Friday, April 3, 2009

Big Dan's Big News April 3, 2009

AIG - $165 Million bonuses - weeks of 24x7 media coverage, pitchforks, mobs, congressional hearings, legislation, etc...

Merrill Lynch - $3,600 Million ($3.6 Billion) bonuses - NO MEDIA COVERAGE!!! NO MERRILL LYNCH MOB!!!


Kucinich on Fox: Merrill Lynch Bonuses

Dems Investigating Bush Administration Role In AIG Collapse

The Bush admin - it seems to me - was running a protection racket. No matter what industry we look at, we see regulators not regulating, investigators not investigating, and so forth. In other words, we will pay into your election coffer or what-not, and in exchange you call off the dogs.

It is the flip side of the US Attorney Scandal as well. On one side you have pressure to prosecute political enemies, but I think likely corporate enemies could be added to this listl. So, for example, you are big tobacco and you have a problem with massive class action cases. Your problem is taken care of via the DOJ just as AIG is taken care of by having regulators look the other way.

In all of this, money needs to change hands. That money would have had to be laundered. Enter Jack Abramoff and others like him, and there are several like him who are still in play.

Bush admin role in AIG? Don't say I did not tell you so...

Welcome to the final stages of the coup...

Government, controlled from behind the scenes by JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs, wants to seize anything it wants, hence Treasury’s new demand for new regulatory powers. It is a race against time before the derivative monster collapses and takes everything else with it, except gold and silver. Doesn’t anyone realize all this government, corporate and individual debt can never be repaid? It is a giant scam.

The following are some snippets from the most recent issue of the International Forecaster.

Ron Paul: "What if..."

Rush Limbaugh Leaves New York

For years New Yorkers have done everything in their power to get Rush Limbaugh to leave town. New Yorkers had their own "Truman Show" charade going on for years, trying to get rid of Limbaugh.

Jon Stewart's message to Limbaugh: Here's my EZ Pass and..."GET THE FUCK OUT!!!"

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Rush Limbaugh Leaves New York
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