Thursday, December 4, 2014

FOX "news" and the "SEATBELT HOLD"


(when do we start pointing out that FOX "news"/Limbaugh/Hannity fans are all AGAINST black Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown, and all FOR white Clive Bundy??? Do ANY of you FOX "news"/Limbaugh/Hannity guys ever have an EPIPHANY and say to yourself, in a private moment, "Gee, if I was AGAINST Trayvon Martin-Eric Garner-Michael Brown, and they are all black, but I was FOR Cliven Bundy and he was WHITE...maybe it appears, just a smidge, racist"???)

FOX "news" is really news for scared white folks. They have been experts at walking a fine line of being blatantly racist since their inception. Lately, they have walked over the line and out of the closet.

If there is a white guy being harassed by law enforcement, especially a millionaire white guy like Clive Bundy of the Bundy Ranch debacle, FOX "news" came down squarely on the side of Bundy and against law enforcement. Between saying "MUSLIMS" 100 times per hour, FOX rammed the legend of poor old Clive Bundy down our throats 24x7 as well.

(above: Cliven Bundy)

But when it comes to law enforcement not only harrassing, but MURDERING blacks, FOX "news" is sure to be squarely 100% on the side of law enforcement, as in the cases of the cops murdering black Michael Brown and black Eric Garner.

We all know about the Michael Brown case and the protests it caused in Ferguson, Missouri, and then subsequently all around the United States and the world, but now comes the case of Eric Garner.

What's similar about the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, as in a lot of other cases, is the cops murdering unarmed black men and the cops getting off scott-free for murder. (a side note: are cops immune to getting any type of penalty for murdering people? from what I see, I don't think so, and the media is saying ZERO about this important subject)

What's NOT similar about the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases is: when cops murdered Eric Garner, IT WAS ON VIDEOTAPE FROM BEGINNING TO END FOR EVERYONE TO SEE.

So, if you thought that cops are immune to any penalty for murdering someone, now you know EVEN IF IT'S ON VIDEO FROM COMPLETE BEGINNING TO COMPLETE ENDING COPS STILL RECEIVE NO PENALTY FOR MURDERING SOMEONE.


Getting back to FOX "news" racism, Eric Garner was murdered by a cop using the CHOKEHOLD. I was aware of this for a LOOOOOOONG time, because I've been following this even though the news has not. The term CHOKEHOLD has been used since DAY ONE.

What did the RACISTS at FOX "news" come up with, to side with law enforcement vs a black guy (as opposed to their tripping over their tongues backing RICH WHITE Clive Bundy)?

The RACISTS at FOX "news" came up with the term "SEATBELT HOLD" to replace CHOKEHOLD.

A warm, friendly, safe, SEATBELT HOLD (that killed him).


How long did it take the writers at FOX "news" to come up with "SEATBELT HOLD"?

"SEATBELT HOLD" comes from ONE SOURCE, make no mistake about it: FOX "news".

And anyone who uses the term "SEATBELT HOLD" can be identified as a FOX "news" watcher.

The reverse is: no one ever heard of "SEATBELT HOLD" who doesn't watch FOX "news".

Just like only FOX "news" viewers think a MOOZLUM is going to behead them, and law enforcement harassed Cliven Bundy, but law enforcement was right to murder Mike Brown and Eric Garner (and let's not forget they were all for George Zimmerman murdering Trayvon Martin), and they love CHICK-FIL-A, and they're against THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE, and DEATH PANELS are gonna git 'em.......they're the only ones that think cops held Eric Garner in the "SEATBELT HOLD".

Here's another question: You know the MILITIA's who rushed to the aid of Cliven Bundy? Where are they in Ferguson?

I've given this some deep thought, and I sincerely believe no racist thinks they're a racist. Racists don't even know they're racists when they begin every sentence about Ferguson/Mike Brown or Eric Garner with: "I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE BLACK OR WHITE, BUT......." or "I'M NOT RACIST, BUT.......".

