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Rush Limbaugh's audience is now down to single/divorced white male LOSERS who hate women and have no children

Breaking... social media in action: Over 50 advertisers have dropped Rush Limbaugh Show! (I counted 57 on this list, the heavy hitters are: Quicken Loans, Carbonite, AOL, Sears, Allstate, Geico, Netflix, Capital One, AutoZone, JCPenney, TurboTax)

From HOT AIR to DEAD AIR.......

Dead Air During Two Limbaugh Commercial Breaks (VIDEOS)

I think I'll side with WOMEN on this one, instead if DISGUSTING PIG Rush Limbaugh.

.......any Rush Limbaugh "fans" left beyond the description in the title of this post, would be afraid to publicly admit they are "dittoheads" for fear of losing/alienating their wife/girlfriend/daughter/mother.......and their fear is well-warranted!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Let me interpret Rush Limbaugh's APOLOGY for you, I put it through the "Rush Limbaugh Propaganda Decoder 3000":

After preaching hatred towards all women for decades by calling them feminazis, sluts, & prostitutes to my LOSER all white male unmarried and without children woman hating "DITTOHEADS"...I'm sorry if I offended anyone. And by "anyone", I mean people who don't listen to my show but are causing advertisers to leave. I KNOW I didn't offend "DITTOHEADS". They feel the same way I do. Actually, they feel the way I "PRETEND" to. I'm "PRETENDING" to feel a certain way so I get half-BILLION dollar contracts and DUPES believe what I say. Why do you think they call themselves "DITTOHEADS"? DUH! But if I offended any non-DITTOHEADS who are causing advertisers to leave my show, I hope they all fall for my FAKE APOLOGY and come back on board the Rush Limbaugh Hate Train which will not be changing any time soon. After all, this formula scored me a half-BILLION dollar contract, I'm one of the 1% and these "DITTOHEADS" don't even realise they're in the 99%. They think they're like ME! I'm laughing all the way to the bank, where my 1% bankster friends are! Dividing people by inflaming stupid "DITTOHEADS" & religious fanatics really pays off. I'm filthy rich and married, so do you think I care if I cause "DITTOHEADS" to alienate their wives/girlfriends/daughters/mothers for political purposes? btw, DITTOHEADS, if I'm married and don't have any kids, duh ya tink my wife's taking birth control, or I just have a low sperm count or using the RYTHYM METHOD?


UPDATE II - the MISLEADING DEFENSE of Rush Limbaugh people on the right are rolling out this week: comparing this to Breitbart's death

(and why is no one on the right OR the left bringing up the FACT that Breitbart is famous for making/participating in/promoting PROVEN HIGHLY EDITED FAKE HOAX VIDEOS, proven IN COURT? which are "stings" that particularly attacked BLACK people and women...Breitbart never met a filthy rich Republican white guy he didn't like! which qualifies him as a revered "HERO" in rightwing circles)

Here's how rightwing media is trying to put out the Rush fire: comparing Rush calling that woman a slut and having a multi-day JIHAD against her using his MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR MEDIA MACHINE AND NATIONWIDE COVERAGE, to comments about the death of fellow hatemonger Andrew Breitbart's death. btw, Breitbart TWITTERED this on the day of Ted Kennedy's death, which rightwing radio shows will NOT tell you this week as they defend Rush: Breitbart TWITTERED on the day of Ted Kennedy's death that Kennedy was a "villiain," a "prick," "a big ass mothe*******," and a "duplicitous bastard." Breitbart even called Kennedy a "special pile of human excrement." Are rightwing radio stations like WILK telling you this as they roll out THE BREITBART DEFENSE this week? Of course not. And as a sidenote, Breitbart was only famous in the inner bubble world of rightwing media. When he died, I mentioned it to several people, and all of them said, "Who the hell is Breitbart?" Now in their little FAKE world they've created, he's really famous but SSSSSSSssshhhhhhh...don't tell them... Another thing Breitbart is know for, is making highly edited (like the ACORN videos) hoax "sting" videos (with his buddy James O'Keefe, a convicted criminal) to take down people or organizations he dislikes. Maybe he would've made one of these videos about the woman testifying, if he didn't die. But of course, rightwing radio won't tell you that, either, this week in their Breitbart defense of Rush Limbaugh. Breitbart's "sting" videos focused a lot on taking down black people (Shirley Sherrod) and black organizations (ACORN), and white women (Mary Landrieu, which caused James O'Keefe's arrest). Never a "sting" video on the military industrial complex, rich white guys, etc... Before Breitbart died, he said he was coming out with damning video of Obama (black), which btw is causing speculation that his death was not natural. Now where was Breitbart when we needed a "sting" video about Bush/Cheney lying us int 10 years of endless wars? SORRY IF I'M BLOWING YOU AWAY WITH FACTS HERE, DITTOHEADS!!!

