Sunday, May 31, 2015

Do They REALLY Think That We Believe Bradley Chelsea Manning Has A TWITTER Account ???

Remember whistle-blower Bradley Manning? He passed classified information to whistle-blower Julian Assange and Assange's WIKILEAKS site. He leaked this information because he felt what the military was doing was immoral. Besides documents he leaked, he leaked this video that showed a U.S. Apache helicopter in Baghdad opening fire on a group of individuals that the crew believed to be insurgents. Among the dead were Iraqi children and two journalists:

Bradley Manning was incarcerated by the corrupt U.S. government (corrupt military and corrupt judicial branch). He was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Now comes the part I don't believe: at the same time this was happening, Bradley Manning decided to become a woman.

There's several scenarios that could be true here, and the scenario I least believe is that Bradley Manning, while passing classified documents and videos to WIKILEAKS, ALSO decided to become a woman. That's hard to believe. That's extremely far-fetched.

Scenarios that don't seem as far-fetched to me are:

- Bradley Manning did not become a woman, and "officials" are just telling us that to embarrass him.

- Bradley Manning is FORCEFULLY becoming a woman against his will.

As hard as it is to believe that Bradley Manning, at the same time he's passing all this classified information as a whistle-blower, also decides to become a woman, it's even HARDER to believe the military didn't know one of its troops wanted to become a woman and didn't have their eye on him as some kind of a psychological risk. Are we to assume NSA spying didn't come across any information of Bradley Manning expressing he wanted to become a woman? We are supposed to believe this was a complete surprise to them? Really? That's hard to believe point #2.

Now, what peaked my interest again in Bradley Chelsea Manning was this article that just came out:

Chelsea Manning reveals threats of 'disappearing' at Guantánamo Bay

Hard to believe #3 is that Bradley Chelsea Manning is allowed by the U.S. government to be a contributing op-ed writer for the UK Guardian, but the picture of Bradley Chelsea Manning is some kind of a portrait or painting or cartoon:

So no one can snap a picture of Manning? Who made this portrait of Manning? We don't know for sure if Manning looks like that because it's not a picture, it's some kind of portrait! In fact, the only picture I have ever seen of Manning after "officials" tell us he wants to be a woman is this picture:

Does that picture look familiar? It should: it's the only picture that's been in every single article by or about Manning. That is, until this bizarre portrait came out. That picture above is Bradley Chelsea Manning, right? I have news for you: maybe it ISN'T. How do you know? Under that wig and lipstick, how do you know that's Manning? You DON'T. How do you know that bizarre portrait is Manning? You DON'T. He might be DEAD for all we know.

Now comes to hard-to-believe #4: as hard as it is to believe that Manning is allowed to be a contributor to the UK Guardian, it's even HARDER to believe this one: HE HAS A TWITTER ACCOUNT:

Bradley Chelsea Manning's TWITTER Account

Right!!! A guy who's locked away in ultra-secrecy, who can't even have a picture snapped of him and instead has a bizarre questionable portrait, HAS A TWITTER ACCOUNT!!! (and is a contributing editor to the UK Guardian!!!). If he was put away for 35 years in secrecy, do you think they'd also allow him to have a TWITTER account where he's free to say anything he wants? And he's free to say whatever he wants as a contributing columnist for the UK Guardian? It's a pretty safe bet you're an IDIOT if you believe this.

Most likely, the MILITARY is running the Bradley Chelsea Manning TWITTER account and is putting propaganda on it and is watching who is posting on it.

And guess what the ICON is for his TWITTER account? You got it: that GOOFY PORTRAIT!!! Not an actual picture of him.

I'm not buying any of this BULLSHIT that's for sale. The cartoon picture of Bradley Chelsea Manning reminds me that "officials" now expect us to believe cartoons are news. When Team 6 killed Bin Laden, another fairy tale I don't believe, on the network news they actually showed a CARTOON DRAMATIZATION instead of real footage. Just take their word for it, it happened just like the cartoon!!!

They continue to insult our intelligence.

Here's what my friend Anthony Antonello says about this on FaceBook:

Anthony Antonello May 29 at 11:46am ·

So the only people to interview Manning in 5 years has been Cosmopolitan, and we're expected to believe someone hired a painter for this portrait of "Chelsey Manning" and that he/she is alive and well WITH ACCESS TO TWITTER !! LOL Sorry, not buying it.. He was probably castrated, silenced and disappeared w/o so much as a photo or word from the family and now they'll use this to intimidate future whistle-blowers on how they will erase not only your name and legacy but that you were even here, let alone what you did. We're ALWAYS just suppose to trust paintings, drawings and cartoons as evidence.. Ridiculous !!

Anthony Antonello goes into more depth on this on his show:

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