There's a 100% way to identify a RACIST: they begin sentences with "I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE BLACK OR WHITE, BUT......." or "I'M NOT RACIST, BUT.......".

I'll tell you a personal story. I was at Thanksgiving in New Jersey, and one of the people there said, "I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE BLACK OR WHITE, BUT IF YOU WERE LOOTING MY STORE, I'D SHOOT YOU". Let me translate that through my RACISM LANGUAGE DECODER: "I'D SHOOT NIGGERS".

Let me put this into a formula for you:
You know you're a racist when you begin sentences with "I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE BLACK OR WHITE, BUT......."

You know you're a racist when you begin sentences with "I'M NOT A RACIST, BUT......."

You know you're a racist if you sided with Clive Bundy over law enforcement, but law enforcement over Mike Brown and Eric Garner.

You know you're a racist if you say that cops used the SEATBELT HOLD on Eric Garner, when in REALITY it was a CHOKEHOLD.

You know you're a racist when someone points out that there is still racism in America, you say they're "RACEBAITING". (hint: it used to be PLAYING THE RACE CARD, and REVERSE RACISM, just replace RACEBAITING with THE RACE CARD and REVERSE RACISM)

Here's another formula: if you're a RACIST and you watch news, you watch FOX "news". Not everyone who watches FOX "news" is a racist, but all racists watch FOX "news". PERIOD. CASE CLOSED.E IT'S NOT UP FOR DEBATE.

UPDATE: You know you're a racist if you spend time researching whether a cop was ever thrown in jail for murder, and all you can come up with is a 2011 case where a cop was INDICTED and FACED 30 years (note: INDICTED and CONVICTED AND SENT TO JAIL are two different things, look it up), and then pass it all around FaceBook and parade it on rightwing talk radio shows and "news" to make white people feel better:

S.C. Police Chief Charged With Murder in 2011 Shooting of Unarmed Man

I'm still waiting for you RACISTS to come up with an ACTUAL COP WHO WAS CHARGED WITH MURDER WHILE ON DUTY, CONVICTED, AND SENT TO JAIL. So of the THOUSANDS of citizens cops have killed, and the average of 3 per day, all you can come up with is the above? From 3 years ago? Not "INDICTED" (learn what INDICTED means) and "FACED" 30 years in prison (how much ACTUAL time in prison did the above get? NOT ONE SECOND!). That's all you can come up with? And you have the BALLS to BROADCAST this as if it's evidence of "EQUALITY" and even -handedness? The cop in the Garner case was ALSO INDICTED. What happened in the ACTUAL TRIAL? NOT GUILTY. Learn the difference. Nice try, racists. END UPDATE

Watch this great video by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show:

Here's a video of a WHITE man carrying an automatic weapon acting IRRATIONALLY. Ask yourself: if this man was BLACK or had on a TURBAN, would the result be the same:

This is what happens when you call the cops:
10 Key Points for a Broad Understanding of the Ferguson Movement, Using the world's most massive imprisonment/torture/labor system, the US in some ways disproportionately targets its ethnic minority citizens. Twitter users share heartbreaking, terrifying examples of being #AliveWhileBlack ‘Criming While White’: Twitter reacts to Garner decision with tales of white privilege ‘F*ck! F*ck!’: Cop reacts to fatally shooting drug suspect after mistaking pill bottle for gun Autopsy: Milwaukee cop shot mentally-ill black man from above and behind, 14 times Cop who killed Tamir Rice was fired from old job after ‘emotional meltdown’ on gun range
Other news: Remember this PATRIOTIC PRO-GUN RIGHTWING NUTJOB HERO? Well guess what? He FAKED IT. It was an INSIDE JOB, a HOAX, a FALSE FLAG, he LIED, etc...whatever you want to call it. My question is: why don't more people realize these HOAXES, INSIDE JOBS, FALSE FLAGS, etc...ARE GOING ON ALL THE TIME? Will THIS wake you up? IN HIS OWN WORDS: ‘Libtard’-hating ex-cop claims feds paid him to lure right-wing nutjobs with profane videos
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