Here's why that's comparing apples to oranges: insulting hatemonger talk show hosts is different than the most powerful talk show host engaging in a SLUT JIHAD against a non-talk show host and non-politician testifying in front of congress. FALSE COMPARISON. NICE TRY. Using your multi-million dollar media machine for a SLUT JIHAD against someone without the means to fight back is POWERFUL INTIMIDATION also meant to intimidate future testimony by people like this woman. A good apples to apples comparison would be if left radio talk show hosts engaged in a SLUT JIHAD against a non-talk show host/non-politician conservative women testifying in front of congress for something she believes in. That doesn't and will never happen. Rightwing hosts are FAMOUS for this intimidation tactic, left hosts do not do a JIHAD on average people. You can't compare Ed Schultz attacking Laura Ingraham, because she is a rightwing neo-con hatemonger talk show host. Talk show host vs talk show host is fair game. Ed Schultz ≠ Rush Limbaugh (3 decades of attacking women), and Sandra Fluke ≠ Laura Ingraham (establishment GOP neo-con talking head show host). Attacking hatemonger talk show hosts is fair game. Politicians are fair game, too. Rush Limbaugh commonly attacks other talk show hosts and politicians, as do hosts on the left. And there is no firestorm about it on either side. When you use your media bully pulpit for a SLUT JIHAD against someone who's not a talk show host or a politician, that's when you get the firestorm. SO DON'T FALSELY COMPARE APPLES TO ORANGES, nice try. But bigtime FAIL!

UPDATE: Here's the BIG BREITBART video he was supposed to release at the time of his death to "take down" Obama -

