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Republicans Lou Barletta And Tom Marino Consistently Vote AGAINST: the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, Liberty, Freedom and FOR Big Government

When they took office in 2010, Lou Barletta and Tom Marino "appear" to be taking an oath to the Constitution:

Don't look at what they say, look at how they vote! Why are they not being held accountable at all by the media and voters for doing the opposite? LYING doesn't matter, if it's "your guys" doing the lying and the media ignores it. Don't count on local GOP operation WILK to point any of this out. They ignore any and all Republican corruption, like Orie and the 7 state Republicans arrested (covered below in this post), among other things. WILK is on a JIHAD against Democrats, including FAKE LIBERAL STEVE CORBETT. "Mentioning" Republican corruption in passing is different than dedicating entire shows and entire weeks to a subject and having all your callers talk about it. No JIHAD by FEMINIST FRAUDSTER STEVE CORBETT against Republican Karen Boback (or Republican Tarah Toohil, former co-sponsor but dropped out) for being a sponsor on bill 1077 which includes government mandated invasive trans vaginal ultrasound. They strictly talk about Democratic corruption on WILK - the local GOP radio operation. I am convinced beyond a doubt that Steve Corbett's "job" on WILK is to pretend he's a "liberal Democrat" in order to get Democratic voters to vote Republican. He can say, "I'm a liberal, and even I am voting for McCain/Palin. Be like ME! I'm a liberal!" (for example). Kind of like the "part" Alan Colmes played on FOX "news". You would have to be a fool to think none of the WILK hosts, and "liberal" Steve Corbett in particular, aren't aware of the Rick Santorum/NIGGER video below in this post. How much time did they spend talking about it? Zero? A subject handed to "liberal" Steve Corbett on a silver platter, as well as all the other GOP corruption subjects in this post. WILK isn't just biased, they're a GOP operation that ignores Republican corruption 24x7.

Remember when our local Northeast Pa. Republicans ran for congress in 2010? They mentioned the "FOUNDING FATHERS" and "THE CONSTITUTION" and "LIBERTY" and "FREEDOM" a lot, and said they were against "BIG GOVERNMENT". Remember? Well, every chance they got to prove their campaign promises, they BLEW IT. And believe me, it was on purpose. You can't "accidentally" vote against the FOUNDING FATHERS, THE CONSTITUTION, LIBERTY, FREEDOM, and FOR BIG GOVERNMENT every single time. The so-called liberal media is giving them a pass on this, on purpose, because they are NOT "liberal". Otherwise, they could be having a field day pointing out how Barletta and Marino are voting against their campaign promises. It would be like picking ripe plums from a tree, simply pointing out how they are voting against everything they said in their campaigns.

I've been pointing this out for two years. I keep saying, if the "news" did their job, blogs wouldn't exist. There would be no need to point out what's not being pointed out by the "news". So, in a way, I thank the "news" for that. Thanks for the traffic you provide me! This would be a sports and comedy and music blog, or I wouldn't even have any interest in having a blog.

So, although I have reported Barletta's and Marino's betrayals here for almost 2 years, let's take a look at their recent betrayals. I can count on them to never disappoint me as far as supplying me ammunition and I can count on the "news" to never disappoint me in not covering it. You know, the "liberal media" (lol).

A friend of mine who knows Lou Barletta told me he wonders what happens to congressmen when they get in there. He can't believe the way he has voted. He wondered if, when they get "voted" in there, are they read the riot act? Are they blackmailed? Do they take some kind of oath to betray us?

Also, the fact that REPUBLICAN VOTERS are not up in arms with the way Barletta and Marino betrayed them, points out the mindset of PARTY LOYAL HYPOCRITES who think: "IT'S OK...IF 'OUR' GUYS ARE DOING IT!" Nothing is ever going to change, if Democratic voters and Republican voters don't hold their OWN party responsible for betraying them. That's more powerful than opposites sides attacking each other. So the topic isn't just, "Why are Barletta and Marino doing the opposite of what they said they would?", it's also, "Why don't Republican voters CARE about this???"

Establishment GOP rhetoric about "THE FOUNDING FATHERS", THE CONSTITUTION, LIBERTY, FREEDOM, a lot of empty talk, except for Ron Paul. Just look at the way they vote vs what they say.

Did Barletta and Marino "save us from the Democrats"? Answer: a resounding "NO"!!! They saved us from the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, Liberty, and Freedom. And they're getting away with it with no scrutiny whatsoever from REPUBLICAN VOTERS & THE MEDIA!

Recent Barletta and Marino votes against the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, Liberty, and Freedom and FOR Big Government:

Barletta and Marino voted FOR letting employers continue to be able to ask for employees FaceBook userids/passwords:

House Republicans vote 234-1, including Barletta and Marino, to allow employers to keep being able to to ask for employees' FaceBook USERID's and PASSWORDS.

Facebook Protection Amendment Voted Down In House

Barletta and Marino voted AGAINST revealing the names of secret super-rich campaign donors (what happened to NO SECRETS and OPEN GOVERNMENT?):

House Republicans vote 230-5, including Barletta and Marino, to allow allow donors who make enormous campaign contributions to remain a secret.

House Rejects Disclosure For Secret Campaign Money

HR 347 - banning protests (this goes against the first amendment of the Constitution) - Barletta and Marino go along with Obama and the Democrats on HR 347:

House votes 399-3, including Barletta and Marino, to ban protesting.

The government says the anti-protest bill was just a small tweak of the existing law. Don’t believe it.

Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal

NDAA - giving the ability for the president to lock up American citizens without due process - Barletta and Marino go along with Obama and the Democrats:

House Republicans go along with Obama and vote 190-43, including Barletta and Marino, for NDAA which includes a provision to lock up American citizens indefinitely without due process.

