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Big Dan's Big News August 11, 2010: the FAKESTER vs the REAL DEAL

More FAKERY from the FAKESTER - WILK's Steve Corbett, the washed up corporate FAKESTER.

Above: the FAKESTER on the left, the REAL DEAL on the right.

WILK's Steve Corbett, the self-proclaimed liberal who espouses free speech, liberty, and activism, has banned people from his FaceBook page for talking about 9/11. Specifically, he has banned people who don't believe the "official" 9/11 story only told to us by non-experts: politicians and the media. He has no problem with 9/11 commenters who believe the "official" story or commenters who make fun of 9/11 truthers by calling them "loons", "tin foil hat", "crazy", and other derogatory term or by simply making non-inflammatory comments about not believing the "official" story they "sabotaged" and "commandeered" his FaceBook page.

I have written many times here about Steve Corbett being a FAKESTER for many other reasons, most notably for being a FAKE LIBERAL, now you can add 9/11 to the reasons.

Local activist Anthony Antonello has been trying to talk about 9/11 on Corbett's WILK show and on his Facebook page and has been sending him 9/11 material, but Corbett continually blows off Anthony and says he doesn't have the time to look at Anthony's 9/11 comments and material. Interesting that he not only says he doesn't have time, but additionally deletes Anthony's comments and has time for every other subject. That tells me that the subject of 9/11 is "off limits" to Corbett, not that he doesn't have time for it.

So Anthony had a plan: he and his FaceBook friends were going to post 9/11 comments and links on Corbett's FaceBook page over the weekend, and that's exactly what they did. Anthony's reasoning was that 9/11 comments were less likely to be deleted by Corbett off his FaceBook page during a weekend and maybe Corbett and even others would look at them before Corbett deleted them on Monday. It was perfectly legal and the comments were not inflammatory, just evidence that the "official" story cannot be true and other comments asking Corbett why he won't discuss or look at the evidence of 9/11 and the comments provided. Note: Corbett just says he isn't looking at these things to Anthony, there's no telling if he is actually looking at them but won't discuss 9/11 or is told not to discuss it by WILK/Entercom. I looked at the comments. The only inflammatory comments I saw were commenters making derogatory remarks about Anthony's friends, calling them "loons", "tin foil hat", among other derogatory remarks and also backing the "official" story but of course providing no evidence (as usual), just repeating what non-experts like politicians and the media told them. I'm assuming that when Corbett says that 9/11 discussion is off limits to him, it doesn't include commenters parroting the government/media "official" story or making derogatory remarks about Anthony and his friends. That is permissible to Corbett and won't get deleted and he won't threaten them. Irony: before Corbett got on FaceBook, he said FB wasn't important or relevant...and now he's threatening to get people banned from it for posting comments he doesn't like!

So Steve Corbett, the self-proclaimed liberal, free speech advocate, promoter of activism who uses his show daily to get a mob after someone he thinks isn't being held accountable by "the people" now on the other side being held accountable for what he always says about what he stands for. And he's failing, getting a big, fat "F", when he is held to the standards that he holds everyone else to. He's a FRAUD and a FAKESTER, like I've been saying before I ever met Anthony.

Anthony Antonello:

"After months of writing, e-mailing, calling the radio station, sending DVD's through the mail, posting flyers around the radio station, everything imaginable to try and get this info. to the man who brags about being a hardcore investigative journalist. Long story short, he wants nothing to do w/ information concerning issues that he doesn't deem important. He wouldn't take 1 minute to discuss this (9/11) w/ me like professionals."

Here are Steve Corbett's FaceBook statements about the matter:

1. Corbett on FaceBook: "the attempted sabotage of this fan page by 911 was in inside job zealots has been reported to facebook officials in california. you are risking your entire facebook privilege by trying to take over this site. if you are banned forever from all facebook postings, you have done it to yourself. remember, consequences are an inside job."

(My comments: First of all, yes, he's a "journalist" and writes like that. Notice that when people post comments on Corbett's FaceBook page that he doesn't like or it's an "off limits" subject to him, he calls perfectly legal non-inflammatory commenting "sabotage" and threatens to report them to FaceBook officials "in california" (not capitalized). Wow! Not "california", Steve!!! Also, he would like to get people making legal, non-inflammatory comments (that he doesn't like) banned from FaceBook forever! And then twists it around saying "you have done it to yourself". Note to Steve: YOU are attempting to ban people from FaceBook, don't twist it around that THEY are banning themselves! Nice try. Some "liberal", huh? Corbett espouses activism and free speech...except activism and free speech HE doesn't like. Then he wants to get people banned entirely from FaceBook for it! That's pretty heavy-handed.)