END UPDATE II Remaining DITTOHEADS: start exercising your RIGHT HAND if you're a righty (your LEFT HAND, if you're a left), because if you publicly state that you back Rush Limbaugh on birth control and women, you're going to be VERY LONELY. But don't worry, you'll still have billionaire 1% disgusting PIG warped, demented Rush Limbaugh to keep listening to talking about sex and contraception and women's vagina's, calling them SLUTS. You'll still have some company with fellow single/divorced white male women haters interspersed with FAKE callers. On Monday, I'm sure Rush will have a caller who says, "Hi, Rush, I'm a LIBERAL WOMAN but I agree with everything you say about birth control and these SLUTS!!!" How Can The Republican Party And Rightwing Media Be Staging A "War On Women" And Be Getting Away With It? During March 8 International Women's Day, No Less? (Rush Limbaugh & rightwing radio body count up to 141 advertisers) This was broadcast on WILK, (turn off WILK): WORSE than a real-life Archie Bunker
How to spot a psychopath: And you can't separate Rush Limbaugh from the Republican Party. Rush Limbaugh IS the Republican Party leader, make no mistake about it! And so is Mike Savage. And Sean Hannity. And NONE of these guys are real conservatives. They hate Ron Paul. They're FAKE conservatives. The establishment GOP are FAKE conservatives. They all hate Ron Paul and other REAL conservatives. The GOP is in the mess they're in, because they threw REAL conservatives under the bus and embraced FAKE conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, who thinks Ron Paul is a "NUT". The GOP and FAKE conservative talk radio (Rush, Savage, Hannity) is NO PLACE FOR REAL CONSERVATIVES. REAL conservatives are NOT WELCOME! I am a REAL liberal who has many REAL conservative friends. We have a lot in common, like Ralph Nader and Ron Paul are friends and have a lot in common. Ralph Nader doesn't like the Democrats, and Ron Paul doesn't like the Republicans. Establishment Democrats are not real liberals, and establishment Republicans are not real conservatives. Real liberals and real conservatives are BOTH anti-war. BOTH are against NDAA and The Patriot Act. BOTH are against the growing police state in America. That is why congress, made up of establishment Republicans and Democrats, has historical low approval ratings by the American people. WASHINGTON TIMES: Who knows, even now we may be watching the death throes of the Republican Party. Every single woman, every single minority member, every single civilized human being, should fall on Rush like so many bricks, forcing a collapse on his house of sludge. Rush Limbaugh aside, the assault on the rights of women is alive and well all over this country. Every single GOP controlled legislature in the United States has passed laws to limit the rights of women to control their own bodies. This latest outrage, - the attempt to limit women’s access to contraception is only one skirmish in a war that promises to put American women back in the kitchen where they belong, barefoot and pregnant. If you're EVER going to read an essay on abortion, this is it: (If a woman doesn't have the right to decide over things concerning her own body, she really has no other rights, and a bunch of corrupt men politicians shouldn't be deciding anything over a woman's body.) Of Abortion, and Women as the Ultimate Source of Evil Everyone forgets that this whole thing started with House Republicans framing women's contraception as a "religious freedom" issue and holding a congressional hearing with an ALL-MALE CLERGY PANEL - NO WOMEN ALLOWED TO TESTIFY! Democrats then had to hold a non-official forum to let Sandra Fluke speak. IE: REPUBLICANS = RUSH LIMBAUGH = NO WOMEN ALLOWED!!! The all-male/all clergy contraception hearing called by House Republicans (picture below). This is really where all of this started. Rush Limbaugh's attacks on women were only Part II of the GOP attack on women:
  • The Most Reverend William E. Lori, Roman Catholic Bishop of Bridgeport, CT, Chairman Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, TnT Form
  • The Reverend Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, President, The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
  • C. Ben Mitchell, Ph.D., Graves Professor of Moral Philosophy, Union University
  • Rabbi Meir Soloveichik, Director of the Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought, Yeshiva University, Associate Rabbi, Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun
