Saturday, March 31, 2012

IN MEMORIAM: Rick Santorum's campaign will not come back from THE PINK BOWLING BALL INCIDENT, as well as his "MACACA MOMENT"


Santorum campaign rolls a BIG, FAT, PINK GUTTERBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can one guy who should be the one most likely trying NOT to get into all these bizarre pictures...keep getting into them? I can't even fit them all. There's one he's in a powder blue suit with a pink tie, one he's sunbathing shirtless...but the photo was snapped by someone on an all-guy cruise ship that happened to be there, the pink bowling ball, the black ice cream cone... Are we to believe that his campaign managers say, "Hey, Rick: throw on this powder blue suit and pink tie before this speech, no time to explain!". Or: "Hey, Rick, why don't you go over there and order a big, black chocolate ice cream cone. Then put just the tip of it in your mouth and stand there. What could go wrong?" Or: "Rick: be a good guy and stand over there near that pink bowling ball, would ya?" As far as what we'll look back on as the final nail in the coffin of his campaign, though, believe it or not, I'm going with the PINK BOWLING BALL incident...NOT the "NIG..." video. After all of these pictures, if you were Rick Santorum, would you get caught DEAD anywhere NEAR a pink bowling ball? If I were him and I saw a pink bowling ball, I'd say to my campaign entourage, "GET ME THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!" And remember, a bowling alley almost derailed OBAMA's campaign in 2008. Remember he rolled a gutter ball and for a week we saw that in the news? Why do presidential candidates keep going to bowling alleys when it has shown it wreaks irreversible massive devastation to their campaign? Nothing good comes from a bowling alley for candidates. Apparently, no one is learning this lesson. Indeed, the "NIG..." video is worse, but the timeliness of the pink bowling ball incident shows total and continuous lack of judgement. And more bad pictures.

Rick Santorum and the PINK BOWLING BALL.

Sometimes GOP candidates forget to curb they way they talk in private to their "own kind" about "the COLOREDS", and forget there's such thing as video/audio:

Barack Obama is an anti-war government NIG.................

(This video is going viral. It went from 9,000 views to 140,000 160,000 just since I posted it. I see all sorts of excuses in the comments that Santorum wasn't going to say "nigger". I have these points to dispute that: Why would he self-censor or "catch" himself from finishing a harmless word? What words begin with "NIG...", especially when talking about a black person? Obama is an anti-war government NIGERIAN??? Wrong "G" sound, and that doesn't make any sense anyway. But the most important point is, look at who's saying it: Rick Santorum!)

The Sheriff is a NIG....................

Santorum's "MACACA" moment:

Here's waiting for an "IN MEMORIAM" collage video from Jon Stewart and/or Steven Colbert with a collage of all Rick Santorum's bizarre photo-ops.

Breaking: due to a freakishly unlucky photo of Rick Santorum, where he happened to be at a bowling alley on the campaign trail and it looked like he had a pink bowling ball in his hand due to the angle of the picture and a gay black man happened to be walking by in the frame, Santorum anticipated immediate headlines: "RICK SANTORUM SEEN BOWLING WITH PINK BOWLING BALLS WITH GAY BLACK MAN", and dropped out of the race. Santorum then said, "OH, FUCK IT! IT'S OVER NOW, ANYWAY!" and went naked sunbathing at a gay beach with the man. He was overheard saying to his partner, "Why would a black guy sunbath?"

Rick Santorum as Jesus Quintana:

IN MEMORIAN: Rick Santorum gives his own eulogy in these next two videos - is there such thing as an "auto-eulogy"? Kind of like an "auto-biography"?



Santorum's SURGE

UPDATE: I found this 2008 GOP "IN MEMORIAM", this is exactly what we need right now for a 2012 GOP "IN MEMORIAM", with Herman "999" Cain, Michele "Corndog" Bachmann, Rick "drunk" Perry, Newt "adulterer" Gingrich, Rick "Pink Bowling Ball" Santorum, Mitt "Dog On Roof" Romney, et al. I am sincerely going to miss all this fun, it's like a dream come true. I'm having a letdown just thinking about all this being over:

This is what happens when the establishment GOP tries to be "HIP" and make a "TEEN MAGAZINE":

FOLKS: they have to face the fact that GOD left out the "COOL, HIP" gene in Republicans. Why can't they face it?

...reminds me of the time CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) had a "Freestyle Rap Contest": THERE'S NOT MUCH RAPPING GOING ON -

Republicans Lou Barletta And Tom Marino Consistently Vote AGAINST: the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, Liberty, Freedom and FOR Big Government

When they took office in 2010, Lou Barletta and Tom Marino "appear" to be taking an oath to the Constitution:

The Establishment GOP's "WAR ON VOTERS" Is Enabled By The (NOT) "liberal" Mainstream Media Covering Up The Fact That VOTER FRAUD Is NON-EXISTENT, and the Mainstream Media's Coverage Of The Establishment GOP's "WAR ON RON PAUL SUPPORTERS" Is As Non-existent As VOTER FRAUD

Pennsylvania Women: Got REPUBLICANS In Your Vagina??? GOP "WAR ON WOMEN" Comes To Pennslyvania


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