You Can't Legalize Tyranny: Systematic Silence About NDAA Proves Long Plot To Destroy America Is Real, Vindicating Conspiracy Theorists

The Patriot Act - too many un-Constitutional points in it to even mention - Barletta and Marino vote FOR it:

House Republicans go along with Obama and vote 210-26, including Barletta and Marino, to renew un-Constitutional Patriot Act.

The passage of H.R. 514, a renewal of the Patriot Act’s most abusive spying powers for the federal government, was like a valentine for Big Brother, given how it came at about dinner time on February 14 this year. The extension was rather insulting to everyone else, though, given how it came on the heels of new information about how often the Patriot Act is being abused – at the cost of Americans’ privacy.

Did Barletta and Marino go to Israel for "training"? We'll never know.......

350,000 Israelis Protest Their Goverment while 1/5 of OUR Congress (traitors) takes "ALL EXPENSES PAID BRIBE BY A LOBBY FOR A FOREIGN COUNTRY (AIPAC/ISRAEL) TAKEN BY HOUSE REPS & THEIR FAMILIES FOR POLITICAL INFLUENCE BY A FOREIGN COUNTRY" (are BARLETTA & MARINO going, to get "trained" by Israel?).


“Well, if they’re 45 years old, and they show up, and they say, I want insurance, because I’ve got a heart disease, it’s like, `Hey guys, we can’t play the game like that. You’ve got to get insurance when you’re well, and if you get ill, then you’re going to be covered,’” Romney replied.
Romney: Uninsured with preexisting conditions should be denied coverage

The GOP FALSE health care "talking point" in the media: People who don't have health insurance, don't want it. WHO THE HELL DOESN'T WANT HEALTH INSURANCE??? As if there are MILLIONS of people who "don't want health insurance"! It has nothing to do with THEY CAN'T AFFORD IT! They want to go bankrupt! Then want to die! Right!

Michele Bachmann on FOX: people "choose" not to have health care; nothing to do with that they can't afford it!

Industry Whistleblower Wendell Potter: However Court Rules on Healthcare, Solution is Single Payer

Whistleblower: Insurance Industry Doesn't Want Affordable Care Act Repealed, It Wants Democrats Defeated- By Doug Cunningham

Wendell Potter spent 20 years as top executive with CIGNA. He wrote “Deadly Spin: An Insurance Company Insider Speaks Out on How Corporate PR Is Killing Health Care and Deceiving Americans”. Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act - with a decision expected in June - the insurance industry whistleblower says the industry’s real goal is not to repeal the law, but to defeat Democrats in November.

[Wendell Potter]: “They don’t want the bill - quite honestly - to be overturned or repealed. They want the bill to go forward with the individual mandate intact. But what they want to do is to get people to vote out the Democrats who voted for the bill so that they’ll have more friends in Congress to strip out the consumer protections.”

Potter says for-profit health insurers are killing health health care and their unsustainable system will implode within a few years. That’s the view he got from the CIGNA corporate ladder.

[Potter 2]: “The higher up that ladder I climbed the more I could see what these companies do to meet Wall Street’s profit expectations. And most of the big insurance companies are now for-profit companies. They cancel people’s health insurance when they get sick. They refuse to sell coverage to people who need coverage. They price policies so high that small businesses can no longer afford care. They are spending less and less of our premium dollars on our health care and more and more to reward shareholders and senior executives.”

Raw Story: Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Jane Orie (below) convicted of several corruption charges

Sen. Orie convicted on 14 counts: Republican will likely have to give up her seat in the state Senate and lose her pension.

HARRISBURG - The sentencing of seven House Republican defendants last week for using taxpayer-paid computer technology for political campaigns threw the spotlight again on one of Pennsylvania's longest-running political mysteries.

Pennsylvania Used as Example of Massive Public Job Losses Under Republican Control

This guy NAILS why people are leaving ANBCBSNNX network TV "news" in droves: they aren't telling us anything important and the internet IS:

Why is the media covering the Travon Martin shooting 24x7, and ignoring the Iraqi woman that was beaten to death and a note left saying, "Terrorist go home"???

I take issue with FOX, for informing us only what "THE BLACKS" think of the Trayvon Martin shooting. I also want to know what "THE COLOREDS" in general are thinking, not just "THE BLACKS". And what about "THE MOOZLUMS"? What is THEIR reaction to the shooting?

FOX: ‘THE BLACKS’ Are Making Too Big Of A Deal About Trayvon Martin

IN MEMORIAM: Rick Santorum's campaign will not come back from THE PINK BOWLING BALL INCIDENT, as well as his "MACACA MOMENT"

Santorum: Obama the "anti-war government NIG........."

But what about "THE GAYS"??? Republicans retreat on gay marriage

Why is the media ignoring all other party's presidential candidates except the Republicans & Democrats? Here's the GREEN PARTY's presidential candidate:

The establishment GOP has a "WAR ON WOMEN", a "WAR ON VOTERS", "WAR ON WORKERS", & "WAR ON THE ENVIRONMENT".......may as well have a "WAR ON THE BLIND":


Next up by the GOP: the "WAR ON PUPPIES":

The Establishment GOP's "WAR ON VOTERS" Is Enabled By The (NOT) "liberal" Mainstream Media Covering Up The Fact That VOTER FRAUD Is NON-EXISTENT, and the Mainstream Media's Coverage Of The Establishment GOP's "WAR ON RON PAUL SUPPORTERS" Is As Non-existent As VOTER FRAUD

Pennsylvania Women: Got REPUBLICANS In Your Vagina??? GOP "WAR ON WOMEN" Comes To Pennslyvania

I always like to end my posts with a music and/or comedy video. This may count as BOTH: Arrested Drunk Guy Sings Bohemian Rhapsody

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