Thursday, April 2, 2009

Big Dan's Big News April 2, 2009

REAL Pennsylvania plumbers tell the GOP's infomercial star "Joe (who's name isn't Joe) the Plumber (who isn't a plumber)" to...

GET FUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Above: The GOP SHAM "Joe the Plumber"...who's name isn't Joe...and who isn't a plumber... Doesn't the GOP get it? Let me spell it out for you: THE "JOE THE PLUMBER" THING ISN'T WORKING! CUT THE SHIT OUT! The party for the rich, the GOP, was drummed out of office so they invented a FAKE Joe 6-pack and are parading him around infomercial style. That's how they get the few idiots of the middle class and poor (if there's any left) to vote for them. Let's call a spade a spade: the GOP has turned into a bizarre CULT! Their tricks aren't working anymore. Here is your proof:

Somebody in the Republican Party thought it would be a great idea to send Joe the Plumber to Pennsylvania to rally against the Employee Free Choice Act. The pretend plumber faced audiences so hostile in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg that he skipped a rally in Philadelphia. This perfectly sums of the state of both Joe the Plumber’s 15 minutes of fame, and the GOP.

Joe the Plumber stumped on Employee Free Choice Act: ‘I don’t know everything about everything.’

Joe the "plumber" shills against Employee Free Choice, but admits he doesn't understand it. March 31, 2009, Harrisburg, PA. Just before this video starts, out of microphone range, Joe admits that he has not read the Employee Free Choice Act legislation. Still, he came to Pennsylvania to tell workers that they do not need the protections of the bill.

Filibusters skyrocket under Republican minority in 110th Congress. Yesterday, Sen. John Kyl (R-AZ) slammed the idea of passing health care reform and other Obama priorities

Jindal Doubles Down On Neo-Hooverism, Will Reject Low-Income Health Coverage In Stimulus Package

Sens. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) and Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) have offered a $250 billion proposal to cut estate taxes for the children of multi-millionaires. The proposal is attracting a disturbing amount of support.

In midst of recession, Sens. Kyl and Lincoln think ‘the most pressing issue’ is ‘America’s wealthiest families.’


A protester has died during G20 protests in London, according to the police.

G20 Pictures

The 10/31 Project

Stephen wants you to ring doorbells and demand that your neighbors make a tangible commitment to America in the form of a sugary treat.

(bd: this is what rightwingers call "news" - FOX "news")

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Special commentary by Big Dan: "Isn't it odd that a politician from one of the countries pushing the 'War on Terror' was never killed by a terrorist? You'd think with all these terrorists supposedly walking around everywhere, it would be rather easy for them to kill a politician. It reinforces my belief that this 'War on Terror' is politicians from the countries pushing the FAKE 'War on Terror'."

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