2. Corbett on FaceBook: "each new unsolicited 9-11 post goes directly to facebook headquarters. truth is one thing. harrassment of our business posting is another matter that facebook officials take very seriously. this is your final warning."

(My comments on this statement by Corbett: Several points here: The word "solicit" means you WANT certain comments, and don't want others. Of course, how can anyone know what comments Corbett considers "solicited" or "not solicited"?I never heard of anyone ever saying such a thing, but it's a good way to ban people: just "make up" that their comments were "unsolicited" unbeknownst to them. How is one to tell if Corbett thinks their comment is solicited or not? Comments are free form, you can say anything you want. You can "unlike" commenters who post comments you don't like, Steve, or report them to FaceBook (for what?), but that proves a few things: 1. you really don't believe in free speech, and 2. unknown to a commenter, YOU can subjectively call their comment "unsolicited" and attempt to get them banned so everyone will be afraid to comment on your FB page, and 3. it proves that derogatory comments directed towards Anthony and his friends, as well as comments agreeing with the "official" story, are not included in your "unsolicited 9/11 comments". Notice that Corbett uses the word "harrassment" in his statement (misspelled, btw...) and he used the word "sabotage" in his statement #1. So, Corbett is saying that if he doesn't like certain LEGAL non-inflammatory comments, they are "sabotage" and "harrassment" (misspelled) and "unsolicited" (even though they don't know it), you are "commandeering" and "hijacking" his page (those were other comments made by him and his "followers") and the big FaceBook guys at headquarters in "california" (not capitalized) are gonna git ya...if Corbett has something to do with it! What a nice guy! The ONLY ones saying threats, making fun of people, demonizing people, and misrepresenting people, are Corbett and his "followers"! Corbett has tried to entirely twist this around the other way!)

Here's more:

Anthony Antonello Update..

"I confronted Steve Corbett face to face a couple hours ago. I'm working on the video now, still got to cut and mix, you know the drill ;)"

I like Anthony. I am on the left, and he is on the right. Steve Corbett always says the left and right must find common ground. He says that all the time. So there's another FAKE sentiment from Steve Corbett: the left and right should find common ground...except when they find common ground with a subject I don't agree with!!!

Ladies and gentlemen: Steve Corbett just "says shit" on the radio. Maybe he used to be a good journalist, maybe he used to be an activist. But now he just "says shit" on the radio for Entercom/WILK. Steve Corbett was the best chance of Antohony and his friends to get an Entercom/WILK radio character to discuss 9/11, because of what Steve Corbett always says about free speech, justice, truth, common ground, activism, and being a liberal. As it turns out, he just "says shit on the radio". Let's see what happens with Steve Corbett's threat to not only get commenters who post comments he doesn't like banned from his FaceBook page, but entirely from FaceBook. This is a dastardly, despicable threat. Steve Corbett is taking his ball and going home. There's a lot of "used to be"'s Steve Corbett used to be an investigative journalist. After his actions on this matter, he can no longer be taken seriously. He is an Anthony Antonello "wannabe" and his ego was hurt by Anthony's ability to quickly raise a bunch of activists for an activist cause. THAT is one of the real issues here, as well as Corbett having 9/11 as an "off limits" subject.

Note: people often ask me to write this or write that for them, and I always say that I write what I want when I want to and I'm not beholden to anyone, any party, or anything. So, I am writing this because I can see that Anthony Antonello is the real deal, a truth teller and truth seeker. Steve Corbett cannot say or write anything he wants, he is beholden to Entercom, the owners of WILK and wishes he had the "mute" button on the internet like he does on his show.

Here's why I don't believe the "official" 9/11 story: I am a rational, intelligent human being and I've researched the subject for years. I have found that ALL the real experts don't believe the "official" story, and I can't find ONE expert who backs the "official" story. I found that ONLY non-experts - the corporate owned media and politicians - pushed the "official" story. There is a 100% chance that YOU will no longer believe the "official" story if you research the evidence yourself, that's my GUARANTEE. ALL experts - architects, engineers, scientists, firemen, police - do NOT believe the "official" story. Go ahead! Try and find some REAL EXPERTS who believe the "official" story! I DARE you!

Remember this as you research 9/11: the "official" story was ONLY told to you by non-experts: the corporate owned media and politicians:

9/11: All In One Chunk

9/11 Blueprint For Truth

9/11 Mysteries (movie)

9/11 Press For Truth (movie)

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