  • Craig Mitchell, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Ethics, Chair of the Ethics Department, Associate Director of the Richard Land Center for Cultural Engagement, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
The bigger issue overlooked in the Rush Limbaugh firestorm: House Republicans disregarded the CONSTITUTION by framing women's health care issues as "religious freedom" issue. Did you actually LISTEN to Sandra Fluke's testimony? Here it is: Colbert: I WANT TO TAKE A MOMENT TO TALK ABOUT THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE TO VOTERS THIS YEAR: CONTRACEPTION........... Joseph Kony and Rush Limbaugh: "Hi Rush! I'm a first time caller from Uganda, a black guy, and a Christian. Joseph Kony attends my church. He's actually a great guy and I want to thank you for defending him well in advance of this hateful video against him that's now received over 52 MILLION views on YouTube." Rush's greatest crime is that he taught his followers to be devoid of EMPATHY. They cannot watch this viral video (below: KONY 2012) that has over 26 32 56 MILLION VIEWS WORLD WIDE IN LESS THAN FIVE DAYS. They cannot relate to the shared human experience as portrayed by the most well-conceived, social-media-driven movement in the history of this planet. Rush told them not to have empathy - so they cannot watch this - and engage with the rest of humanity around the globe to end the genocide of children. Ditto-heads are brainwashed - indoctrinated to a place with no empathy...they cannot watch this...THEY ARE DEVOID OF EMPATHY - BECAUSE RUSH SAID SO. Share this with your followers. Get them to imagine a similarly well-conceived and viral production promoted globally to get to the truth of 9/11. RUSH IS TRAPPED ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HUMANITY - HE ALREADY CAME OUT AGAINST WHAT HAS BECOME THE LARGEST SOCIAL MOVEMENT IN HISTORY...HIS FATE AS A HATER IS SEALED... Obama Invades Uganda, Targets Christians Campaign to arrest Uganda rebel chief Joseph Kony goes viral Campaign to arrest Uganda rebel chief Joseph Kony goes viral The greatest danger to Rush is an educated population. Rush defends this alleged "Christian" - who apparently has 60 wives and 42 children - Wikipedia: Joseph Kony LEARNING THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THE TRUTH - EVERY DAY... CALLER: Let me just say thank you so much for your dedication and teaching the principles and the truths of current events today, and I'm a longtime listener, first-time caller. - plunger What are advertisers backing? History of LOWLIGHT's from Rush Limbaugh's attacks on women, minorities & others: Limbaugh Launched 46 Personal Attacks On Fluke; He Apologized For Two Words The 20 Worst Racial Attacks Limbaugh's Advertisers Have Sponsored 15 Of The Worst Comments Limbaugh's Advertisers Have Sponsored Since 2004 10 Of Limbaugh's Worst Advertiser-Sponsored Attacks On The Poor (update) Still at it, proving his "apology" was bullshit: Limbaugh blasts ‘overeducated’ young single white women Sixth Advertiser — Carbonite — Drops Limbaugh Despite His ‘Apology’ Because He’s Beyond The ‘Bounds Of Decency’ Social Media Firestorm: 3 Advertisers Drop Rush, Others May Follow. Rush’s Attacks On Sandra: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. Fox Ignores Controversy Rush Limbaugh’s Advertisers Facing Social Media Firestorm UPDATED: Limbaugh's Misogynistic Attack On Georgetown Law Student Continues With Increased Vitriol Limbaugh's Misogynistic Attacks Defended By Right-Wing Media Rush: Contraceptive Coverage Is Like Woman "Knocking On My Door" And Asking For Money Because She Has To Have Sex Tonight Rush Limbaugh: I'll Buy Georgetown Women 'As Much Aspirin To Put Between Their Knees As They Want' Rush Limbaugh: Sandra Fluke, Woman Denied Right To Speak At Contraception Hearing, A 'Slut' Rush Limbaugh Advertisers Pull Commercials In Wake Of Sandra Fluke 'Slut' Firestorm The link between Romney & Rush............ Keith Olbermann says this on his FaceBook fanpage and links to this Alex Jones article:
