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Why Do Bakers Hate Gays So Much?

(update to post at the end: STOP BLAMING "LIBERALS", the following are against this law:  NASCAR, ANGIE'S LIST, APPLE COMPUTER, WAL-MART, NFL, NBA, NCAA, GOP GOVERNOR OF NORTH DAKOTA, GOP MAYOR OF INDIANAPOLIS, GOP GOVERNORS OF INDIANA & ARKANSAS WANT LAW RE-WRITTEN TO SPECIFICALLY SAY NOT TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST GAYS...want me to keep naming NON-LIBERALS??? Rightwing media is trying to COVER-UP all the people and businesses and organizations ON THE RIGHT who are against this law, and blame only "LIBERALS" & "LEFTISTS". Of course, this is FALSE as I say above. The biggest, most powerful voices AGAINST this law is the "BIG BUSINESS RIGHT", NOT THE "LIBERALS'.)


Apparently I missed this, but there's an epidemic of gay-hating bakers in America. Every time I hear someone defending Indiana's new "religious freedom" law, they all bring up the same exact example: a baker doesn't want to bake a cake for a gay wedding. I heard this example on TV, radio, and newspapers. I heard this gay-hating baker story the second I got in my car on the way to work this morning. I was flicking around the channels and got onto our local 94.3 radio show with host David Madeira. The first words out of his mouth were "CAKE". He was in the middle of the gay-hating baker example of not wanting to bake a cake for a gay wedding. This was after hearing the gay-hating baker story the past 24 hours on every form of media. The previous day, my friend said the OTHER channel's host LA Tarone gave the gay-hating baker example, as I'm sure every host all day long on these two talk radio channels did.

Are there MILLIONS of gay-hating bakers in America? I did not know that! Why do bakers hate gays so much? All the gays want to do is buy a stupid cake from them. They would pay for it, they're not asking for it for free.

This whole thing makes me very leery of bakers. I thought bakers were kind of...well...kind of just "there" all the time, quietly baking their...ummm....the stuff they bake. Probably: bread, cakes, donuts, and things like that. I didn't know bakers were so political and intolerant. In fact, they're downright SCARY if they're this unhinged about baking a cake for a gay wedding!

I also wonder how people who back this law claim "religious freedom". I thought the #1 rule, especially if you're a Christian, is the GOLDEN RULE. The consensus among everyone is the golden rule, which is "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU", is the ONLY commandment that is needed. All the other commandments are really a subset of the golden rule. You don't want to be killed?....then don't kill someone else. You don't want someone fooling around with your wife?......then don't fool around with someone else's wife. When you go to buy something, you want to be treated equally like everyone else. You don't want to be told, "YOU'RE GAY, I'M NOT SERVING YOU". See? The GOLDEN RULE didn't say "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU.........unless you're gay"!!! Did it say there were EXCEPTIONS? Then how can people cite "religious beliefs" to back using this law? WHAT RELIGION? What religion says there are exceptions on how you treat others? WHAT RELIGION ARE THEY QUOTING, AND WHERE EXACTLY DOES IT SAY THIS???

And getting back to these hate-filled bakers, I have an idea for you: charge DOUBLE for gays. This way everyone's happy: you get to make DOUBLE the money, and the gays get their cake! Everyone's happy! It's still "sort of" discriminating, but it's also sort of a compromise.

Oh, and btw...I thought of this: how can you tell BEYOND A DOUBT (I said BEYOND A DOUBT, that means 100%) that someone is gay? Because they order a gay wedding cake? Then you ASSUME they're gay? That's not 100% certain. In fact, I'm going to PROVE it: I'm not gay, and I'm going to order a gay wedding cake. btw...what's a "gay wedding cake"? Is it gay because there's two grooms on it? I'll do a little research on that one. Maybe if I google "gay wedding cake", I can find out what a "gay wedding cake" is, and order one to prove that doesn't mean you're gay just because you order one.

