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Freddie Gray Protest In Baltimore; Once Again, "Officials'' Try To Discredit A Protest With Agent Provocateurs STAGED "LOOTING" Pictures

(NOTICE: check out the UPDATE in RED at the bottom of this post!!! someone came out with a video of this exact same thing this post is about!!!)

UPDATE II (click here): Just like I've been telling you, video surfaces of AGENT PROVOCATEUR COPS LOOTING and blaming protesters.

(the latest STAGED "LOOTING" pictures for mass media consumption)

I wrote a post on the Ferguson protests about how "officials" dispatch agent provocateurs to protests to discredit peaceful protests and how it is a plan to shift the focus of the "news" from the actual peaceful protesters to (fake) "LOOTERS" complete with STAGED PHOTOS of "LOOTING" so then everyone talks about the "LOOTERS" instead of the real protest. I supplied the obviously STAGED "LOOTING" photos, see here in this post below:

BIG DAN'S BIG BLOG August 17, 2014: You Can Be Assured That Agent Provocateurs Are "LOOTING" And Throwing "MOLOTOV COCKTAILS" In Ferguson

So today I start reading my Sunday paper, not thinking about protests/looting/agent provocateurs/staged photos, and I come across an article about the Freddie Gray protest in Baltimore. There were two pictures in the paper accompanying the article. I looked at the photos and several things jumped out at me (to the trained eye): the SAME WOMAN was in both pictures although the pictures were for two separate incidents. She was very distinctive: she had red hair, a very skintight black dress, black stockings, and black high-heel shoes. In one picture, there is a black man playing tug-of-war with this woman and her purse along with two other women, and in the 2nd photo this same woman is being held back by a white male as she appears to be trying to stop a black male from throwing a chair through a storefront window:

Picture #1 - notice woman with red hair, black skintight dress, black stockings, black high-heel shoes. Also notice that the REAL PROTESTERS aren't even looking at a black guy playing tug-of-war with three white women's purses in a "FROZEN IN MOTION" picture:

Picture #2 - notice woman with red hair, black skintight dress, black stockings, black high-heel shoes, this woman happens to have a cameraman following her around to capture this white woman's HEROIC EXPLOITS at the protest against BLACK LOOTERS. The white male wants to stop the white heroine from the evil black chair-thrower, although he himself doesn't want to stop him:

Just like the STAGED Ferguson "LOOTING" photos, they are "FROZEN IN MOTION" staged photos.

Who is taking these photos? Why is the same woman in two separate photos of two separate incidents? Someone happened to take a perfect "FROZEN IN MOTION" picture of the same woman in two separate incidents and BOTH PICTURES happen to make a syndicated "news" paper story?


Picture #3: Here is another picture of this same woman I happened to come across on the internet while looking at pictures of the Baltimore protest. This same woman is now standing in front of the store that the black guy threw the chair through the window. So after being held back by a white male from the evil black man throwing a chair through the window, she then stood in front of the window for a NICE PICTURE. The black man and the white man holding her back must've left, but the PHOTOGRAPHER is still following her around for more pictures of her :

Picture #4 - I'm not done yet with this woman. I found ANOTHER photo of her on the internet of a DIFFERENT ANGLE of the chair-throwing incident which was photo # 2:

So there happened to be TWO CAMERAMEN capturing this SAME chair-throwing event from TWO DIFFERENT ANGLES, and at the EXACT SAME MOMENT!!!

BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you notice that in photo #2 & photo #4, the same event at the exact same moment but from two different cameramen, the WINDOW IS ALREADY BROKEN in both photos? So is this black man THROWING A CHAIR THROUGH AN ALREADY BROKEN WINDOW?

Photo #3 of the "aftermath" shows the chair lying OUTSIDE of the building. So it appears that the black man DID NOT THROW THE CHAIR THROUGH THE WINDOW because the window was ALREADY BROKEN and the chair is OUTSIDE THE BUILDING.#5

Now look at photo's #5 & #6: BAR & GRILLE CUSTOMERS EXPERIENCE "DEJA VU":

Photo #5 and photo #6 are identical: a black man ready to punch a white man and the black man in each photo is captured perfectly in each picture at the point where his black fist is cocked and at the furthest back position ready to punch the white guy. The only thing is: it's two different black guys and two different white guys in the SAME EXACT "FROZEN IN MOTION" POSE IN FRONT OF THE SAME EXACT RESTAURANT!!!!! The customers must be experiencing DEJA VU or else they're in the set of Bill Murray's movie "GROUND HOG DAY":

Picture #5

Picture #6

So the exact same thing happened in front of the exact same restaurant and the exact same photo was snapped....only with a different black guy and a different white guy? Really? Or were the patrons just watching a "show" being put on for them? HEY LOOK! THE EXACT SAME THING IS HAPPENING AGAIN! AND THAT SAME GUY IS STANDING BEHIND THEM SNAPPING THE SAME EXACT PICTURE! GIMME ANOTHER BEER!

To wrap this up, another thing pointing to these photos being staged is that they were the photos in the "news" paper. If photos were staged to take the focus off the protest and put the focus on "LOOTERS", they, in fact, would be the photos they would put in any "news" articles. Think about it: why would they put ONLY "LOOTING" photos in the Baltimore protest, and NOT ONE photo of anything other than "LOOTING"?


UPDATE 4/27/2015: Others are catching on to these same exact obviously staged photos, look at this video I found today:

Crisis Actor Caught Staging “Victim” Scenes at Freddy Gray Protests In Baltimore


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