WE NEED TO PETITION MITT-MAN ... HE COULD CALL CLEAR CHANNEL & GET THEM TO END THE RUSH-MANS AIR TIME. MITT HAS PULL WITH BAIN CAPITAL, RIGHT? (BD: see below, where I say that WILK's "liberal feminist" Steve Corbett needs to publicly denounce the man he calls his "cousin" Rush Limbaugh by name for his relentless attacks on women or he's a FEMINIST FRAUDSTER. Rush Limbaugh comes on Steve Corbett's own channel right before him! Steve Corbett loves to use his show to get a lynchmob against someone by giving them an ultamatim such as: if they don't immediately call his show to refute him on something, then they're guilty. Well, there is now an ultimatum for him: if he doesn't denounce Rush Limbaugh by name, his "cousin" Rush, then he is a FEMINIST FRAUDSTER.) Bain Capital Owns Clear Channel (Romney Supported by Talk Show sphere). Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, etc. under umbrella company that candidate Mitt Romney headed. Did you ever notice that if someone calls the Rush Limbaugh show and they aren't a WHITE MALE, they announce a description of themselves to Rush's white male audience? "Hi, Rush, I'm a BLACK GUY, and I agree with everything you say!" "Hi, Rush, I'm a LIBERAL WOMAN, but I agree with everything you say!" HUH??? If a caller to Rush Limbaugh does NOT identify themselves, Rush ASSUMES it's a single/divorced white male LOSER who hates women and has no children. All others must identify themselves. Exclusive: Limbaugh’s parent company still using actors to fake radio call-ins, exec tells Raw If the callers to Rush Limbaugh are UNKNOWN and furthermore it's a friggin' RADIO SHOW, who's the black guy in the picture on this video? "HI, RUSH, I'M A BLACK GUY": Turn off WILK for carrying hatemonger woman-hating RUSH LIMBAUGH (& Mike Savage): OPERATION TURNOFF (UPDATE NOTE: RIGHTWING GOP CENTRAL WILK must've gotten ORDERS from on high (entercom? clear channel?) today to talk about the ECONOMY instead of Rush Limbaugh & women's naughty parts. You don't go from OVERDRIVE to REVERSE in one day, unless someone's ordering it.)
WOMEN should be calling WILK and saying they are switching from WILK to WFTE & WILKES COLLEGE RADIO STATION, and notify WILK's SPONSORS you are SWITCHING! Who are WILK's sponsors? If you can listen to WILK without VOMITING, then just listen to their commercials, god knows there's enough of them. I'll bet if you got a stop watch and timed it, there's more commercials, "radio news briefs", and mindless banter with the weather/traffic guy than actual show time. THEY are condoning women-hating talk radio! WHAT COMPANY'S COMMERCIALS DO YOU HEAR ON WILK? BOYCOTT THOSE COMPANIES! BOYCOTT ANY COMPANY YOU HEAR HAVING A COMMERCIAL ON WILK! WILK's "liberal" & "feminist" Steve Corbett, in particular, needs to PUBLICLY DENOUNCE RUSH LIMBAUGH BY NAME, not just say he's on the birth control side of the issue. Or is he afraid he'll get fired? Or is he NOT a liberal? Steve Corbett loves to get a lynchmob going against someone by saying that if they don't call his show immediately and denounce something, then they are GUILTY. Well, if Steve Corbett doesn't publicly denounce his "cousin", as he calls him, Rush Limbaugh, he is guilty of being a FEMINIST FRAUDSTER:
There is a NEW channel in the area you can switch to, who doesn't carry hatemonger women haters and scream about contraception all day:
They're a new channel who doesn't sport a cast of divisive hatemongers all day long. They're new and they need to up their power a little in the Wilkes-Barre area, although I've been getting them in clearer lately. Also, at 8 AM, the local Wilkes University channel broadcasts Democracy NOW! every morning at 8 am very clear on 90.7 FM. Here is an example of what you'll hear on WFTE: The Thom Hartmann Show - Here is an example of what you'll hear on Wilkes University at 8 AM every morning on 90.7 FM instead of divisive hatemonger talk (it's also on WFTE). Now isn't this WONDERFUL compared to Rush Limbaugh & Mike Savage: Leaked PAPARAZZI footage Rush Limbaugh & wife: More MISGUIDED GOP strategy (like "LET'S MAKE BIRTH CONTROL THE BIG ISSUE"): here's the GOP's new campaign theme song and possible lead-in song to WILK hosts' shows - DITTOHEAD at restaurant: "WHAT'S IT LIKE???" Big Dan's Big Blog BLAST FROM THE PAST: JUL 1, 2008: Rush Limbaugh FAKE CALLERS: punk rocker "danger".
DEC 7, 2007: 21-Year-Old Woman "Conservative Atheist" Happens To Call Rush Limbaugh While He's Defending Mitt Romney's "Faith" Speech
Embarrassed to be heard listening to the RUSH LIMBAUGH SHOW? Check this out: OCT 22, 2007: El Rushbo fans: now available for purchase: The "RushMutronic 3000".
NOV 17, 2007: Rush Limbaugh Cares About Torturing Dogs...But Not Humans! (has CRY-FEST with fellow FAKE "conservative" Mark Levin over torturing animals; upset about "PUNKIN LIMBAUGH" dying...and "SPRITE")
Hi, I'm a DITTOHEAD and I agree with everything Rush Limbaugh says. Like when he says that everyone's against the Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow because he outwardly shows his Christianity. The liberal drive by media hates when Tebow does that.
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