(disclaimer #2: that is a NOT a black penis, it's a chocolate penis)

Someone told me a gay wedding cake could be shaped like a giant DICK. But that caused even MORE arguments. Another person said a cake that looks like a giant dick is for a BACHELOR PARTY. But then I said, that would, to ME, be a GAY bachelor party! I would expect that at a BACHELOR-ETTE party, not a BACHELOR party, would order a cake shaped like a giant dick. So forget about the DICK CAKE for now, that's still up for debate. We'll just stick with the simple 2-grooms on top make it a gay wedding cake.

Now, I thought of ANOTHER angle to all of this: what if there ISN'T an epidemic of millions of gay-hating bakers in America, and it's just that the people who want this law want to give a SIMPLISTIC EXAMPLE of how "harmless" this law is, and it's not about DISCRIMINATION, it's about SAVING MILLIONS OF GAY-HATING BAKERS...that don't exist. And this is the only example, even though there's no epidemic of this, that they can think of as for MORONS who they don't want to find out ALL the ramifications of this law.

So, it looks like there's either a huge epidemic of gay-hating bakers in America, or people who want to discriminate under the guise of "religious freedom" can't think of a better example for their moronic followers.

As far as I can find out in researching this issue, the reason businesses cannot discriminate in any way is because they are "public accommodations" which means their business is  "open to the public" which means there are certain rules that are different than "private or individual"s rights. Some of those rules for "public accommodations" are:they must have smoke alarms, they must be handicap accessible, and they MUST NOT DISCRIMINATE ON THE BASIS OF RELIGION, RACE, COLOR, OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION. Basically, if you are a "public accommodation" open to the public for business, you can't discriminate. An INDIVIDUAL can discriminate all they want, that is covered in the Constitution. But not a "public accommodation" which a business comes under.

Now think about it: if it is already a law that the BUYER can't be discriminated upon based on RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, then how could the SELLER refuse to sell based on religious beliefs? Isn't that a stalemate? NO, because the BUYER'S religious beliefs cannot be discriminated on. Now extrapolate on that: if the BUYER'S right to purchase cannot be denied based on his RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, just replace RELIGIOUS BELIEFS with SEXUAL ORIENTATION: the BUYER'S right to purchase cannot be denied based on his SEXUAL ORIENTATION. The SELLER'S religious beliefs do not trump the BUYER'S sexual orientation in a "public accommodation". And neither can the BUYER'S race or color.

NEXT UP: BRING BACK SEGREGATION!!!! People have a a right and freedom to keep classes of citizens down in their place, SOCIALLY AND ECONOMICALLY!!! I think BAKERS are for segregation.

BELOW: these bakers may possibly be the evil gay-hating bakers everyone's talking about, beware of these guys -

UPDATE: STOP BLAMING "LIBERALS" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the article below:

Indiana is losing $256 million dollars AND COUNTING from this law. And let's get this straight: it's not "THE LIBERALS", it's NASCAR, Apple Computer, Angie's List, Wal-Mart, NCAA......that is not a list of "liberals", that's a list of BIG CORPORATIONS AND BIG SPORTS.

Anyone who says it's "the liberals", they're leaving out the BIGGER part of it they don't want to face. It's BUSINESS & SPORTS doing the HUGE damage to Indiana. And if anything, BIG BUSINESS is part of the "right"...not "liberals".

RIGHTWING MEDIA and "dittoheads" are falsely saying it's "the liberals". hurting Indiana economically? The "Liberals"? See the quote below:

******* BEGIN QUOTE *******

"""Major businesses boycotting a new religious freedom law in Indiana could cost the state’s economy some $256.4 million and counting"""

******* END QUOTE *******

Did you catch that? "MAJOR BUSINESSES" --->>> NOT "THE LIBERALS"

Here's the article:

Major businesses boycotting a new religious freedom law in Indiana could cost the state’s economy some $256.4 million and counting

And btw...let's stop PRETENDING only "liberals" are gay. There's LOTS of gay REPUBLICANS...and they're HOLDING OFFICES IN GOVERNMENT!!!

North Dakota GOP governor wants ban on anti-gay discrimination

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