Thursday, April 23, 2009

Americans Don't Torture, Republicans Do!!!

FRAUDSTER Bishop Martino silent about torture revelations...

NEPA's Bishop Martino remains silent about the revelations that torturing people came from the top of the Bush administration. He's always in the news, concerned about condoms. I guess he's for torture...because a Republican administration was doing it. His silence exposes him as the FRAUD that he is. Who would Jesus torture? We know who REPUBLICAN JESUS would torture!

Vote Republican - Vote for Torture! Don't vote for the Democrats, because they use rubbers.... - the Bishop

Let's be very clear on this: TORTURE IS A "REPUBLICAN THING"!!! Look who's defending it: CheneyFOX "news", Republican politicians, Limbaugh, Hannity Karl Rove, and rightwing pundits like William Kristol!!!

Conservative Torture lawyer John Yoo Boo'd at Debate

WaPo: Intelligence and military officials under the Bush administration began preparing to conduct harsh interrogations long before they were granted legal approval to use such methods -- and weeks before the CIA captured its first high-ranking terrorism suspect, Senate investigators have concluded.

Another Conservative torture lawyer, Jay Bybee (below), is now a Federal Judge!!! I bet you can't wait for your kid or a friend or relative to go in front of him!

Fixing the Facts and Legal Opinions Around the Torture Policy. The Case for 'Looking Forward' to the Impeachment of Jay S. Bybee...

Rice LIED!!! She said we didn't torture!!!

Rice personally okayed waterboarding

This video is from A YEAR AGO! We all knew she was lying!!!

I'm the Torturer (Bush)

Dick Cheney lands job to anchor FOX "news"

(just kidding)


Jane Harman with one of her Israeli buddies.

Harman begins to backtrack denials of wiretap story

McClatchy: Report: Abusive tactics were used to find Iraq-al Qaida link

See my extensive post on the blackmailed Jane Harman

...and how come we never see Jane Harman and Rod Stewart at the same time???

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