! Now you know how they made BILLIONS ON LATE FEES! Here's another thing they do: if you have multiple transactions causing overdraft, they'll sort them so the MOST bounce, so they get more fines. Example: You have $100 in your account and you have a $101 transaction and five $1 transactions. That's ONE fine, right? The five $1 were well below your $100 balance and only the $101 transaction bounced, right? WRONG!!! They put the $101 transaction FIRST, giving you a negative -$1 balance...THEN bounce the five $1 transactions so they get SIX $39 fines!!! Do politicians care about this? NO! Because their accounts are never near zero so it never happens to them! I asked them why they do this, they said: 'We pay the biggest one first'. Yeah, I know why: BECAUSE YOU GET THE MOST FINES!!! Then, as your account keeps going more and more negative because of their snowballing fines, more and more of your transactions keep coming in and getting more and more fines!!!"

Here's another post from December 2007:

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 - Getting Ripped Off With An Unjust Overlimit Fee: PRICELESS!

Here's another (and I'll post them all when I get time):

Monday, August 10, 2009 - Big Dan's Big News Aug 10, 2009 - U.S. banks to make $38 B-B-Billion from overdraft fees: report

Well, look at this! A judge has just slapped down Wells Fargo for doing exactly that: sorting your transactions from highest to lowest to produce the most fines:

Judge orders Wells Fargo to pay back $203M in fees. Judge orders Wells Fargo to change overdraft policy, return $203 million in fees to customers

Below: remember this? Am I the only one who remembers this shit? Am I better than the "news" on TV??? WTF? Shouldn't the "news" on TV be doing what I am doing? Is it that hard to say, "Hey! Wells Fargo! Weren't they also laundering money to Mexican drug cartels in that story recently? Let's put the two stories together!!!" I'm no genius (well, actually I am...), but can't they do this? I'm forced to believe they're doing it on purpose!


Listen Bubs: I'm just telling you the truth here. That's why I want you to check out my post from yesterday about 9/11!!!

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